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 Uh& yeah, Nate said, picking up another bale of straw. He was a little shocked. It
appeared Ezra didn t mind talking as long as you got him onto a subject he was interested in.
After the truck was unloaded, Nate asked Ezra if he wanted to stay and help get the
building ready. Scratching his whiskers he looked toward the building.  Don t know how
much good I d be. Never decorated anything in my life.
 Well, I could show you what needs to be done and you can decide whether you re up
to the task? How s that sound? Nate had an ulterior motive behind his request. He d noticed
the quick glances Ezra made in Wyn s direction, and even spotted Wyn looking back a time
or two.
 I reckon I could do that, Ezra agreed. He held up his big hands.  I might be better at
lifting and carrying than I am at the small stuff, though.
ALL PLAY & NO WORK Carol Lynne
Taking one of Ezra s hands, Nate led him back into the building and straight to Rio.
 What needs doing? We ve got an extra helper, if we have the right job.
Rio, who d already met Ezra, grinned.  How are you at setting up tables? Wyn and
Ryan seem to have the streamers under control.
 I can do tables, Ezra nodded and set off toward the corner of the room where the
tables had been delivered.
Nate was well pleased as he turned back to Rio and gave him a quick kiss.  How s Wyn
 Good, how did his place look? Rio asked, slipping his arms around Nate s waist.
 Fine except the bedroom. Doles really did a number in there.
 What are you gonna do if Doles shows up for the party? Rio asked, walking Nate to
the cooler. Bending over, Rio got himself and Nate a can of Coke.
 Shit, I don t know. I thought he d have tried to see Wyn by now. I guess I ll have to
head him off in the parking lot. Nate grinned.  Or maybe I ll ask Ezra to guard the front
 Damn, he s huge isn t he? That guy makes Gill look small.
 Hey, are we working or talking? Ryan asked from atop the ladder. Rolling their eyes,
Rio and Nate got to work.
By nine o clock, the basic bones of the party were assembled. All they d need to do the
next day was bring in the games and food. Nate had used his charm to acquire food
donations from Canoe, the diner, and the bakery in town.
Before leaving, Rio grabbed Nate up in a hug.  I love you.
 I know. Nate looked into Rio s dark brown eyes.  I m sorry. Ya know, about earlier.
Rio shook his head and silenced Nate with a kiss.  I understand, Rio winked,  and I ll
let you make it up to me, later.
 I can do that, Nate said, laying his head on Rio s chest.
 See if you can talk Wyn into filing a complaint. Rio rubbed Nate s back making him
almost change his mind about spending the night with Wyn.
ALL PLAY & NO WORK Carol Lynne
When he felt a warm body against his back, Nate groaned.  You guys are making it
really hard.
Both men picked up on the innuendo and rubbed themselves against Nate.  Stop,
Nate pleaded.  I m doing the right thing. Don t make me suffer anymore than I already am.
He looked over his shoulder and kissed Ryan.  Besides, you two wouldn t want to send me
to Wyn s house all hot and horny would you?
Simultaneously Rio and Ryan stepped away from him. Nate grinned and rolled his
eyes.  Thanks, but you know you have nothing to worry about.
 We know, Ryan said, kissing Nate on the neck.  Rio s going to drop you off down the
block, before he drops Wyn at the front door. I m not sure if Doles has the balls to strike
twice in one day, but be ready.
 Gotcha, Nate kissed Ryan one more time before walking out the door with Wyn and
As they climbed into Rio s truck, Nate looked at his big man.  What if Doles is
watching us right now? Maybe it would be best if we both dropped Wyn off, and then you
let me out around the corner.
 Damn, I didn t even think of that. Rio looked around the deserted street.
Nate felt Wyn stiffen beside him, and laid a comforting hand on his knee.  I ll be with
you, just act natural when we drop you off.
After letting Wyn out at the front door, Rio drove down two blocks and then turned left
a block before stopping the truck. He turned off the ignition and pulled Nate into his arms.
 Love you. You watch your back.
 Yes, sir, Nate said with a kiss. He hadn t spent a night away from Rio since that first
time, when Ryan and his big man had saved him at the club in Lincoln. Nate could feel his
chest constricting.  I hope this is the only night I ever have to spend away from you, he
whispered pulling back from the kiss.
 Better be. If this asshole doesn t try something soon, I may have to pay him a little
visit. Rio looked like Nate felt.
 Do me a favour? Nate asked.
ALL PLAY & NO WORK Carol Lynne
 I need to talk to Wyn for awhile, but can I call you when I get in bed? Nate felt stupid
asking, but he knew he d sleep better after hearing his men s voices.
 You bet. I ll put the bedside phone on speaker so you can hear me and Ryan at the
same time.
 I d like that, Nate grinned.  I d better go. He gave Rio one last kiss before climbing
out of the truck.
Sneaking down the street weaving between houses, Nate made it back to Wyn s. He
took the back garage door key out of his pocket and quickly slipped into the dark space.
Waiting for his eyes to adjust, Nate looked around. Wyn had one car in a three car garage.
Where most people would have the rest of the space filled with junk, Wyn had nothing but a
neatly organised shelf against one wall, and a small closet of sorts for gardening tools he
Moving toward the door that led into the house, Nate produced another key from his
pocket and entered. Wyn was waiting on the other side of the door to quickly punch in the
security code.  Did you check the house? Nate asked, shrugging off his coat. The thick snow
on the ground had his pants wet up to his knees. He noticed as he pulled off his boots.
 Everything seems to be okay, Wyn said. He must ve been aware of Nate s
predicament because he held up a finger.  I ll get you something to put on while I wash your
Breathing a sigh of relief, Nate waited on the rug until Wyn returned carrying a set of
midnight blue silk pyjamas. Nate took the offered clothes and smiled.  It s nice to borrow
from someone with good taste.
Wyn showed him to the bathroom and Nate quickly changed, handing his wet clothes
to Wyn.  Did you make sure all the blinds were drawn and the lights turned down? We [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]