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operational sins (just ask Microsoft). Marketing IS your business, not
just part of it.
Become an expert in direct response marketing by investing heavily in
your own education. Reevaluate how you are managing your business
by asking yourself some of the questions that I ve mentioned.
What I ve shared with you may require a new paradigm shift. But if you
want to not only survive, but also be a super-success, you must make
the shift.
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Six Deadly Small Business Marketing Mistakes (and how to fix  em)
Dear Friend:
Thank you for reading the Six Deadly Small Business Marketing Mistakes. I
hoped that it helped you think through some of your current business practices
and possibly avoid some of common mistakes that hinder the success of many
small businesses.
If you found this ebook useful, please do me a small favor and pass it on to your
friends. Here are a few people that perhaps, may be in the sphere of your
influence that might find it beneficial&
" Chamber of Commerce members
" Referral group members
" Clubs and associations (Lion s, Toastmasters, Rotary ect.)
" Valued customers
" CPA s or Lawyers
" Suppliers
" Church members
& or a just a few of your valued friends. They will thank you for it.
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