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Gregori and Savannah joined them. "Your friends are safe in their homes and have no memories of what
transpired. The lifemate of the vampire will know, of course, and I did not remove the memories of the
priest or MaryAnn Delaney. MaryAnn has psychic ability and should be persuaded to visit the
Carpathian Mountains as the guest of our Prince. I hope that you will invite her when it is convenient."
She knew Gregori was concerned that there might be a Carpathian male who could be saved. Destiny
clutched at Nicolae, unashamed that she did so. She was tired and shaky and feeling terribly vulnerable.
The idea of her tainted blood was repulsive to her. "Can you get rid of the vampire's blood?"
"I am certain that I will be able to do so, but I ask that you donate blood first to allow us to examine it. It
might be useful to us. The colonies seem to spawn the infestation. Who knows what can be done once
we understand what is going on?"
"Feel free, take as much as you like," Destiny offered. "I'm tired and want to sleep." It was the only safe
thing to do. The thought of those hideous creatures living inside her sickened her as nothing else could.
She felt unclean, and nothing Nicolae or Gregori said would ever make a difference. "If you can't heal
me, Gregori, don't let me live. I don't think I could bear it, knowing what's inside me."
"A Carpathian endures," Gregori said softly. "As your lifemate endured all those centuries of darkness.
You will endure."
Destiny reached for Nicolae, framed his face with her hands. "You gave me hope and dreams and
everything good I've ever known. Thank you for that."
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Nicolae kissed her, his mouth so tender it brought tears to her eyes. They glittered on her lashes as he
sent her to sleep.
Chapter Twenty
She woke to the knowledge that she was whole and clean and her blood was free of the vampire, but
the scars remained in her heart and mind. She woke to find she was deeply in love and she was at peace.
There was no pain on awakening. There was no agony, only a sense of hope and the looking forward to
her life. She lay very still and let the sounds and scents of her world fill her with joy.
Destiny knew exactly where she was. Home. And home lay beside her, his body curved protectively
around hers. Her bottom fit snugly into the cradle of his hips, and she could feel him, already awake,
already aware, his body hard and aggressive, even as he lay so quietly. His hand cupped her breast
possessively, yet he was still, savoring just waking up and holding her. Nicolae. Her everything.
He moved then. His mouth on her shoulder, his lips soft as he feathered kisses over her skin.I thought
you would never wake up .
The voice of an angel. Her angel. Nicolae. Destiny smiled as the silk of his hair brushed her bare arm
and fanned across her breast.You should have called to me . Deliberately she used their private
telepathic ability. She loved the intimacy of speaking with him mind to mind. She loved the feel of his
hands on her body. At his urging she turned onto her back. Above her head the stars spread across the
cave ceiling, sparkling like gems.
She laughed softly. First roses and now stars. He knew she loved the open night sky and had provided
her with a blanket of stars, even deep beneath the earth.
"I love the sound of your laughter." His hands moved over her body possessively, caressing every inch of
her. His mouth followed, feathering kisses and teasing nips and lapping at her with a hot, erotic tongue.
His lovemaking was slow and thorough, wickedly designed to bring her to climax over and over. He
made love to her as if they had all the time in the world. He took care to inspect every secret place that
might bring her more pleasure.
Destiny returned the favor, losing herself in the beauty of his masculine body. Her hands and mouth
wandered everywhere, telling him without words what he meant to her. When he entered her, she cried,
so that he leaned forward to find out what tears of joy tasted like.
For the first time she wasn't afraid of exchanging blood and initiated the ritual, driving him into a heated
frenzy of desire. They ended up exploding, imploding, flying so high and then free-falling until they could
only lie for a long time together, hearts beating wildly, struggling for breath, sated and happy.
Destiny pushed a shaky hand through her hair. "You can do that anytime, Nicolae. You're very good at
He propped himself up on one elbow. "I am most grateful you think so."
"Don't go fishing for compliments, because you aren't going to get any. How long was I in the ground? I
know time has passed. I don't sense the presence of any of the others close to us."
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"Gregori wanted to start back to our homeland as soon as possible. He felt it important to give the
Prince the news of vampires forming some sort of organization. He also thought the blood was an
important find. No one has ever analyzed vampire blood. We all knew it was toxic, but no one imagined
it created an environment to spawn a separate life-form. Of course, we still do not know for certain. The
vampire that took you as a child might have somehow been infected by something else. Or the infection
could have been a result of the poison injected into you. Gregori feels it is important to find out. In any
case, we know for a fact it is completely different from what was found in Alexandria's body. Gregori
contacted Aidan, who said there was no such damage. Gregori wants to find out the significance of the
She ducked her head. The thought of the tainted blood still repulsed her. "I'm glad it's over. I hope they
get rid of that blood; it sickens me to think of it inside me& inside you. I had no idea. I saw the lesions
and felt the pain of it, but I never once suspected something living." She shuddered, "They reminded me
of maggots."
"Most were microscopic." He didn't share with her the condition in which the healer had found her body,
and it was significant to him that she didn't look at his memories. It had taken the healer two risings to
ferret out every trace of the tenacious blood and reshape her organs and tissue. They had nearly lost her
on two occasions.
It had been Gregori's tenacity and Nicolae's sheer will that had saved Destiny's life. Gregori had worked [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]