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broad open area populated by only people, the devastation would be
huge. The trick would be to get an appropriate population into an
open area, and that was the clever part of his plan. Any idiot could
build a bomb; the skill came in engineering a moment in time that
delivered it at the right place with the right impact.
Women in Hotel Rooms
The mobile rang.  Hello he said quietly, the bus almost
empty as it had been quite late before he could get away from work.
 Get your self down to Bristol, to the Holiday Inn. There is a
person there I want you to meet. She is very special to me, so no
funny business, but she will help you. I have to go back to the states
soon. Rees had carefully planted the  special seed in Howard s
mind. He guessed that Howard would see this as an opportunity to
gain the upper hand over him, and would attempt to  attract the
contact. Howard would not know that his contact had been
instructed to let him succeed.
 How will I know her?
 Just go to room 223 and knock.
Howard turned the phone off and put it back in his pocket.
Once at home he showered and put clean clothes on. The clothes
were not exactly expertly ironed, but they were clean and relatively
free of frays and stains. A good dose of aftershave, and he was
ready. He got into his car and drove down to Bristol, pulling into
the hotel car park at a little after seven thirty. He walked through
the lobby and went straight for the stairs. He had seen someone do
that in a film, it meant if anyone was following him, they would not
know which floor he was going to. He didn t know if he was being
followed, but just assumed that he would be. It seemed the sensible
conclusion as his life now seemed to be heading down the path of a
TV drama.
Yasser Rashid parked his sign written van in the street and
went into his house. He had completed another day of work in the
warehouse and his excitement was high. He knew it was time to
stop driving around in his van, his movements would be too easily
traced, his van easily identifiable on the hundreds of CCTV
cameras, if nothing else. He would find a nearby place that he could
leave it, and where he could pick up a smaller inconspicuous white
van to go to the warehouse.
King s Ransom
The trust of the Benefactor was so great that Rashid knew
that not only could he not fail, but that he could trust no one but
himself. He especially could not trust Mahmoud with the real details
of the plan. It was not that he suspected Mahmoud in any way, but
he knew that if, for some reason, Mahmoud were intercepted by the
Intelligence Services, they would make him tell what he knew.
Rashid new that if they ever came to suspect him, and he was
not stupid enough to believe that could never happen, they would
look to all people he had contact with, primarily his wife, but she
knew nothing. They may however, uncover his association with
Mahmoud. Rashid had to make sure that what Mahmoud knew ,he
believed, but that it was not the truth. Before entering the house he
pulled a mobile phone from his pocket and dialled a number.
 Assalamu Alilkum Wa Rahmatulah Wa Barakatuh Jafaar, it is
Rashid. I need your assistance on a matter of great gravity. Rashid
spoke for a few moments into the phone detailing what assistance
he needed. He listened to the response, pleased that he did not have
to clarify either his requirements or reason. His only risk, he
thought, was if Jafaar had been compromised. If that were the case,
then he was undone anyway.
 Until we meet in a few days my brother, may Allah be with
you. He cut the call and switched off the mobile phone and, after
locking the van, went up the short path to his front door. Rashid
left his shoes with the small dried flecks of clay and mud by the
door and went through calling for his wife.
Nadira had heard him from the kitchen as he entered the
house and wondered if there would be mud again today. She put her
knife down from trimming the vegetables and turned to greet her
husband. He seemed elated and she made herself not look down at
his trousers for telltale signs, she could do that later. He pulled his
jacket off and dropped it on the table.
 Turn all that off , he instructed,  and join me upstairs.
Nadira was excited, she knew whatever he was doing must be
progressing well. He came home wanting sex more often these days.
It was not her female charms; she knew that. There was no love in
his actions, it was simply a releasing of a need, and she knew that it
was his hidden work that aroused him. She followed him upstairs,
knowing that to delay would only enrage him. Her bruises and
injuries from the beating she received on the hill top were now
Women in Hotel Rooms
almost healed; she did not want any more. She did not know what
he was planning and what his timescales were, but she knew that
she needed to be as healthy and fit as she could be if she were to
stop him. Another beating would be counter productive, and any
apparent reluctance on her part to share his bed would only raise
suspicion and anger, neither of which she wanted. As she followed
him into the bedroom she removed her Abaya, which she had taken
to wearing around the house to try and reduce the risk of inflaming
his temper. He turned and pushed her onto the bed, his lust
outweighing any desire to treat his wife with tenderness. She wore a
smile and expression of passion to cover her increasing dislike for
his actions and silently hoped that he would soon finish with her.
From her past experiences she knew he would then go to the
mosque. She would then get her opportunity to clean herself and to
report in.
No one followed him up the stairwell nor was anyone in the
corridor as he knocked on the door of room 223. There was a
momentary pause and then the door opened.
 I am Howard he simply said.
 Come in, boy I am glad to meet you, a dark haired woman
said, pulling him into the room and then shutting the door behind
 Wow Howard, I have never met Royalty before, never mind
been in the same room alone with a Royal, wow. Amanda was in
maximum gush mode, how Howard reacted to it would determine
how she behaved.
Howard was a little overwhelmed. The woman was probably
late twenties, he guessed, had jet black hair and big breasts. He
noticed the breasts, difficult not to in the low cut blouse she was
wearing. His head swam as she referred to him as royalty, he had
not been referred to like that before, and he liked how it sounded.
 Thank you, you are very kind, and may I say how beautiful
you are. Jonathan Rees said that you were here to help me, but I am
not sure what help you will be offering?
Amanda sat on the edge of the bed, crossing her legs causing
her skirt to rise up and show an appreciable amount of thigh, an
King s Ransom
amount, which she noticed, Howard s eyes were drawn to. This was [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]