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have increased during my exile. Feeling that this is largely due to the wise rule of my lovely little daughter,
I now and hereby abdicate in her favor!"
Removing the emerald crown the Scarecrow had hastily brought from the treasury, the King
placed it solemnly on Ozma's dark curls.
"But you're not going away!" cried Ozma, catching hold of his arm in great distress.
"Has your Majesty considered this enough?" protested Pajuka, jumping up in a hurry. "What
are you-what are we-going to do?"
"Open a tailor shop," smiled the King, "right here in the Emerald City-the finest tailoring shop
in Oz. You see," continued his Majesty, looking a trifle embarrassed, "I've grown awfully fond of tailoring
and I think on the whole I'm a better tailor than a King!"
There was a moment's silence after this singular announcement. Then, realizing the geneosity
and wisdom of the decision, the whole company burst into thunderous applause.
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"Then everything will be the same. Oh, goody goody!" exulted Betsy Bobbin, squeezing Trot's
hand under the table. "Isn't he a perfect dear?"
"Instead of a King's double, I'm a tailor's dummy," sighed Humpy resignedly. "Oh well, I don't
care, but you'll have to make me another suit."
"I'll make you a tailored suit. I'll make you all suits," promised the King enthusiastically.
"Put plenty of pockets in mine!" puffed Pajuka sinking into his seat with another yawn.
"I'll need a boy in my shop, too," smiled the King, looking down the long table. "How about it,
Snip? Will you stay?"
"A good place for a button boy," giggled Scraps, while Snip himself blushed with pleasure and
"Oh, I'd love to!" cried Snip. "But may I go back to Kimbaloo first and tell Kinda Jolly where
I am?"
"Of course, of course," promised the royal tailor, beaming upon everyone. "And now, as we
are all tired and sleepy" (the King winked at Pajuka who was trying to hide another monstrous yawn) "I
move that we all retire."
"That will be the second time you've retired today," laughed Snip, pushing back his chair and
running to open the door for his Majesty. For in spite of his abdication they all felt that Pastoria was a
real King.
"Oh, isn't everything turning out splendidly?" sighed Dorothy, pressing the Scarecrow's arm.
"The King will be a lot happier as a tailor and every tailor needs a dummy, so that takes care of Humpy.
And won't it be fun to have Snip in the Emerald City?"
"I should say!" grinned the Scarecrow, and then, because nobody could stay awake another
minute, they bade each other good night and hurried off to bed.
Snip and the Prime Minister shared a sumptuous apartment in the east wing and, hearing a
strange noise in the night, Snip sat up in alarm. Pajuka's bed was empty, but standing on one leg over by
the window and snoring like a goodfellow (which indeed he was) stood the huge Prime Minister, his head
resting peacefully on his shoulder.
"He thinks he's still a goose," smiled Snip, snuggling down under the covers.
The Grand Procession
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THE next day there was a grand procession through the streets of the Emerald City, in honor
of the long lost King of Oz. The Elegant Elephant led off, the King and Humpy dressed exactly alike
riding proudly on his back. Next rode Ozma upon the famous Saw Horse; then came the Cowardly Lion,
carrying Dorothy and Snip; then the Hungry Tiger with Betsy and Trot.
Pajuka, astride the Comfortable Camel, was a sight worth seeing, for the huge Prime Minister
was splendidly costumed. Besides this, he had a pipe in each hand, taking first a puff from one and then a
puff from the other, so that he was almost hidden in clouds of smoke. Sir Hokus, upon the Doubtful
Dromedary, bowed politely to his many friends and acquaintances. Scraps and the Scarecrow followed
the Knight and after them marched Tik Tok, the Soldier with the Green Whiskers and all the other [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]