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up to its taste.
Another set of lips joined them as Brian stretched out on the other side of Ethan. The
three-way kisses were hot, but always ended up making them laugh. Pete was usually the
cause of their laughter, he d start making little pig noises as he rooted for a pair of lips to
latch onto. The same thing happened again, and the three of them broke apart in a fit of
Never had Ethan enjoyed making love more than with Pete and Brian. Each brought
something different to the building relationship that seemed to not only make it more
pleasing but stronger.
Brian reached for the remote and turned the television volume up. He reached to the
bedside table and grabbed the half-eaten bowl of popcorn.  Want some? he asked Ethan,
holding the bowl out.
Ethan shook his head.  I m gonna go get me something to drink. Anyone else need
anything? he asked, sliding down to the foot of the bed.
 Beer? Brian asked.
Ethan nodded and looked at Pete.  You need anything?
Pete swung his legs off the bed and stood.  I ll come with you. I m hungry for some
Ethan gestured for Pete to take the lead, but Pete shook his head with a grin. Ethan had
an idea of what he was in for, but just shook his head and walked out of the room. He got as
far as the living room before he felt Pete s hand on his ass. A second later, Pete s muscular
body pressed against him from behind. Glancing over his shoulder, Ethan smiled.  What re
you doing?
 Keeping warm.
 You poor baby. Maybe you should ve put on some clothes. Ethan continued walking
with Pete glued to his back.
Pete s hands wandered down Ethan s chest to the short patch of pubic hair surrounding
his cock.  I like naked.
By the time Ethan opened the refrigerator to retrieve the pitcher of tea he d made
earlier, he was hard as a rock. Despite his condition, he continued to act like Pete s hand on
his cock wasn t a big deal.  You want some?
 Oh yeah, Pete said, his hand continued to pump Ethan s erection.
 Tea. Do you want some tea? Ethan clarified.
 No. Pete squeezed Ethan s cock.  Why aren t you responding? Something wrong?
 Nope, just want to get my drink and get back in bed as soon as possible. We have
Brian here now, why waste the opportunity?
 Ooh, good thinking. Pete released Ethan and reached for the bag of tortilla chips.
Although it was what he d basically asked for, Ethan missed Pete s touch. With a
disappointed shrug, he filled a glass with ice before pouring in the tea. The whole thing was
still surreal to him. Had it only been a day? Ethan glanced sideways at Pete and watched his
new lover put a plate piled high with tortillas and shredded cheese into the microwave.
Ethan bit his lip. We re just fucking, he told himself. His track record with relationships
was shit. Other than his blown-out-of-proportion love for Jay, he d made it a point not to
date anyone in town. Going slow, taking time to build a relationship had never been his
thing. He was more of a jump-in-the-deep-end kind of guy which had led to more broken
hearts than he cared to think about. Ethan wanted his present situation to be different.
Scaring Pete and Brian off with his enthusiasm just wouldn t do. Play it cool. Yeah, that s
what he d do.
The moment Pete ran his hand down Ethan s back to land on his ass, Ethan forgot about
his resolve to take it slow. He wanted these men, not just for a couple of weeks, but forever.
As stupid as it sounded, he could honestly see himself falling under their spell.
 Something wrong? Pete asked.
 Nope. He was saved from further questions by the ding of the microwave.  Grab
your plate and let s get back to bed. Ethan opened the refrigerator and pulled two bottles of
beer out before picking up his glass of tea.
 Lead the way, Pete said with a grin.
* * * *
By the time Pete and Ethan climbed back into bed, Brian had finished with the bowl of
popcorn and eagerly took the offered beer.  Benny texted. He s going with his friends to
Deb s for dinner.
 Excellent. Pete sat up against the headboard and pulled the covers over his lap.  That
gives us more time.
Brian nodded. He was torn between being a good father or a good lover. Although he d
told Benny when he left to make sure he made it home for dinner, his son had gone against
his wishes and made other plans. Brian should be pissed at Benny s lack of respect, but how
could he be when he d rather be here with Pete and Ethan than at home making spaghetti?
Ethan leaned over Brian to set his glass on the nightstand, and stayed there. Brian
welcomed Ethan by wrapping him in his arms. There was something about Ethan that pulled
at Brian s heartstrings. At first he d thought it was his protective instincts kicking in, but he d
come to the conclusion it was more than that. Although Brian already cared a great deal for
Pete, there were times when they were too much alike, too head strong. As much as Brian
hated to admit it to himself, he knew a relationship between just the two of them probably
wouldn t work. That, more than anything, had kept him from talking to Benny. It wasn t
something he was proud of, just the opposite. The guilt had kept him from spending every
free moment with Pete.
Holding Ethan with Pete lying next to them felt right. Pete was funny and charming [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]