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finally came, his hot cum shot into the mouths of all three girls as he jerked himself off.
Rosemary s cries echoed into the empty room and a wave of blackness took her when
the combined pleasure became too much. When she woke, another wave hit her from Largo
who had been driven to fuck his cheerleaders in their shared room. By the time Alaire threw
another wave at her while he fucked a random classmate who had been crushing on him
behind the cafeteria, Rosemary was sure she d go mad with the onslaught. She cut herself off
from the boys and stumbled into the shower, hoping the cold water would bring her back to
reality. By the time Brandon returned she d gotten a grip on her body and finished remaking
the bed, the evidence of her self-pleasure washed clean from the sheets.
The scent of a rich spaghetti sauce filled the apartment.
 That smells delicious. Brandon s heat pressed into her as he wrapped his arms
around her and kissed her neck. It took everything she had not to wrench away from him.
 It should be ready in a bit. Rosemary checked the noodles and turned in his arms.  So
how was your day?
 Great. Brandon smiled, something dark shadowing his eyes.  The board reviewed
my complaint against Chetan and he s been expelled. They asked me to press charges, but I
declined. I should have, but I thought that would be a bit much. I hope you appreciate it.
Rosemary had a very strong urge to slap him. Instead she forced a smile.  I do. It s my
fault Chetan s in this mess anyway. I just wish I d figured that out before he was punished.
 Chetan s a big boy. He knew what he was doing. Brandon hooked his fingers under
her skirt and folded it over her ass. He made a gruff sound of pleasure in his throat and he
covered her bare ass with his hands.  You know how much I enjoy how obedient you ve
become? I m always hard by the time I hit the door just picturing you ready for me under
some classy outfit.
Rosemary hated it, but she had to admit, his command to forgo wearing panties and to
dress decently excited her too. She d taken to watching the clock and anticipating his arrival,
his tendency to take her at his leisure a naughty little thrill. Her emotions were left
untouched, but her body couldn t adopt the same indifference. He gave her what she needed
and her body had learned to react on call.
Her heart remained securely locked away.
 Can you feel what it does to me? Rosemary rose to his prodding fingers and sighed
with relief when he filled her with them.
 You re so wet. He squeezed in all his fingers and pressed deep, straining to force
them in to the end.  God, how are you still so tight?
 Brandon. Rosemary spread her thighs and groaned when a hard shove smacked his
hand against her ass.  Don t tease me.
 I won t. He freed himself from his pants and the engorged head of him took the place
of his fingers.  But you might want to get the noodles before you overcook them.
Rosemary picked up the pot and moved it to a cold burner. Brandon followed her,
holding her hips to keep their bodies connected. She took the wooden spoon she d left on the
stove and used it to stir the sauce. The spicy and sweet scent of the sauce came to her in a
cloud of flavoured heat, basil and garlic and ripe tomatoes.
Brandon slid out and held himself to circle his dick around her clenching crevice.
 Drain the noodles. We don t want them getting sticky.
Tongue held tight between her teeth, Rosemary brought the pot to the sink where the
strainer was waiting. She dumped the noodles, sloshing scalding water on her wrist when
Brandon entered her again.
 Oops. Brandon laughed and turned her roughly to face him, his dick slapping her
thigh before he lifted her to sit on the edge of the sink. The steam from the noodles hit her
bare ass and she shifted forward as he plunged in. She wrapped her legs around his waist for
balance and let herself drift to another time, another place where she d been taken in similar
circumstances, with more care.
Kurt had helped her with dinner the first night Felix and Chetan spent with them. She d
burned her wrist on the stove rack taking out the garlic bread. Kurt came to her and soothed
the pain with a gentle brush of magic. Their eyes met.
He d bent close, his eyes closed, and his lips brushed hers. Then he d turned and
walked away. The tension between them had mounted for months, but he still couldn t cross
the invisible boundary he d erected between them.
Lost and confused, she d done her best to occupy herself with the task at hand. She
wanted the two new boys introduction to the nest to be perfect.
Chetan had wandered into the kitchen, sniffing with exaggerated appreciation.  You re
quite a cook.
 You haven t even tasted it yet. She kept her back to him, determined not to burden
him with her problems.
 Don t have to. If it smells right, it tastes even better. He d approached her slowly, as
though uncertain of how he d be received.  You and Kurt I mean, it s none of my business,
but He put a hand on her shoulder.  He doesn t know how you feel about him.
 You re right. It s none of your business. Rosemary lost her steel resolve and jerked
away. The boy was too new to delve so deep. She regretted her harsh words the second she
met his downcast eyes.  I m sorry. It s a touchy subject.
 I shouldn t have pried.
 No, it s not that. Rosemary sighed.  To be honest, I don t know how to do this. We ve
dragged you in and you know next to nothing. You were offered a way out of a horrible
situation and dropped into something you can t even begin to understand.
 I want to. Chetan extended his hand and she let him take hers.  You are beautiful, [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]