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A smile she couldn t have imagined lightened his naturally
brooding features.  We re glad. We want you to be comfortable.
 And happy.
Brigit blinked.  I am, she replied, shaking on the inside. Did
she imagine that? It was his voice, she knew it was. But how?
 You can hear me? He was studying her avidly now, his head
slightly cocked at an angle, as though he were examining
something with great interest. That something was her.
She covered her mouth to not scream, nodding.
Slone ran a hand down his face.  This is happening a lot quicker
than I thought it would.
 What? The shadows had deepened outside the plane, night
sky in their wake. The interior lights were just starting to warm to
life. And she had nowhere to run. She was trapped on the plane
with two men she didn t know. Even if her mother had said they
were this side of perfect, she didn t know them.
 Nothing you need to be frightened of, pet. I didn t realize you
would be so open to either of us. It s a blessing. We ll both learn
where your mental wall is so we don t cross over unintentionally,
until you re better able to control the pathway. Training is all you
need. It s remarkable that you re already showing signs. Awe
filled his voice, his gaze full of adoration.
 Showing signs? she squeaked.
 That s it, slick, give her more things to worry about.
She shoved herself deeper into the buttery leather of her chair
with clawed hands, whipping between the two men. Two men she
really knew nothing about.  What are you? Why can I hear you
Ja Rol stood with a controlled motion.  Slone doesn t think
you re up to the shock, not as weak as you are today. With a shrug
of acceptance, he continued.  I think he s right. We don t want to
frighten you, but not telling you is killing us both. He sank down
into a nearby chair and Slone did the same.  You re emotionally
stretched, and physically weak. Leaning on his elbows again, he
met her wide-eyed searching.  All you really need to know is that
you are safe, from us and with us. We couldn t hurt you if our lives
depended on it. Yes, we can hear you now, and as you ve just
discovered, you can hear us. It s natural to us, it s acquired for
you. Ja Rol lifted a hand to keep her questions from tumbling out.
 In time. We mean that. This will take some adjusting, and you
deserve the right to get to know us, to come to trust us. For now,
we re three new friends going to attend a wedding.
 Maybe have a little fun seeing if we can break the bank at a
casino or two, Slone added with a playful nudge, wanting to ease
the tension she was sure they all felt.
Ja Rol smiled.  Yeah, that too. Couldn t hit Vegas and not find a
way to lose at least a little money. Facing her again, his expression
was earnest.  In a way, you found us when we knew we needed
something, and we found you when you needed something. Let s
see if we can make those two needs work, okay?
 He s insane. Even if you can hear me, you re freaking insane!
Neither man showed a trickle of reaction to her internal screams
as she wildly flicked her gaze back and forth between them. Were
they telling the truth and not listening on purpose? Could they do
that? And what were they talking about, needs and finding? When
both of them continued to wait expectantly for some answer, she
forced herself to nod.
The first thing she was going to do when they landed that plane
was get the hell away from these two. Just what had she gotten
herself into?
 Believe it or not, Slone said quietly,  we want nothing more
than to see you cared for. Even if you had been in perfect health,
we would have done no less for you. He paused, and Ja Rol
reached for his forearm and squeezed. Brigit swore she actually
saw the wealth of support and strength flow between them on the
tide of affection visible in both of them.  We re very close, Ja Rol
and myself. What he wants, I want, and vice versa, and when it
comes to you, we both agree.
 What about me? she asked, wishing she sounded even a little
stronger. Unfortunately, the mouse facing the lion likely sounded
stronger than she did facing these two men.
 Would it be too much to ask you to just be our friend? To start
to trust us for that? Have either of us done anything to make you
doubt for your safety? To doubt our intentions?
Brigit considered them both, studying their calm features,
expectant, but nothing more.
 Other than the mind thinky thing?
Ja Rol smiled and Slone blinked.  Mind thinky thing?
 Yeah, this.
Slone chuckled, his shoulders rolling with his laughter.  Uh,
yeah. That was unexpected, though for reasons that will soon make
more sense to you, a wonderful surprise.
Brigit wasn t so sure of that.  What are you going to do when
we land?
 Going to sleep, Ja Rol immediately stated.  I don t know
about him, but I m exhausted.
 Where am I staying?
 In the suite next to ours.
 Not with you? Brigit tugged on the edge of the blanket, glad
she had it, a small barrier of protection, however fragile it may
have been.
 No. It was simpler to put both suites under the company
reservation, Slone explained.  We don t do this often, so the
occasional write-off is a splurge. He tipped, regarding her.  Does
that help ease your concerns? He gave Ja Rol a meaningful grin.
 Besides, we re on our way to see Traci, your mother. Pissing off
anyone s mom is last on the list.
She giggled, then swallowed it before it completely escaped.
 Yeah, moms don t care for being ticked off, especially at their
Brigit noted they were watching her, but there was no threat, no
 I know it s unexpected, Brigit, Slone said in a soothing tone.
 Get to know us. Give us a chance.
She blinked. Did he mean& ? She was in the suite next to theirs.
 Wait, both of you? She pulled a leg underneath herself to sit on a
Ja Rol unclasped his hands and curled over one of Slone s.
 We ve been together for some time. He drew a breath.  Does that
bother you?
Fear of rejection clouded Ja Rol s expression. She realized they
were taking a large step to admit their intentions and not scare her
to tell her so much so soon.
 You re& gay? Great friends, long time colleagues, yes. Gay,
no. Never saw that coming.
 For the easiest of explanations, that s what we allow people to
think, or guess, Slone told her.  It goes deeper than a sexual
involvement. Tension knotted his shoulders.  It s not that we
don t want you to know the truth, but we don t want to overwhelm
you more.
 So you re not gay? Bi? she asked them hesitantly.
 It s more a mutual attraction factor, Ja Rol said, stumbling [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]