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fanatic faith in the Bible and the self-righteous sense of his manhood to fall back on if anyone should ever
demand that he justify himself for breaking the sacred vows of faithfulness in his marriage. He was
openly betraying her less than six feet away from where she sat-he was doing it on purpose even though
she had never meant to cheat on him at all! She had been frightened into submitting herself obediently to
the debasing sex sessions with Braun and the huge German Shepherd. She had allowed herself to be
shamed and humiliated for his sake! No, the beautiful girl resolved once and for all, it was just not fair at
Shit, it had been a long time since she had sucked his prick like that, George Blackwell thought to
himself as he stood watching the hard fleshy length of Newton's penis bulging in and out of his blonde
wife's wide-stretched lips. He mused sadistically on what pretty little Nadalee's face would look like
when she finally opened her great big green eyes and saw how much her religious upright husband was
enjoying Dolores' exceptional talent as a cock-sucker. An obscene thrill washed over him at the thought
and he suddenly made up his mind that he would not deprive himself of that pleasure a moment longer.
"Come on, my dear, take a good look at what Dolores is doing to your husband," George panted at
Nadalee as he eased his gigantic form down on the couch beside her. He chuckled licentiously when she
refused to answer and then began to wonder if she had even heard him. Well, there was one way to find
out, he shrugged, slipping his huge beefy hands around her from behind and cupping the swollen ripeness
of her young breasts. She gave no indication that she was even aware of his presence and he trapped
both of her pink sensitive nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, pinching and rolling
them until a hot, excruciating sensation brought a gasp of surprised pleasure from her, causing her to
raise her head instinctively from her hands and turn to gaze at him in astonishment. She attempted to
move away from his insulting hands but he held her firmly to the spot, the slight squirming motions of her
luscious young torso merely inciting the silver-haired millionaire of forty-five to greater boldness. The
muscles of her lush eighteen year-old body were as taut as bow strings as she felt her resistance begin to
weaken almost immediately to the desire-producing manipulations of his harsh hands on her rounded
ivory-white breasts.
"Please, Mr. Blackwell, I don't want this," the trembling redheaded girl implored.
"Why not, baby, why not?" George puffed as he felt several violent surges of blood fill his thick penis
painfully, making it throb even higher as he pressed forward into the dark warm split of her buttocks to
ease the pain of his hardness.
"Please, don't!" she vainly commanded.
"Listen, you delicious little bitch, I'll squeeze and fuck you all I want to," he snarled from behind her as he
gouged the fingertips of both hands cruelly into the quivering white flesh of her breasts. "Goddammit,
you might be begging for any cock you can get pretty soon-if that crazy look on your husband's face is
any indication at all of how much he loves the blow-job my wife's giving him at this very minute. Go on,
kid, have a good look for yourself-maybe you'll learn something."
Nadalee's burning curiosity got the best of her at last and she turned her eyes cautiously toward the far
end of the couch where the older woman and Newton were making salacious grunting sounds and
another noise of muffled wetness that was unfamiliar to the teen-aged wife. At first, she guessed that her
vision had gone thoroughly haywire, that she had lost her mental grip as a result of the intense pressure
she was undergoing, but gradually she was forced to admit that what was happening right before her
eyes was definitely real and no illusion.
"Oooooohhhh," the girl cried out in unbelieving shock as her brain fully absorbed the staggering sight of
her own husband's long hard prick buried deep in Dolores' mouth. Nadalee gaped in awe at the
full-bodied blonde's lips sliding lewdly up and down the inflamed shaft of flesh, finding herself amazed at
how much of Newton's thick length the older woman could take into her head. God, the surprised young
wife marveled, the head of it must be sinking halfway down Dolores' throat!
Nadalee was so engrossed in watching the lurid spectacle that she hardly noticed George's hands
locking roughly on the white softness of her naked buttocks, lifting her lower body up slowly so that she
was forced to assume a subservient kneeling position, her upper torso supported by her forearms. She
cringed a little as one of his hands left the curve of her flank to trail a slow teasing path down the smooth
unresisting flatness of her lower belly to play at the moistening "vee" of her pussy. A few seconds later it
curled up into the pink ragged-edged slit, his nail scraping softly at the tiny bud of her clitoris, sending it
throbbing into alertness. The pulsing hugeness of his cock was now insinuated deep in the sweat-soaked
crevice of her savory upthrust ass and, without thinking, she began to press back against it.
Her lust-driven employer began an insistent rocking movement to which her shapely adolescent body
responded against her will. Suddenly she lost interest in the scene at the other end of the couch just
enough to sense that her tight, sweet-smelling cunt was starting to ooze out the slippery juices of [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]