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ballet bar while ignoring each other over some tiff. Of course Melanie and Steven weren t the only ones
irritable, thanks to the water problem.
Livia Cicero paced, her leather ankle boots clicking on industrial tile. Her designer scarlet jumpsuit with
her name sewn across the butt in gold and black thread drew the eyes of every male in the room.
 I cannot believe I am being held captive. She gripped the jeweled cell phone she d been forbidden to
turn on.  I came on this trip to entertain the soldiers and soak in the culture. Instead, I am only soaking in
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Greg crossed the room with a smart, efficient walk, snatched up the remote control, and thumbed the
volume down two notches. Did he own anything other than black turtlenecks and matching loose pants?
 I heard they re hoping to have the water pipes fixed sometime tomorrow.
 Hoping? Livia snagged a bottled water and twisted the cap.  We re going to need more perfume.
Greg closed up his computer.  I ll hunt down another box of the baby wipes they ve been giving out.
Livia drained half her water bottle, visibly unimpressed.
Chloe unwound her iPod earbuds, not that she d gotten to listen for more than sixty seconds at a stretch
before Livia interrupted or the dance team sniped at each other. As a conductor, she was used to
handling relationship dramas and diva theatrics. The performers deserved to be respected for their talent
but otherwise needed to be treated as one of the crowd.  We ve all been given the option of flying home
anytime, she said to Livia.
 I fulfill my commitments. She turned on a spiky heel and faced the colonel.  Have you ever considered
corrective eye surgery?
 No, he answered without even pausing in his typing.
 Or new glasses? Livia bent at the knees to get a better view of his specs, which seemed to involve a
quick inventory of the man himself.
 These work fine. He tapped the bulky frames.
 They do have a certain retro appeal.
He pulled them off and turned them to the side for display.  They re air force issue and therefore free.
Scanlon slid them back on his face.
 Are you always so unsociable?
He peered over the tops of the rims.  Are you always this rude?
She flounced down into the chair next to him, her velour jumpsuit swishing in the silence. Livia flicked her
nails repeatedly.  I am bored.
Chloe wasn t. Watching these two spark off each other was better than any iPod offerings or the
three-station television. She stuffed her music away and hugged her knees in the uncomfy faux-leather
chair. Over in the corner, even the boyfriend/girlfriend dance pair slowed their plis and pouting to listen
Lieutenant Colonel Scanlon flipped to the next page in the file.  Did someone forget to pull the green
M&M s out of your candy dish?
Livia sniffed.  I don t eat chocolate.
A smile flickered along his mouth for the first time.  Not my point, diva.
Chloe sensed the  entertainment was about to turn ugly. Livia Cicero was known in the tabloids for her
dramatic meltdowns. Chloe wasn t sure why she liked this drama queen. Maybe because the woman
embodied all the bold colors of life Chloe had longed for in her youth.
Regardless, Livia had unselfishly done her a favor by lining up the backup singer gig when no one would
have blamed her for blowing off the request.
Chloe unfolded from her chair, scavenging for a way to stop the exchange before it went south.  Livia,
come over here. Chloe gestured to the battered piano in the corner. Even the captain of the starship
Enterprise got stuck playing peacemaker on occasion.  I ll run through some songs and scales so we
can exercise our vocal chords. I can even record you with the new feature on my iPod. The piano may
not be as top drawer as the grand they ve got over in the rehearsal room, but they ve kept this antique in
 I wouldn t want to bother our colonel.
He peered over the top of his glasses.  Please. Sing.
 Since you asked so nicely. Livia patted his face. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]