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but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity . . . Ye
are the children of them which killed the prophets."
"Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers. Ye ser-
pents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the dam-
nation of hell?"
Martin Luther said of them:
"But the Jews are so hardened that they listen to noth-
ing; though overcome by testimonies they yield not an
inch. It is a pernicious race, oppressing all men by their
usury and rapine. If they give a prince or magistrate a
thousand florins, they extort twenty thousand from the
subjects in payment. We must ever keep on guard against
He said to them:
"Ye have been, above fifteen hundred years, a race re-
jected of God, without government, without laws, without
prophets, without temple . . . Ye can show no other reason
for your condition than your sins." (from Table Talk of
Martin Luther, translated by Wm. Hazlet, Lutheran Pub.
Society, Phila., page 43-432.)
Both Christ and Martin Luther condemned the Jews as
thieves, usurers and liars and murderers.
Why do the Zionists want Palestine? It is not because they
want land for the establishment of homes and for founding a
nation. There are vast bodies of land in Russia and Africa and
elsewhere that are much more fertile and better adapted for their
purposes and that can be obtained without bloodshed and war.
Brazil, Argentina and other South American countries are so-
liciting immigrants but they don't want communists. It is not
because the "scribes, pharisees and hypocrites" that compose
the Zionist organization and the American Jewish Committee
have any sentiment about the fact that the tribe in ages past
occupied Palestine for a few hundred years.
These men are without sentiment except lust for money and
power. It was these very Zionists who wrote the Talmud and
Protocols and they provide the answer. Palestine is strategically
situated for the control of Europe, Asia and Africa, and its wealth
of oil and other mineral resources furnish the means for such
control. It is the selected site for the Zionist world empire. They
have not yet obtained it and so we are headed for another war and
the United Nations is powerless to stop it and the Soviets would
veto it if it attempted to do so.
Hitler committed the unpardonable sin of restoring
prosperity to the German people without gold.
Capitalism is the plan established and guaranteed by our
National Constitution. The profit motive is the most powerful
incentive to human effort. It is the ambition to excel, to acquire
comfort, to establish homes and to provide for those dependent
upon us. Take it away and we would soon become a lazy shiftless
people seeking to enjoy the fruits of the labor of others. Capital-
ism, together with the other rights and liberties guaranteed by
our National Constitution, has produced the most virile and
civilized nation of people in the history of the world.
Capitalism is the result of the development of civilization and
has been the most powerful factor in its development. The un-
civilized people were communists: the Indians, Negroes, and
perhaps the Anglo-Saxons originally. But as they became civiliz-
ed, they developed love of home and home life and property,
and established governments for their protection. Communism
reduces the industrious and thrifty to the level of the lazy and
self-indulgent. Capitalism produces strong and vigorous men;
communism weak and vicious ones. Capitalism promotes ambi-
tion and labor; socialism promotes idleness and vice.
We can only develop our faculties by work. That is the law of
our being; God made us that way. There must be incentive to
labor and the profit motive provides that incentive. We naturally
want to enjoy and to profit by the products of our own labor.
This is true even in Russia where it is reported in the press that
Stalin has purged his party members for appropriating to per-
sonal use the collective farms and the products from them.
There is a just relationship between capitalism and labor, and
it is and should be the objective of government to establish and
preserve it. Capitalism provides the opportunity for the creation
of wealth through labor and is entitled to its share of the profit.
The goal of both should be production and not its limitation by
strikes, lockouts or shorter hours. The wise patriots who wrote [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]