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and licked the tips, sending a shaft of heat throughout
Naron's body.
"I'll leave you two to your breakfast and tell the
others not to interrupt you unless there's an emergency."
"You do that," Naron purred right before he gently
brushed his lips against Tor's. The man tasted like coffee
and flaky pastry, making Naron imagine how wonderful it
would be to have this every day of the rest of his life.
Although the kingdom was profitable, Naron didn't have a
servant come and wait on him hand and foot. Not only did
Tor have an overabundance of people to bring him
everything, but his clothing and manner indicated a sense
of elegance that only came from extreme wealth.
Naron could like sharing breakfast in bed every
morning with this man. Naron took Tor's coffee from his
Mate Test Amber Kell
Tor gave a soft sound of protest, but Naron covered
it with his mouth.
"Shh. I'll give it back, but first I want to enjoy you."
The duke groaned when Naron rubbed his hands up
and down Tor's bare chest. He needed to feel his mate
against his skin more than he'd ever needed anything
before. Again, Naron felt the presence of his dragon
moving inside him. Ruthlessly, he pushed it back like the
advisor he'd talked to instructed him. Apparently Naron had
always had a dragon; he'd just needed a mate to awaken it.
Sighs came from both men when their chests made
"You are so warm," Tor said.
"It's the dragon blood."
He pulled open the side table and frantically
searched for the bottle of oil provided in each guest room.
"Yes!" he exclaimed when his hand closed over it.
"Find what you're looking for?" Tor's voice was
teasing as he stroked Naron's face.
"Yes." Naron kissed Tor.
He carefully prepared his lover by slowly pressing
in one oiled finger after another. When he was satisfied Tor
was stretched enough, he pushed his cock inside with slow
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careful motions.
"Harder, I won't break."
Naron let out the wildness he'd unknowingly held
inside for years. This was his mate. The one he could be
himself with and not hold back.
He felt his incisors lengthen and pumped harder as
he admired Tor's lust-filled gaze. The blackness in his eyes
bled away. For a brief instant, Naron was looking into a
pair of emerald green eyes. Naron lifted Tor's legs and
changed his angle. Gripping Tor's shaft, he pumped it as
Naron flexed his hips in time with the motion.
Semen erupted from his lover, and Tor's eyes bled
back to their normal black, star-filled gaze. Groaning,
Naron followed his lover quickly over the edge. Gasping,
he pulled out of his lover and toppled beside him.
"Give me a minute and I'll clean us up."
Tor stroked Naron's head. The gentle gesture had
Naron holding back his tears. He knew Tor didn't love him
and might never be able to. During his questioning Pietro
had explained to Naron about Tor's loss and how the duke
still keenly felt the loss of his dead lover, but if Tor could at
least come to feel affection, Naron would take any scraps
he could get.
After a moment of snuggling, Naron rose and got a
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clean, damp cloth and wiped them both down before setting
it on the bedside table.
"That was wonderful, thank you," Tor said.
Naron pulled the duke towards him, settling Tor's
head on his chest.
"You're very welcome. You know you have to be
my consort now. I marked you."
There was a long pause that had Naron squirming
"I figured as much. Jory said that was how he was
initially marked."
"Jory? As in the northern king's new mate, Joriah?"
Tor nodded. "He's my cousin."
"I didn't make the connection when you mentioned
him before. He's a nice kid."
Tor laughed. "He's not that nice. He's got a bit of a
temper on him, but he's still one of my favorite people."
"My dragon isn't as strong as Rai's. I've never even
felt its presence until this week. I was a sleeping dragon
until you came into my life." Naron smiled to himself.
"Now I know what the others feel when they see their
mates for the first time and need to claim them."
Tor smiled his beautiful smile, and that made Naron
want him all over again. "I'm glad I brought your dragon
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"Me too." Naron kissed Tor a long, slow kiss that
had them both moaning.
"What do we do now?" Tor asked, snuggling closer.
Naron felt a wave of happiness spread through him.
Maybe they could have a future after all.
"We make the announcement and go on with our
* * * *
Walking to midday meal, Naron couldn't stop the
smile spreading across his face as the duke walked by his
Things were looking up. He'd found his mate and
for the first time in his life, he actually felt like one of the
Sparrow rushed up to him, his skin unnaturally pale.
"Your Highness, I need to speak to you privately,"
the young man said nervously, shooting glances at the
"Whatever you have to say can be said in front of
Torrance. He is my mate and will officially be my consort
by the end of today."
Mate Test Amber Kell
Sparrow leaned forward to whisper in the king's ear.
"It's about the duke."
* * * *
"If you have something to say about me feel free to
share," Tor said in a dry voice.
Tor wondered what had gotten the king's page in a
lather. He could tell by the stuttering and shaky tone that
the man was upset about something.
"Is there a problem?" Crillon's deep voice
"Sparrow feels there is something the king should
know about me."
Crillon gave a choking sound, a cat's laughter. "I'm [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]