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with a demonstration of the sorrow, transitoriness and cruel
of the Universe. A vast wave of pessimism has engulfed the
of Mansoul.
It was indeed a deadly blow to the adepts of the White
School when
Science, their own familiar friend in whom they trusted,
lifted up
his heel against them. It was in this conjuncture that the
adepts sent forth into the Western world a messenger, Helena
Blavatsky, with the distinct mission to destroy, on the one
hand, the
crude schools of Christianity, and, on the other, to
eradicate the
materialism from Physical Science. She made the necessary
with Edward Maitland and Anna Kingsford, who were trying
helplessly to put the exoteric formulae of the White School
into th
hands of students, and with the secret representatives of
the Rosicru-
cian Brotherhood. It is not for us in this place to
estimate the
degree of success with which she carried out her embassy;
but at
least we see today that Physical Science is at last
penetrating to the
spiritual basis of material phenomena. The work of Henry
Einstein, Whitehead, and Bertrand Russell is sufficient
evidence of
this fact.
Christianity, too, has fallen into a lower degree of
contempt than
ever. Realizing that it was moribund, it made a supreme and
effort, and plunged into the death-spasm of the first world-
war. It
was too far corrupt to react to the injections of the White
which might have saved it. We see today that Christianity
is more
bigoted, further divorced from reality, than ever. In some
it has again become a persecuting church.
With horrid glee the adepts of the Black School looked on at
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atrocious paroxysms. But it did more. It marshalled its
quietly, and prepared to clean up the debris of the
battlefields. It
is at present (1924 e.v.) pledged to a supreme attempt to
chase the
manly races from their spiritual halidom. (The spasm still
[1945 e.v.]
continues; note well the pro-German screams of Anglican
Bishops, and
the intrigues of the Vatican.)
The Black School has always worked insidiously, by
treachery. We need
then not be surprised by finding that its most notable
was the renegade follower of Blavatsky, Annie Besant, and
that she was
charged by her Black masters with the mission of persuading
the world
to accept for its Teacher a negroid36 Messiah. To make the
more complete, a wretched creature was chosen who, to the
most loath-
some moral qualities, added the most fatuous imbecility.
And then
blew up!
. . . . . .
This, then, is the present state of the war of the Three
Schools. We
cannot suppose that humanity is so entirely base as to
accept Krishna-
murti; yet that such a scheme could ever have been conceived
is a
symptom of the almost hopeless decadence of the White
School37. The
36^ WEH NOTE: Inject something about Krishnamurti here, and
soften the racial
remark made above.
37* Note. This passage was written in 1924 e.v. The
Master Therion arose
and smote him. What seemed a menace is now hardly even a
Black adepts boast openly that they have triumphed all along
the line.
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Their formula has attained the destruction of all positive
It is only one step to the stage when the annihilation of
all life and
thought will appear as a fatal necessity. The materialism
and vital
scepticism of the present time, its frenzied rush for
pleasure in total
disregard of any idea of building for the future, testifies
to a condi-
tion of complete moral disorder, of abject spiritual
The White School has thus been paralysed. We are reminded
of the spider
described by Fabre, who injects her victims with a poison
which paralyzes
them without killing them, so that her own young may find
fresh meat.
And this is what is going to happen in Europe and America
unless some-
thing is done about it, and done in very short order.
The Yellow School could not remain impassive spectators of
the abomina-
tions. Madame Blavatsky was a mere forerunner. They, in
with the Secret Chiefs of the White School in Europe, Chiefs
who had
been compelled to suspend all attempts at exoteric
enlightenment by the
general moral debility which had overtaken the races from
which they
drew their adepts, have prepared a guide for mankind. This
man, of an
extreme moral force and elevation, combined with a profound
sense of
worldly realities, has stood forth in an attempt to save the
White School,
to rehabilitate its formula, and to fling back from the
bastions of moral
freedom the howling savages of pessimism. Unless his appeal
is heard,
unless there comes a truly virile reaction against the [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]