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slits while happiness gave her a fresh scent. The sweet smell of pine still
lingered on her from their hard run back to his car.  And Jonathan and Lukas
will come over here when I call them.
 Oh. She chewed her lip. Would she back out?  I guess we can t leave them
sitting down there all night.
 We can take all the time you need. He brushed his fingers against her cool
cheek and watched her attention dart around the room.
 I guess it s better to get it over with.
 I don t want you doing this simply to get it over with. He ran his
fingertips over her moist lips. Knowing she might refuse to acknowledge pack
law no matter how others would scorn her hit him hard enough to bring him
pause.  I swear to you, Sophie, all that matters about this evening is you.
 And all I m thinking about is you, wolf man, she said, confirming his
thoughts, and then she opened those pouty lips farther when he touched them
and sucked his finger into her mouth.
His cock danced to life, blood filling it quickly enough to make him
lightheaded.  Then we ll enjoy this together. They ve both insisted that I
honor them with the right to protect you when I can t.
 Really? Well as long as they both know that I howl only for you. She pushed
his finger out of her mouth when she spoke, but then sucked it back in with a
new energy and looked up at him with wide blue eyes that glowed with passion.
His small fears quickly subsided and he pictured her being fucked by the
other males. It would be so fucking hot to watch, and it would happen soon,
within the hour. Once he called them, they would arrive in minutes, ready to
fuck his bitch.
 I have something for you. He almost hated pulling his finger from her hot
little mouth.
 What is it?
Nik walked into the dining room, enduring the intense throbbing as his cock
pressed against his jeans. He held out the bag of garments he d purchased for
her and watched her delighted expression when she accepted it.
 I can t believe you bought lingerie, she whispered, quickly taking in its
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She would never know how hard it had been to go into that store alone and
pick out what he wanted her to wear.
 Undress for me, Sophie. He sat on the couch, barely able to think straight
with all blood draining to his crotch.  I want to watch you strip and then put
that outfit on.
 I love lingerie. Her delighted smile let him know he d done the right
She would wear what he d bought for her, be dressed in clothes he d chosen
when he presented her to the other males. His heart swelled almost as
painfully as his cock, a warmth he hadn t experienced before filling his
insides. Sophie made him happier than anyone ever had in his life. She was his
bitch his mate and she was willing to do anything, experience anything so long
as she did it by his side.
Sophie moved in front of him, placing the bag on the coffee table between
them. Gripping her sweater, she slid it up her body, stretching as she exposed
her tummy and chest to him. Plump, perky breasts spilled over her pink lacy
bra. Strands of blonde hair fell over her shoulders and then swayed around her
when she removed the sweater and dropped it to the floor.
A slow smile played on her lips. She was enjoying herself. It was good to
know, and to see. Nik wouldn t have her doing this just to get it over with.
Her delicate fingers traced invisible lines over those mouthwatering mounds
of flesh and lace. He wanted her to give him this private show, finger-fuck
herself, beg him to take her first, before the otherlunewulfs showed up.
She unzipped her jeans, torturously slow, then slid them down her long,
slender legs.
His heart pounded in his chest, matching the throbbing in his cock.
 Damn, Sophie. The tip of his incisor pricked the inside of his lip. He
tasted his own blood, which called forth the beast inside him. He fought to
maintain control of his senses.  I can t promise to control my actions when
you torture me like that.
She looked very pleased with herself.  But you told me to undress for you,
she said in a very innocent tone that dripped with amusement.
 So I did. He wanted to help her, rip those clothes from her body, send lace
flying everywhere and watch her breasts bounce free. But if he moved one inch,
he would never see the outfit he bought on her.
She slipped out of her bra and lace panties, then pulled the black silk
corset out of the bag.  It s so beautiful, she whispered.
 Not as beautiful as you, he answered instantly, his voice garbled while
emotions tore at his insides.  Put it on.
She pulled it on and adjusted it to her body. It fit snugly around her waist,
accenting her already prefect curves. Those tits of hers looked even fuller
and plumper when squeezed into the cups of the corset. He had to look like an
idiot mutt with his tongue dangling to the side while he drooled and panted
over the sight of her.
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Sophie reached into the bag again, flashing him a quick glance. Her eyes
glowed, sparkling with hints of silver. That wasn t the only hint he had that
performing for him turned her on. The rich, musky aroma of her come soaked the
air around them. He would be hard-pressed proving to Jonathan and Lukas that
he hadn t fucked her before they arrived. She pulled out the small thong that
went with the corset and slowly bent over, then took her time sliding it up
her legs. The way her ass curved and the angle she gave him made him almost
explode in his pants. The corset made her waist look narrower, her hips
curvier and pushed her breasts together so damned perfectly.
 You re driving me insane.
 Do you want me to stop?
 No, he said quickly, and she giggled.
Her wonderful scent wrapped around him. Then she looked down and her long
hair flowed over her shoulder while she situated the thong, taking care to
ensure it was on right. A raw hunger ate at him just watching her place the
material over her pussy.
 I can t wait to fuck you. And I can t wait to watch you get fucked. The
time had come and he had to prepare her.
But she was so fucking hot he needed a moment to stare at his perfect little
bitch. Her blonde hair glowed from the lamplight in the living room and
crystal blue eyes searched his face, needing his approval. She didn t have any
scars on her body. He would see to it that she never knew a challenge or
battle. Every inch of her was perfect, and he believed it was his job to keep
her that way, inside and out. Her narrow muscles and petite waist added to her
sex appeal.
 Turn around.
She obeyed instantly, giving him a wonderful view of her round ass.  Like the
view? she teased ruthlessly. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]