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Dornic reached below and stroked Calem s cock. Calem clutched the pillow,
squeezing it to his chest.
 Tell me.
 Please. Deeper, Calem said, shoving back against the thick cock.
 Yes. I ve got what you need. Dornic drove down into Calem s body. He set a
driving pace, stroking Calem s cock in time. Calem s heart thudded as his cock erupted.
Dornic continued to pound away, his groans drowning out Calem s. Then Dornic s cock
seemed to swell and stretch him just before the seed jetted into him.
Calem collapsed on the mattress with a soft sob. Dornic bent forward and kissed
between his shoulder blades.
 I don t know what you re like with women, but you re the perfect fuck for a stiff
cock. He caught Calem s hair and turned his face to capture his mouth in a deep kiss.
 I didn t know it could be like that. Calem said when they were both lying on
their backs.
 It isn t always. But sometimes one is fortunate.
 And if Veylin were to rule Kenart, this wouldn t be the last time we d see each
Dornic laughed.  I wish I were Veylin. I d like such a handsome weapon at my
disposal. I could probably trade your body to a few key people and take over the
Calem pushed a hand through his sweat-damp hair, stretching his chest muscles.
 Veylin s lovely, but she isn t the only reason I m here. I came because I wanted to.
 I m pleased to hear that. Dornic rolled on to his side. He ran a hand over
Calem s chest and belly.  Let s not waste tonight sleeping.
Alexa Aames Pact of Princes 3: Secret Slave - 65 -
* * *
Gatler had left the release command on the door so that Veylin could come
straight in. He lay on his back, attempting to read, but not making much progress with
the text. He and Lalanc had had to meet for some final preparations and he had barely
held his emotions in check. He wanted to kiss her and fuck her and to punish her and
cast her aside all in the same moment. It was maddening.
He hated the easy rapport Calem and Thane had with her. And whenever his
soldiers flirted with her, it inflamed him to jealousy and lust. He was marking the
nights until he could ride away from Frasceyn and her. He would occupy himself with
battles and acadenas and forget her.
The door slid open. Praise the queendom, Veylin has come to distract me.
Except it wasn t Veylin in his bed chamber. Sheer scarlet fabric floated around
Lalanc as she strolled in. Gatler s cock instantly hardened at her body s magnificence.
He should not be alone with her, but he would not vacate his own chamber.
 I expected your beautiful sister. Maybe he could insult her vanity and drive
her off.
 She sends her regards.
 She sent you? The little manipulator. He would punish Veylin for this in ways
that would leave her sore for days.
 It was my request of her. You avoid me or see me only in the presence of a room
full of soldiers. There has been no opportunity to speak privately, and with the battle
looming, I thought this might be our last chance.
 I don t care to hear your explanation of what happened in the past. If you are
alive, there was an opportunity for you to contact me. You did not.
She sat on the edge of the bed. He fought the instinct to reach for her or to
retreat. It was his own bed. He would not be pushed from it.
She stretched a hand out, but he caught her arm to stop her touching him.
 Don t. We both know how attractive I find you. I won t allow you to use my
body to subdue my mind.
Alexa Aames Pact of Princes 3: Secret Slave - 66 -
She drew her arm back and smiled.  You give me too much credit. My attempt to
touch you wasn t calculated. I simply couldn t resist the impulse.
He exhaled slowly.
She folded her hands in her lap.  I ll be brief and then I ll never intrude on you
The finality of her words struck him like a blow, and he could not fathom his
own reaction. It was pain to see her and yet the thought of not seeing her again always
wounded him. There was no way to win among his battling emotions.
 I wanted to be with you, Gatler, but I could not discard my honor. I had to
speak to Ilnin myself, to explain that I had to take a chance on my affair with you, even
if it led to nothing.
 But as soon as I returned to Kenart there was upheaval. Veylin s cousin Likus
and brother Equeid had seized control, killing so many. They had Veylin, and we d
heard that they were torturing her. I had to try to save her, but there was no way to get
close to them. When I tried to force my way into the palace, they tried to kill me, and I
was wounded badly.
 Ilnin saved my life. He hid me. When I recovered, we were busy forming and
organizing a resistance. We planned to make things right in Kenart, and I could not let
myself think of anything else. But things took so much time. They blocked us rescuing
her every time. Likus was obsessed with Veylin and the stories we heard of how he
used her&  She frowned bitterly.  She was there too long. She paused.  Then she got
herself out. I was proud of her. And we nearly overthrew them, but we were betrayed.
They killed Ilnin in front of me. After all his steadfast support and friendship, they cut
him down and made me watch. I couldn t save him, but I vowed to see the wrongs
Gatler nodded.
 They didn t kill me because there was so much unrest and killing the sister of
the rightful heir to the throne& well, Equeid didn t think they could risk that. First they
kept me imprisoned, but I wouldn t play their games. So they shipped me to the acadena
Alexa Aames Pact of Princes 3: Secret Slave - 67 -
center with a lot of other women that they wanted to control, women who agreed
because they wanted to escape that place.
 By the time I could have contacted you it seemed ridiculously late. We d known
each other one night. I never realized you felt so strongly about me. I realize you said as
much, but I thought you were just young and overcome in the passion of the moment. I
expected that you wouldn t have cared to hear from me after so long.
 I know war, Lalanc, and how one must focus during battle, but you had a long
time. You could have sent word. I was a soldier too. I could have helped your cause.
 It wasn t your fight. I didn t even know what nation you were from.
 You made it impossible for me to find out what happened to you! he growled.
 I only didn t want you to follow me to Kenart immediately. I felt it only fair to
Ilnin that I come alone to explain things.
He nodded.  He was your friend and very loyal it seems. I don t blame you for
protecting him.
She sighed.  But you ll always blame me for not understanding the depth of
your feelings?
He shrugged.  I admit it wasn t rational to feel so strongly after a few days and [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]