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The feeling of being inside of Gregory was amazing. He didn t
know why he had never done this before, but he certainly understood
why Gregory liked it so much. The breath hissed through his teeth as
he began to pull out, then push back in again. He felt like it was his
first time again. He didn t think he would last very long. It just felt
too good.
 I think you like that, Ry, Viktor chuckled. At Ryland s quick
nod, Viktor pushed Gregory back, staring down at him for just a
moment before moving off the couch.  I think you ll like this more.
Ryland tried to see what Viktor was doing, but he couldn t seem
to drag his gaze away from watching his cock move in and out of
Gregory s ass. He was slightly surprised when Gregory moved,
pressing his head and shoulders down to the floor, spreading his legs
further, giving Ryland better access.
He jerked when he felt Viktor s hand on his back, pressing him
down over Gregory s back. He leaned forward, bracing his body on
his arms. He could feel his breath beating down across the nape of
Gregory s neck as he moved.
124 Stormy Glenn
Ryland heard the cap on the bottle of lube then felt Viktor s hands
at his ass, spreading his cheeks as he pushed a finger into him,
moving it around several times before adding a second one, then a
third, stretching him.
 Viktor, he cried out.
 Just do what comes naturally, baby. Viktor chuckled as he
replaced his fingers with his cock, pushing into Ryland with on swift
Ryland felt his arms and legs start to tremble as Viktor began a
swift thrusting motion, moving in and out of him. Each thrust of
Viktor s hips pushed in deeper into Gregory. It took Ryland just a few
moments to get the rhythm, moving himself in and out of Gregory.
Within moments Ryland was ready to blow. As his cries became
louder, his thrusts more savage, Ryland leaned over Gregory, sinking
his teeth into the soft flesh of his neck, claiming Gregory as his mate
Just as he did, he felt Viktor do the same, claiming him again. The
combined stimulation of Gregory wrapped around his cock, Viktor s
cock pounding into him from behind, the sweet taste of Gregory as he
claimed him, and the feel of Viktor claiming him again, sent Ryland
over the edge.
With a loud cry, Ryland threw his head back, his movements
frantic as his cock exploded, filling Gregory with his seed. Even
before he could collapse against Gregory, he felt him pull away. Then
Viktor pulled away.
Still dazed, and slightly confused, Ryland cried out at the loss,
only to moan deeply a moment later when Gregory replaced Viktor,
sinking his cock deep into him. Even as his head and shoulders sank
down to the floor, he heard Gregory cry out as Viktor filled him from
Ryland could only lie there as Gregory and Viktor began a rapid
pace, Viktor thrusting into Gregory, Gregory thrusting into him. He
Forbidden Desires 125
could hear the soft cries from Gregory, as his hands clenched at the
flesh on his hips, getting louder and louder.
 Wait! I need to roll over. I want to watch, Ryland called out
suddenly, pulling away from Gregory. As he quickly rolled to his
back, grabbed his legs and pulled them to his chest, he could see the
desperation in Gregory s eyes as he pushed back into him.
Looking past Gregory, Ryland saw Viktor s clenched jaw, his
slightly closed eyes filled with heat and desire. The moment was
perfect almost. They needed just one more thing to make it
absolutely perfect.
 Claim him, Viktor, claim Gregory, he whispered.
If he wasn t mistaken, the heat in Viktor s eyes burned brighter as
Viktor leaned down and sank his canines into Gregory s neck,
claiming him again. Ryland moaned softly as Gregory threw back his
head and cried out. The head of his cock swelled inside of Ryland
even as he erupted, filling Ryland with his essence.
Moments later, Viktor was roaring out as he reached his own
orgasm, filling Gregory with his release. He dropped his head down to
rest in the middle of Gregory s back, his chest heaving.
Ryland reached up to run his wrap his hand around Gregory s
head where it rested against his neck. He reached past Gregory with
his other hand to softly stroke Viktor s head, smiling to himself.
 Now, my loves, that wasn t so bad, was it?
126 Stormy Glenn
Chapter 9
Ryland opened his eyes, stretching his arms over his head. He felt
wonderful. The last week had been the best that he could ever
remember in his life. Every night he went to bed in the arms of his
two mates, every morning waking up with the same arms still
wrapped around him.
Except this morning. Ryland looked around the room. He was
alone, no mates to be seen. Where the hell were they? Since they had
all claimed each other, they were hardly ever apart. More often than
not, they were exploring whatever flat surface they could find.
After that one special night, it wasn t uncommon for Ryland to
walk into the bedroom to find one of his mates buried balls deep into
the other one. Of course, he was often in the same position with one
of them when the other walked in.
It didn t seem to matter who was with who. They could hardly be
in the same room together without someone having an orgasm. As he
climbed from the bed and reached for his jeans, Ryland remembered
what had happened after he and Viktor had both claimed Gregory.
It had been all they could do to get upstairs before going at it
again, this time, him and Gregory both claiming Viktor. Ryland
wasn t sure what he liked more, doing the claiming or being claimed.
Luckily, he had years to find out.
Zipping up his jeans, he grabbed his shirt, pulling it over his head
as he walked out of the bedroom. Time to find his mates. As he
walked barefoot down the stairs, he chuckled to himself. He had
forgotten one little thing. Finding his mate wouldn t be that hard.
Forbidden Desires 127
 Viktor, why did I wake up alone, no mate in my bed to keep me
warm? he asked through their bond. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]