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done it, but even using the very tip of my finger really softly around my clit like you do and
imagining it was your tongue didn't do it. And then I remembered that I still had your jacket.
She sucked in a deep breath as she tugged her nipple between thumb and forefinger. Mike's
low, aroused growl wrapped around her. Tipping her head back, she watched while he flicked the
button on his jeans and pulled the denims off. His big hand cupped the bulge between his thighs,
and he sucked in a deep breath as he stroked himself.
 What else?
 What do you think? I just wrapped myself in this jacket that still smelled like you, and all
I had to do was close my eyes and 
 Touch yourself.
He wasn't finishing the sentence. This was an order.
Her heart fluttered in quick, breathtaking beats as her fingers trailed over her belly and,
after hesitating at the waist of her panties, slid over the fabric. Mike's breathing faltered as she
slid the pad of her middle finger along the stitching over the seam. Her panties were soaked
through, and at the apex her clit was swollen and throbbing. She circled the hard nub, applying
the slightest pressure to the sensitive flesh surrounding it.
All the while she watched his hand moving beneath the elastic expanse of spandex, the
outline of his thumb circling the head. Kate eased back and strummed her thumb over her clit.
 Show me how wet you are. He sank back against her headboard, one leg stretched out
before him and the other bent at the knee. Her mouth watered for him as she worked her panties
over her thighs and left them in a soggy heap on the floor. She let her legs fall apart and slid her
fingers along her slippery cleft, sliding inside and then back up again to circle her flesh hood.
She crooked her finger and so lightly stroked the very tip of her clit.
With a moan, she lifted her hips and turned her eyes upon him.  Show me how hard you
are, Mike.
The Company of Fools 91
He quickly shucked off his jockeys and sprawled out on the bed. His cock thrust upwards,
thick and veined, with the crested head glistening. He grasped and pumped the length with one
hand and held the other out to her.  Come here.
Kate sat upright, slipping out of his jacket as she did so, and rolled onto her hands and
knees to crawl over him. Her ascent was slow and feline. She nuzzled along the slope of his calf
before her tongue crept out and made a trail along his inner thigh.
She placed her hand on his and guided it over the smooth head of his cock, turning her fist
slowly while she tongued the underside to his balls.
He expelled a strangled  ah! as she sloped her tongue beneath the hot, heavy sac. Kate
closed her lips around him and directed his big hand along the length. In the weeks since they'd
been apart, she'd never forgotten how he tasted, how it felt to have him in her mouth. She took
her time, enjoying every minute of it.
All the while he ran his fingers down her back and up again. The heel of his palm kneaded
muscle with every inch before he buried his fingers in her hair. She heard him chuckle, and she
lifted her head.
 I hate how you did your hair, he said.
 If you don't mind, insulting me in this position isn't the wisest course of action.
He shook his head and rubbed the tips of his fingers at the back of her scalp.  The sight of
you on top of me with those red curls bouncing all around your face is burned into my brain.
You've got the sexiest bed head I've ever seen.
She loosed his fingers from around his cock and worked the length of his shaft into her
mouth. He went silent, but her attempt to crouch between his outstretched thighs met with
resistance. Mike grabbed hold of her and hauled her body over his. He buried his face between
her thighs with a muffled sound of pleasure that Kate echoed when the tip of his tongue
penetrated her.
There was no teasing left for either of them. Kate grasped his cock at the root and bobbed
her head over the rigid shaft, lips tight around him. The urgent liquid sound of her mouth sucking
him mingled with the rush of blood in her ears.
He licked around her engorged clit as fingers pulled back the surrounding flesh hood,
easing the ache that had built under her fingers when she had been performing for him. His
92 Annemarie Hartnett
tongue created a vortex as it orbited her clit, churning the heat of his mouth around and around
until she was caught up in the spiral. As his mouth closed around her, Kate reared up and
balanced her weight on one hand, putting her entire body into the act. Mike did the same,
bending his legs and pressing his feet into the mattress to thrust into her mouth, his arms
tightening around her lower body as he tilted his head back into her pillow and devoured her.
Together, they burned hot and fast. When she was sure she couldn't possibly feel more
ready to combust, he thrust three fingers into her pussy and expertly rubbed her G-spot. Kate was
overcome by the dual pleasure. Her body shook with the desperation to take with the same
insatiable zeal that he gave her. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]