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scanner over Honey's body trying to get a read out and
shook his head when he could find nothing. He pulled Igor
aside to talk to him quietly.
 I cannot find anything physically wrong with your
mate. It looks like she is grieving to me but I do not really
know. If you would like I can give her a sedative to calm
her down so she won't make herself ill? It would not put
her to sleep just help to calm her somewhat.
 Yes. Please give her the sedative. I do not like that
my mate is suffering so much, Igor agreed.
The medic walked over to Honey, placed a small
nodule to her earlobe and watched to make sure it worked
before he left the room with a shake of his head. Maybe he
would report the unhappy mate to the High Chancellors. It
was not a good thing for a female to be unhappy in a
relationship. If her current mates could not keep her happy
the union could be dissolved by the High Chancellors and
she could be mated with others. He thought it over as he
got back into the transporter and decided the HC Temple
would be his first port of call.
Sven and Cail held Honey as they waited for the
sedative to work. They gave a sigh of relief as she began to
calm down and her tears ceased to flow. Igor knelt on the
floor in front of Sven and Honey and waited until she was
totally calm before he began to question her.
Honey gave a sigh then finally realized she was
sitting on Sven's lap with Cail behind her and Igor in front
of her on his knees. They were looking at her with such
anguish in their eyes out of concern for her. She felt the
heat of embarrassment tinge her cheeks as she looked up to
Sven then over to Igor.
 I'm sorry, she apologized in a husky voice.
 Why are you so sad Honey? Igor asked her.
 It was the anniversary of my parents death
yesterday and I missed it. I knew it was coming up and I
began to feel so alone and depressed. I'm sorry if I worried
you and I know I've been hard to live with over the last
week or so; but I couldn't seem control myself. I've not
only lost my parents but also my best friend when you took
me away from my planet. I guess it was just too much to
deal with all at once and I began to overload emotionally.
 Little Honey we are so sorry you parents are no
longer with you, just to imagine my parents no longer alive
tears me apart but it must only be a trifle of what you are
feeling. I'm sorry we took you from your planet and your
friend; we would change that if we could, but you are not
alone anymore. We love you Honey and would surely die if
you left us but if that is what you wish, we will take you
home because we cannot bear to see you so unhappy,
Sven stated with pain in his heart.  I would like you to give
us a chance and to see if you could live with us and
eventually be happy but if you wish it I will prepare the
spaceship and take you home tonight.
Honey felt her heart opening wide as Sven told her
he was giving her a choice. If she wanted to go home he
would take her. She felt her life spirit or soul lift from her
body as her eyes closed and she her heart danced with joy
as she touched her mates physical bodies.
She felt their pain at her sadness, their total
unconditional love for her and their resignation to take her
home if that was what would make her happy. She missed
her parents terribly but nothing on heaven or earth could
bring them back; and even though she missed Rhiannon the
three men in the room fulfilled her more than she thought
was humanly possible. It would tear her heart out even
more than it already was if she left them. She touched each
of them with her life spirit and felt their joy she had finally
opened herself up to them as they left their physical bodies
to join with her. They felt her decision to stay with them
and the love she returned to them as much as their love for
Honey looked down at their bodies as she floated
with her mates, her husbands, as her physical body
convulsed with ecstasy. They guided her back down to her
flesh, blood and bones and drew back into their own solid
forms and watched with joy as their mate, wife shuddered
for the last time.
 Wow, Honey whispered to them.  I'd really like
to do that again but this time while we are all naked.
Sven, Cail and Igor needed no further prompting,
they began tearing off their skin tight spacesuits; and then
helped Honey to get rid of her clothes. They surrounded her
with their large blue muscle-bound bodies. Igor leaned over
her as he sat between her legs and took her mouth with
such passion she was thrashing with need in moments.
Sven and Cail administered to her breasts, suckling and
licking her nipples until they were engorged with blood.
Honey couldn't get enough of Igor's taste; she
tangled her tongue with his as his sweet berry flavor burst
upon her taste buds. She gave a cry of dismay when he
weaned his mouth from hers, kissing his way down her
body until he was level with her smooth pink flesh. He
gazed at her moistened puffy labia and moved down further
between her legs until he was lying between her splayed
 I have a need to taste of your Honey pot, Igor
stated with a wicked smile then bent his head down.
 Yeah and I've never heard that joke before,
Honey shrieked out, as Igor licked her.
Igor licked her from ass to clit and then back down
again. Over and over he licked and sucked until their little
Honey was bucking her hips into his mouth. He laved his
tongue over and around her clit, and then dipped back
down to her tight hole fucking her with his tongue as he
gathered her cream and drank it down like a man dying of
thirst. He had never tasted such ambrosia, his little mate
tasted like to far away ocean he had once swam in.
Sven moved up to her mouth, thrust his tongue in
and tangled it with hers. He curled his tongue around hers
drawing it into his mouth and suckled on her flesh. Cail [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]