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 I don t understand, Robert shook his head.
Arsenic and Rio
 He grew up without love. I don t even think he knew what it was. I
tried to show him 
 Don t tell me you re feeling sorry for him? Robert snapped,  He
almost killed you.
 I thought he loved me, Angelo said, his chest heaving.
Robert s voice softened. He was in great pain. He regretted his
anger.  Did you love him?
 I did. I really did, he whispered, tears lit his eyes, a single one
escaped down his cheek. He brushed it away.
 I m sorry, Robert said, rubbing his friend s arm.
 I don t really think he meant to kill me, he whispered.
 Angelo, Robert protested,  he poisoned you. He meant it. He
knew what he was doing.
 I can t believe that he 
 Angelo& I&  Robert shook his head.
 I m not excusing him, Robert, Angelo met his eyes.  He is just as
guilty as that scumbag he was with, but I think he might be more naive
than bad.
 Well, just try not to romanticize him.
 I ve already done that, Angelo replied bitterly, his mouth twisting.
 Don t think I can be that stupid twice, do you?
Robert gave him a kiss on the forehead.  See, if you d only fallen
for me when you had the chance.
Angelo smiled.
 The door is still open, you know, Robert gave him a meaningful
Angelo gave him a dopey grin.  I suppose I am obligated to you.
You did save my life.
 Umm& that means you owe me big time. He came closer and
whispered.  Think I ll take it out in trade.
Angelo laughed a little.  You ll have to wait until I m off my back. I
can t even walk.
 No problem. I ll take you any way I can get you, he replied in
Italian, raising his eyebrows.
Angelo laughed again. It felt good to laugh.
 I know it s not easy, but try to put that guy out of your mind,
Robert said softly and left the room.
DJ Manly
Put him out of his mind. Now how was he supposed to do that?
How could he forget his very heart beat? His very breath? He could
never forget the way they had made love, the way he d tasted, the way
he d felt in his arms. How could he forget him, when even now he
could hear his soft whispers against his ear? Put him out of his mind.
That was easier said than done. He swallowed his tears, turned his
head toward the wall and tried to sleep.
Arsenic and Rio
Chapter 62
arshall realized he was walking into a trap just before Hal woke
him from his dream. The realization hit him all of a sudden like
a slap in the face. Something had been nagging at him, a piece of the
puzzle that didn t fit. Angelo had locked the door to his room right
after that man impersonating the doctor had left his house. Even when
he pounded and pounded and called his name, he didn t answer. He
That meant the phone call from the notary was a set up. Angelo had
time to tell someone before he died. Tomorrow, the police would be
waiting. He actually laughed aloud.
Hal looked over at him from the other bed curiously.  Finally lost
it, Marshall?
Marshall smiled as he climbed out of bed.  Good morning, he
sang,  it s a good day. He hadn t slept more than a half hour or so.
His head spun as he tried to stand on his feet. His eyes felt gritty.
Hal blinked at him.  What happened to you?
Marshall shrugged and went into the bathroom to shower. Angelo
would have the final victory, even in death. I m going to make sure of
it, my love.
When he came out of the bathroom, washed and dressed, Hal was
sitting on the side of the bed ordering room service.
Marshall waited until he got off the phone.  Hal, he said,  I just
wanted to let you know that I m not going to the notary s office by
myself, eh?
 What? Hal looked up at him.
 I said I m not going alone to sign those papers& You re coming
with me.
DJ Manly
Hal shook his head.  I have no business there, Marshall.
 You are coming with me, Marshall met his eyes,  or I m not
going& Get ready, he folded his arms across his chest.  When the
call comes, you re coming with me.
Hal sighed in frustration&  I better because I don t trust you, you
little creep. You could take off with the money.
 I could do that, Marshall told him.  Get dressed.
Hal got up and went into the bathroom.
Marshall looked out the window. It was smoggy today. The tops of
the skyscrapers were barely visible. Marshall closed his eyes,
remembering the beauty of Rio, the beauty of Angelo s face.  I love
you, Angelo, he whispered out loud,  and I promise you, my love, if
he doesn t rot in prison for this, I ll kill him myself.
The call came at noon telling them to meet at an office building not
far from the hotel at one-thirty.
* * * *
Hal watched Marshall curiously in the back of the taxi. He had this
strange little smile on his face. What a mood switch. This one was
nuttier than a fruitcake.
They arrived at the huge office tower at ten after one, and took the
elevator to the eighth floor. A man holding a briefcase stood outside
the office. He introduced himself as Senior Cardoso, adding that he
was the deceased s representative.
Marshall shivered at the word  deceased .
 I m Marshall Munduso. This is my friend Hal Green, he
managed, trying to contain his misery.  He s along for moral support.
 Of course, he shook his head, eyeing Hal.  A terrible loss. Senior
Farelli must have thought a great deal of you, Mr. Munduso. He left you
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