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Luxi turned away and nodded. She was in love -- with both of them. And
they were in love -- with each other. She had to close her eyes, but it didn t
stop the ache in her heart, or in her eyes. It hurt ... Glory, it hurt to be on the
Amun glanced at Leto and tugged Luxi s hands free of her arms. Leto
released her to let Amun draw her into his arms.  Luxi, it s going to be all
Luxi closed her arms around Amun s neck.  I m sorry.
 Sorry? Leto shifted closer to Amun to catch her gaze.  For what?
Amun stroked her back.  Luxi, we don t mind if you love us.
 Oh, hell no, we don t mind! Leto tugged at her fingers.  Luxi, do you
have any idea how hard it is to find someone that would?
Luxi sniffed and smiled.  I didn t have any problems.
Leto grinned.  That s because you re as odd as we are.
 Odd? Amun turned to frown at Leto.  And what do you mean by that
Leto shook his head and grinned.  Oh, come on. A telepath, a cyborg, and
a fortune-teller? It sounds like the beginning of a very bad joke.
Amun gently disengaged Luxi from around his neck.  Is that so?
Luxi shifted away, watching in interest.
Leto slid away from Amun.  Amun, what s going on in that head of
Amun smiled and his eyes narrowed.  Luxi, would you like to help me tie
Leto down to the bed?
Leto s mouth fell open.  What?
Luxi grinned.  I think I would like that a lot.
Leto glanced at Luxi, his eyes wide.  Luxi! He looked at Amun, and
moved further away.  What about the bath?
Amun rose from the bath seat.  It will still be here when we re done. The
heaters will keep it warm. Amun smiled as he stalked toward Leto.  Luxi,
fetch the towels.
Luxi grinned as she sloshed toward the edge of the tub.  Coming right
Leto backed away from Amun.  Amun, you re not serious?
 Leto, are you going to come quietly? Amun licked his lips.  Or do I
need to use the override codes on you?
Leo stilled.  You wouldn t ...
Chapter Seventeen
 Luxi, are you done?
Down on her knees at the foot, on the left side, of Amun s massive bed,
Luxi finished tying the scarlet robe tie around the iron bed support. She
tugged the half-hitch knot, making sure it was tight. It was a secure knot, but
it would come free with one quick tug.  Yes, it s done!
 Good, come on up on the bed.
Luxi shoved her long hair, still damp from the bath, back from her cheek
and rose from her knees. The black-marble and silver master bedroom was
softly lit by a half-dozen small frosted-glass domes scattered around the
room. The black velvet drapes had been drawn all the way back to the head
of the monstrous bed.
Leto was a pale sculpture of erotic masculine perfection spread out across
the cream sheets in the center of the bed. His unbound silver hair gleamed as
it spilled across the black brocade pillow under his head. His cock was a stiff
ivory length arching above his belly. He was tied, wrist and ankle, to the
four corners of the bed with every robe tie and curtain cord Amun could get
his hands on.
Leto twisted his bound hands and glared at Amun, kneeling between his
spread legs.  There s not a whole lot I can do from this position.
 Of course not. Amun grinned broadly, his hands resting in his naked
hips. His long, deep-blood mane fell in a rich cloak down his back.  That is
the idea, Leto.
Luxi climbed onto the bed and crawled on hands and knees toward the
men. Both of them looked good enough to eat. The cords that still bound her
rubbed against her tender inner lips and clit enticingly.
Amun turned to regard her with his bright green eyes, then held out his
hand.  Come over here, Luxi.
Luxi took his hand and rose up on her knees at his side.  What are we
going to do now?
 Now? Amun leaned closer to brush a soft kiss on her lips.  We re going
to fuck Leto.
Luxi frowned  We are?
 Yes, we are. Amun smiled down at Leto and pointed to a white squeeze
tube lying above Leto s pillow.  Hand me the gel.
Leto shifted on the bed.  Amun, what are you up to?
Luxi leaned over to get the tube of gel, somewhat confused. The
gymnastics of what Amun was saying didn t quite match up in her mind.
She turned back to Amun and handed him the white tube.
 You heard me. Amun opened the gel, squeezed out a generous dollop
onto his palm, then rubbed his palms together.
Leto frowned.  But I thought you wanted to try Luxi s binding?
Luxi s head came up. This was news to her.
 Oh, I do. Amun grasped his cock with both hands.  Eventually. He
sighed with pleasure.
Leto groaned.  Oh, you bastard ...
Amun smiled.
Luxi raised a brow. If Amun was using gel, then Amun was probably
going up somebody s butt ... She winced. I hope that isn t for me. Amun was
way too big. They both were.
Leto shifted and his ties groaned.  It s damned hard for me to get off that
way if I can t move.
Amun leaned down to kiss Leto s brow.  I ll make it up to you. He
closed the tube and set it down on the far side of the bed. He got up on his [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]