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"I have to punish my cook and chauffeur for performing an unspeakable act in the kitchen this afternoon;
if you'd like to be an observer, you can come to my bedroom tonight."
What would I do? The exciting question flickered in erotic circles from Doris's mind to her belly, making
her tighten her abdominal muscles, squeeze her thighs together even more tightly. What weird act would
this cool woman perform upon the helpless flesh of her servants?
"I-I think I'd like to," she whispered, "but-but wouldn't they mind
my watching"
"Mind?" Mildred echoed, "George and Mabel? It doesn't matter whether they mind or not-I'm the
mistress of Romily Manor!"
"Of-of course," murmured Doris.
Mildred turned her head, stared through the window. "Where's Willis?"
Doris strained her eyes in the dusk. "He's at the far end of the grounds, standing beside a tree," she
peered through the gloom, the seems to be moving himself back and forward, I don't know what he's
"I can imagine," said Mildred, drily, getting to her feet and moving to the door. "Don't forget, Doris, be in
my bedroom about ten o'clock!"
"Y-yes, M-Mildred," said Doris, calling her employer by her first name for the first time. "I'll be there!"
And she felt a crazy feeling of erotic anticipation coursing through her body.
* * *
Willis was talking to a tree in the grounds. "I'm going to fuck my Doris-doll's wet cunt," he told the tree,
pointing his exposed cock at the trunk, "with this," he added. "My cock-my big cock. She wiped her
pussy on my napkin; I saw her, it was all wet, her pussy, an' she wiped it then gave me the napkin." He
smiled slyly, squeezed his thickening shaft. "I smelled it after, an' it smelled of cunt, Doris's cunt, so I
sucked it-an' tonight I'm gonna fuck it!" He slithered his hand up and down his jerking cock.
* * *
Doris glanced at her watch; it was five minutes to ten. A fresh tremor of excitement flickered through her
flesh. It's time to go to Mildred's room and watch the performance! Doris giggled; she felt high with
liqueur and anticipation. She passed her hand across her breasts, felt the nipples hard and stiff. I feel so
worked up that I may come-really orgasm-just by watching Mildred spanking their naked bodies!
Her thighs felt damp, so she dried them with a wadded tissue, then hurried to her bedroom door.
* * *
"Come in, my dear, come in," Mildred said when Doris tapped at her bedroom door.
For a moment, Doris stared in surprise at her employer. Mildred had changed her clothes; she was
wearing her short leather skirt, high leather boots which came above her knees and skimpy leather halter.
She became aware of Doris's gaze, and laughed. "You like my outfit?"
She spun around for Doris's benefit.
The leather skirt lifted as she spun, and Doris saw that her employer was nude beneath the leather.
Above the high boots, her bare legs gleamed and Doris was surprised at how well-shaped,
firmly-fleshed they were. Her naked buttocks were rounded and fleshy, and Doris detected faint lines
across the whiteness as though the mistress of Romily had, herself, been disciplined some time in the
recent past. Who disciplines the disciplinarian? she wondered.
"Well?" Mildred asked when Doris didn't answer the question.
"It looks well, exciting!" Doris said.
Mildred smiled with appreciation. Her eyes were over-bright and there were two red spots, high on her
cheeks, which gave the appearance of her having a fever.
"I'm glad you think that," said Mildred. "That's how I want to look- that's how I feel." She moved up to
Doris, wrapped her arm around her shoulders as she led her into the bedroom. "You look nice, Doris,
" she looked into her face, spoke intimately, "I have something to give you something that I don't wear
any more. I think it'll fit-and suit you-perfectly."
She rummaged in a drawer, then took out a flimsy piece of silk, held it up in front of Doris's face.
"It's a shortie-nightie for a baby-doll!" She laughed very softly, held it against Doris's body. "Put it on!"
Doris was startled. "Right now?"
Mildred nodded eagerly.
Shyly, Doris struggled out of her dress. Mildred drew in her breath when she saw that Doris was
completely nude beneath. "Your figure, Doris darling, is completely delicious!" Her eyes roved hungrily
over her employee's young flesh. "Turn around," she whispered.
Doris turned; Mildred focused her eyes on the rounded bottom.
"You've got the most delightful little bottom, Doris darling," Mildred laughed, breathlessly. "You make
me want to dream up an excuse to spank that tempting flesh." She moved up to the young girl, let her
hand drop on her buttocks, stroke gently then probe in the cleft. "You're adorable, Doris," she
whispered, touching the anal orifice with her fingertip, "so very, very sweet!"
Doris's face was hot; she picked up the baby-doll nightie with fingers that trembled. "I-I'd better put this
on," she murmured.
"Oh, yes," whispered Mildred.
The nightie was so short that its hem was above the base of Doris's pubic triangle, and when she turned,
the crevice of flesh that crossed in a delightful hollow below the rounded bottom was clearly visible.
"I'm so glad you're here!" Mildred said devoutly, pressing her hand between her own thighs and leaning
forward as though she was holding something inside her crotch, "so very glad!"
The tips of Doris's red nipples were visible through the transparent silk, and the rustle of the fabric made
her think of static electricity. Electricity! All inside me-I've had electrodes in my pussy and up my
bottom. No wonder I'm excited, worked up and passionate. I want to play with my clit, tickle my
pussy-I'm so goddamned excited I want to orgasm right now!
"You look very tense!" Mildred murmured. Doris nodded, then swallowed.
"You're ready to watch the discipline-is that what's exciting you?"
"Y-yes, partly-and-" Doris hesitated.
Mildred nodded in understanding. "This afternoon-the electrodes
haven't worn off-"
Doris was startled. "You-you know?"
Mildred nodded again. "I know about Basil's tests." She gave a short laugh. "Well have to see what we
can do-" She let her voice trail off.
"Shall I call in the-" she hesitated, then laughed and said:
Doris flushed, nodded. Mildred went to her bedroom door, opened it, said, "You can come in now-both
of you!"
Doris watched as Mabel and George ambled into the room. The chauffeur didn't look like the same
aggressive man who had raped her-double-raped her-in the bush that afternoon.
"Get the punishment stool, Mabel," Mildred snapped.
Mabel shivered with fear. "Oh, no, Ma'am-not that, please not that!"
Mildred picked up a short whip off her dresser top, shook it, menacingly. "Don't make me angry,
Mabel shivered again as she went to a closet, dragged out a bizarre piece of furniture. It was something
in between the kind of vaulting horse that was used in gymnasiums and an old-fashioned praying pew.
The top was covered with leather and it had four sturdy, sloping legs.
The cook dragged it into the center of the bedroom, then stood, shaking, beside it.
"Now undress, both of you completely!" Mildred snapped.
Doris's eyes flickered wildly from the disrobing figures to the weird contrivance on the floor. There were
leather straps, with cuffs attached, fastened to each leg. What in the world are they for? Doris
wondered. Her eyes skimmed back to the cook and the chauffeur.
Apart from startled glances when they had first entered the room, the two servants had ignored Doris's
presence in their mistress's bedroom. Now, Doris observed the rolls of fat and flesh that shook on
Mabel's body. Her breasts were too full, hanging down low when she removed her brassiere, and the
nipples were over-large with flattened tips as though they'd been pinched, bit or abused too many times.
The gross cheeks of her bottom spread open when she bent to remove her panties, and Doris stared at
the folds of flesh, the wide cleft with a growth of hair between and the back of her slitted vulva, its [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]