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 Perhaps a type of basilisk or small dragon. Whatever it is, it s pretty small because the wound
wasn t over three inches. Often the smaller animals are the most toxic.
Derlin shivered as a chill ran through him. He stood up.  Thank you.
Tyron s skin had a coating of sweat across his forehead Derlin had missed before. He wasn t just
lightly sleeping he was fighting an infection. Leaning over he placed a kiss on Tyron s forehead.
 Keep it together until I return, he whispered.
Without another word to anyone Derlin left the healer hall. Now he had to figure out how to get to
the location of Tyron s battle. The fight had taken place at the edges of enemy territory. If Derlin
wasn t careful he d end up skewered on the tip of an enemy sword. He might be able to talk to
dragons but he had little to no fighting skills. His skills with a bow and arrow would serve him little
good when confronted with a poisonous beast unless he spotted it from a distance before it killed
Still, he had to try.
His mind full of thoughts of saving Tyron he walked into another person.
 Oh, sorry.
 Derlin! What s going on? Derlin peered up at Laren s amused expression.  Everything all right
with Tyron?
 No. The healer thinks he s been poisoned. I m going to try and find the culprit.
 What? Alone? What if it gets you? Do you even know what you are looking for?
Derlin frowned.  No, but I can t let Tyron die without even trying.
 Did he get attacked by the enemy? What if you run into other soldiers? They could kill you
before you find anything.
Derlin sighed.  What do you expect me to do? I m not going to sit around while Tyron dies of
poisoning because I won t lift a finger to help.
 What about the other knights? Can t they go look?
 I don t know. I guess I can ask. Maybe they saw what attacked him. Derlin shook his head. Why
hadn t he thought of that?
 You go ask. If they refuse to do anything we ll take matters into our own hands, Laren
 Sure. You don t think I d let you go alone do you? You re my best friend.
Derlin lunged forward and hugged Laren tight.  Thanks.
Waving his goodbyes, Derlin turned on his heel then ran back toward Sir Lyret s house. Maybe
the nosy noble could be of some use after all.
Berle answered the door to Derlin s pounding.  I need to speak to Sir Lyrit again. He held on to
the door frame trying to catch his breath.
 Sorry sir but Sir Lyrit has left. He was taking his dragon out.
 Left? But this is an emergency. Tyron has been poisoned.
Berle narrowed his eyes.  He s not reachable and I don t think he has further use for you.
Derlin almost opened his mouth and told the snotty servant what to do with his opinion then it
occurred to him why Berle thought Derlin was creating an emergency to see Sir Lyrit. Derlin
didn t want to speculate over what the servant thought they were doing together.
Frustrated Derlin turned around and left. He wouldn t get any more information for Sir Lyrit s
servant. The man had clenched his jaw as if he were willing to fight off hordes to protect Sir
Lyrit s inner sanctum.
He would have to find another way.
Maybe Lyrit hadn t left. He could try to head him off at the stables. Instead of rushing away Derlin
connected with Neor Lyrit s dragon.
We are over the field practicing our dives. The dragon responded.
I need to find out what might have poisoned Tyron.
Take Lyner.
Did he dare take Tyron s dragon out to the field? Derlin bit his lip. As much as he enjoyed
dragons and grooming them he didn t have tons of flight experience.
All right.
He knew he sounded reluctant even in his own head but truly there was a reason he hadn t
become a dragon fighter. He headed toward the stable only to be pulled short by Laren.
 Didn t you get Lyrit?
Derlin shook.  He s flying maneuvers.
 Then have his dragon bring him back.
 And explain that how?
Laren scowled at Derlin.  Don t you think Tyron s life is worth telling your secret?
Memories of the stories his family told of their persecution flashed through Derlin s mind.  If it
were just me, then yes. I can t expose my family.
 Where are you going now?
 I m going to take Tyron s dragon and check out where he was poisoned. There is something
there I just know it. If I can find the creature and capture it maybe the healer can come up with a
Laren kept a firm hold on Derlin s arm.  You aren t going out there alone. I m coming with you. I
might not have total control of my magic but I know enough defensive spells to keep us alive.
 Fine. Derlin didn t really have a choice. Something that toxic could kill Derlin before he had a
chance to bring it back.  We ll grab a dragon taming net from the stable.
 Wow, it s finally happening. Laren s excited tone had Derlin rolling his eyes.
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