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Tool (ST)
ABS-ASR motor electrical connection 2
Open circuit or short circuit to B+ or Ground - "Read measuring value
(GND) in wiring between ABS control module - block", display group 3
J104- terminal 47 and Engine Control Module page 01-67 .
- Locate and repair open
circuit or short circuit.
Electrical Wiring Diagrams,
Troubleshooting &
Component Locations
Engine Control Module (ECM) malfunctioning. - Replace Engine Control
Module (ECM).
The following signal is sent from the
Engine Control Module (ECM) to the
ABS control module (w/EDL) -J104- via
this connection:
AET signal (Actual Engine Torque) 11/20/2002
Read Measuring Value Block (function 08) Page 77 of 79
ABS/EDL/ASR control module -J104- - Replace ABS/EDL/ASR
malfunctioning. control module -J104-. 11/20/2002
Read Measuring Value Block (function 08) Page 78 of 79
Output on printer of VAG1551 Scan Tool (ST) Possible cause Corrective action
Vehicle voltage terminal 30, open circuit
Voltage supply to ABS control - Check wire connection.
module (w/EDL) -J104- (terminal
When equipped with EDL, the ABS control module
50) has an open circuit or short
Electrical Wiring
-J104- requires this voltage supply after ignition is
circuit to Ground (GND).
Diagrams, Troubleshooting
switched off in order to calculate the drop in brake
& Component Locations
temperature; page 01-39 . 11/20/2002
Read Measuring Value Block (function 08) Page 79 of 79
Output on printer of Possible cause Corrective action
VAG1551 Scan Tool
DTC stored in Engine
A DTC was stored in the Engine - Repair the engine management malfunction using
Control Module (ECM)
Control Module (ECM). The Engine the appropriate engine repair manual and erase
Control Module (ECM) is not able to DTC memory of the Engine Control Module (ECM).
This malfunction only
reduce engine torque.
occurs if vehicle is
equipped with ASR.
Control module
ABS control module -J104- - Replace ABS control module (w/EDL) -J104-.
Do not erase DTC memory in this case. The data
stored in the DTC memory provides information
about the cause of the malfunction. This information
helps to continually improve the product. 11/20/2002 [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]