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was hitting Luc's sweet spot as I kept thrusting into him.
The chain reaction hit me next as my sac drew up and I
exploded inside Luc's hot little ass. I roared as stream after
Second Chance Bite by Joyee Flynn
stream of seed came out of my cock as I still fucked them
as if my life depended on it.
When we were all done and completely spent, we
all slid to the floor in one large pile. After a few moments,
Ryder was the first to speak. "That was great and all, but
I'm on the bottom of the pile here."
"Sorry," Luc and I said at the same time as we
moved off of Ryder. He rolled over, lying spread-eagle on
the floor of the shower. The biggest shit-eating grin was
spread out on Ryder's face.
"That was fucking awesome!" He exclaimed as he
rolled to his feet. "Can I be in the middle next time?"
"Is he always this insatiable?" Luc asked, laughing
as he got to his feet.
I answered, "Yes," at the same time Ryder said,
"No." We stared at each other for a moment, and then
Ryder blushed as I raised an eyebrow.
"Okay, yeah, Spencer's right," he said quietly as he
helped me to my feet. He wrapped his arms around my
neck and pulled me down for a kiss. "But you love that I'm
a total nympho."
"I never said otherwise, baby," I answered as I
pulled Luc towards us, not wanting him to be left out. We
all cleaned each other up just as the hot water seemed to
Second Chance Bite by Joyee Flynn
run out. I was forever grateful for the large water heater I'd
bought just then. We quickly got out and dried off before
heading to bed.
"I'll see you guys in the morning," Luc said as he
headed for the door.
"You're not staying with us?" Ryder asked, looking
like he'd been smacked across the face.
"I didn't know I was invited," Luc answered turning
back around.
"After what we just shared you're more than invited,
Luc," I said as Ryder nodded. I moved onto the bed and
held out my hand to Luc. "But if you're not comfortable
with sleeping with us, or not ready for it, we're not going to
push you."
"I'd love nothing more than to snuggle up with you
guys," he chuckled as he took my hand and crawled into
bed. I ended up in the middle with Luc on my right and
Ryder on my left. Both had their heads on one of my
shoulders and an arm wrapped around my waist. I, in turn,
put an arm around each of them.
"I could get used to being sandwiched like this," I
snickered as they both started playing with my sparse chest
hair. I know werewolves are supposed to be all hairy but
the reality of that wasn't true. Since I'd been changed I
Second Chance Bite by Joyee Flynn
hadn't noticed one extra hair anywhere on my body.
"What do you do for work, Luc?" Ryder asked,
looking at the man over my chest.
"I work on a horse ranch specializing in racing
horses," he answered as he started to stiffen up. Realizing
he was nervous, and probably about the future, I started
rubbing his back in a supportive way. "I grew up on the
farm my parents owned. We had horses and I just adored
them. When I went to college, I knew I wanted to become a
large animal vet. I ended up graduating in three years and
got accepted to a great vet school."
"What happened?" I asked after Luc got quiet.
Ryder reached over and took Luc's hand in his.
"My second year at vet school my parents were
killed in a car accident," he answered after a few more
moments. "I found out the bank was minutes away from
taking the farm after their funeral. I was old enough and so
everything went to me, including their debt. The bank gave
me an extension so I could sell the farm and give them their
money. I was already up to my eyeballs in debt myself
from college and vet school."
It seemed odd to me at first that Luc was so
forthcoming with everything. But then it hit me; he'd
probably had this all bottled up for years, and who better to
Second Chance Bite by Joyee Flynn
trust then the men who saved your life and invited you into
their home and bed.
"So you only have a year of vet school left?" I
asked, kissing the top of his head. I saw that Luc and Ryder
were both rubbing their thumbs over their clasped hands.
"Yeah, but they wouldn't let me back in until I paid
off all my current student loans," Luc sighed. "Between my
debt and inheriting my parents', it trashed my credit score.
They figured they'd never get paid if they let me in and I
got my degree."
"That's not fair," Ryder whined. "What a bunch of
understanding assholes."
"Pretty much," Luc chuckled. "After the farm was
sold I found work at the ranch. The owners were friends of
my parents and knew how good I was with horses."
"So why come to New York?" I asked.
"There's a racing horse my boss wants to use as a
stud for some of the mares," Luc explained. "The horse's
lineage is amazing and he's a big winner at the races. I'd
just closed the deal when Neil came up and started hitting
on me. That's the name of the guy who almost got me killed
with his lies."
"So your business here is done," Ryder said quietly.
I could see his lower lip sticking out in a pout.
Second Chance Bite by Joyee Flynn
"Yeah, my plane back leaves in the morning," Luc
answered, then started laughing. "Guess I'm not going to be
on it though."
"You're staying?" Ryder asked as he sat up.
"I thought you said I could stay?" Luc answered,
sitting up as well, with a confused look on his face. "Did I
misunderstand what you said?"
"No, you didn't," I replied as I scooted back and
leaned against the headboard. "I think Ryder's just
concerned because you have a life back in Texas."
"I have obligations," Luc snorted, "not a life. I love
working with the horses but I hate that bigoted ranch and
town. There's no way for me to come out without serious
repercussions. I couldn't afford to risk it, I needed that job
to pay off my debts."
"Are you done paying them off?" Ryder asked,
glancing at me before looking back to Luc.
"Yeah, a few months ago," Luc replied with a smile.
"I'd already started working to save money to go back to
"There are vet schools in New York, right?" Ryder
asked, again looking at me for a moment.
"I'm sure there are," Luca said as he brought his
knees to his chest. I don't think he did it on purpose but the
Second Chance Bite by Joyee Flynn
way he sat, legs crossed with his knees up, gave us a
perfect view of his groin. "I'd have to see what school
would take me and my credits. But I don't see why I can't
go to school up here."
"I'm sorry, what did you say?" Ryder replied as he
shook his head. "I got distracted."
"You horn dog," I laughed as Luc looked at him in
confusion. I reached over and stroked Luc's sac. He
moaned and leaned into my hand. "Ryder was too busy
staring at your cock to listen to what you were saying."
"Stare away," Luc said as he moved his legs so he
was on display. "I've never felt so free. Being here with you
guys, able to let go and just be me."
"We like just you," I said as I looked at Ryder, who
winked at me. In a flash we moved and tackled Luc. He
squirmed under us. We took complete advantage of his
surprise and both stuck our tongues into his mouth. The
kiss was hot. I started to not know whose tongue was where
as our mouths all fused together. We finally broke apart, all [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]