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my body. I just lie there and let him, physically unable to do anything other than try and catch my
breath. As he gets to my neck, he places a couple of kisses there before moving over my jaw to kiss
my mouth.
"You know& when you come, you are seriously the sexiest thing that I've ever seen," Chance
murmurs before kissing me softly on the lips.
I just grunt in reply. I can t form words just yet.
"You better get up, we gotta go," he says and starts to climb off the bed.
I grab his wrist, stopping him. He pauses, one foot on the floor, looking back at me. I roll my
head to the side to look at him. "I...I feel bad. I feel like I should return the favor," I say quietly,
barely able to meet his eyes.
He smirks and gives my wrist a squeeze. "It's fine. You re not ready for that yet, so don't worry
about it."
"You sure?" I ask warily.
Chance nods. "Positive."
I nod and reluctantly let him go. Chance heads for the door, sending a wink my way before
walking out and shutting the door behind him. My heart flops over in my chest. What the hell is it
about this guy all of a sudden that has my stomach in knots? I can t think about it right now.
I get up, take a quick shower, and get dressed, pulling on a pair of worn jeans and a white V-neck
t-shirt. I shove my feet into a pair of flip flops and rake my hand through my still damp hair as I head
out of my bedroom to go find Chance so that we can get outta here and head to the set.
I find him in the kitchen, talking to Maribel - my maid - in Spanish. I had no idea that he speaks
Spanish. Damn, that s sexy! He s leaning on his forearms on the counter, smiling easily at her where
she stands on the other side. He is acting flirty, touching her hand where it rests on the counter
between them and winking at her occasionally. Maribel is an older woman, maybe in her sixties, but
she s blushing like a teenager and giving Chance a shy smile. I m shocked when I feel a twinge of
jealousy. I wonder briefly if she heard Chance sucking my cock earlier, but then file it away. There s
no way she would be flirting with him if she had.
I clear my throat and walk farther into the kitchen. Maribel jumps back, her head whipping
around to look at me, her eyes wide. She mutters an apology in her broken English and hurries out of
the kitchen. Chance gives me an annoyed look.
"What? I didn't say anything," I complain.
"You didn't have to, your disapproval was obvious," he says, rolling his eyes as he pushes off the
"I didn't know that you speak Spanish," I mutter as I lead the way to the garage.
Chance follows, shoving his hands in his front pockets. "My great-grandmother is from Spain."
I glance over my shoulder with a raised eyebrow. "Really?" I say in surprise.
"No, not really" he answers snidely.
I stop walking to eyeball him.  Don t be a dick, I spit out.
He mustn t have realized that I stopped walking because he practically skids to a halt, almost
knocking into me.
He steps into my personal space, meeting me square in the eye. Then he has the balls to poke me
in the shoulder, spewing the greatest line I ve ever heard.  I m Moby motherfucking Dick, asshole,
and you re swimming in my waters.
I just stare at him in shock. And awe. Shock and awe. If it were anyone else, I d punch the fucker
in the face. Instead, I lean my head back and let out the loudest, deepest bark of a laugh. Damn, I
needed that. Chance is still inches away, so I lean in to kiss him quickly, chastely. I must have caught
him off guard because he didn t even have time to kiss me back. I shoulder past him and start walking
toward my car again, but he seems frozen in place. Oh yeah, I just shocked him the fuck back.
I smile to myself as I hit the key fob to unlock my car.  What s the matter Moby, Ahab stuck in
your blowhole?
Chance doesn t say another word. He just stares me down - eyes squinted, trying to figure out my
angle. Seconds later, he shakes his head and proceeds toward my car. As he folds his sexy ass in, I
notice his lips quirked up at the sides, trying to hold back a smile.
We remain mostly quiet as I drive to the set. Once there, we go to our separate trailers to get our [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]