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But then he was pushing into her and she didn t care anymore. All that mattered was getting as
much of his length inside her as possible.
He held her up for a few long, agonizing seconds as just the tip was in her. But she wanted
more. Needed more. She wiggled in his grip and he finally gave in, letting her slide down his cock
until he was fully seated inside her.
They both gasped together as they got what they wanted. What they d been craving. His hands
reached around her until he found the zipper to her dress and slid it down until the top half sagged
against her shoulders, but she couldn t move to take it off until he released her arms. As soon as she
was free, she pushed the dress down her arms until it was bunched at her waist.
Rourke leaned in to kiss her now exposed shoulder, hooking her bra strap in his thumb and
kissing the trail left behind as he pushed it off her shoulder. As his lips teased her, his other hand
reached behind to unhook the bra in a quick, efficient motion.
And then she was topless in his arms. He stared reverently at her breasts and Cali couldn t hold
it back anymore. She rocked against him, slowly taking in the double sensation of his cock deep
within her as the friction rubbed against her clit.
The sensations shot up as he caught a nipple in his mouth. His hands gripped her hips and at first
he let her set the rhythm, slowly rocking back and forth, savoring the feel of his touch. But soon
enough, he gripped her tighter and showed her exactly how he wanted her to move.
Once they sped up, it didn t take long for another orgasm to rock her. She let her eyes close and
her head fall back. Rourke s fingers bit into her hips as he thrust deeper and harder within her.
He held her tightly as they both came down from the high. His hands stroked her back, helping
to warm her as reality started to slowly creep back in. Even though they were in front of the fire, the
temperature was still chilly, and she held Rourke a bit tighter, appreciating the warmth. Not wanting
to have to let him go and face what she d just done.
He shifted beneath her and she suddenly remembered the hard floor they were on.  I m so
sorry, she muttered as she started to climb off.
 I don t mind. He held her closer as he nuzzled at her neck and kissed the sensitive skin.
She let out a laugh as she tilted her head back to give him better access.  You re a cuddler?
Who would ve known?
 Little known fact about me. I m actually full of surprises.
 Oh really.
 Yep. Come back to my place, where there s actually a bed, and I ll show you even more.
She smiled against his head, enjoying the subtle scent of his masculine shampoo.  I d have to
stop at Mary s to pick up some overnight things. And I know she d talk.
 I don t think that s going to be a problem.
 I m going to kill you. Cali stared at her neatly packed bag sitting on his porch.
 Just listen...
 No. I tried listening, but all the words coming out of your mouth were too stupid for me to
comprehend. She couldn t believe this entire time he d been playing Mr. Charming on their date,
he d been scheming to move her out of Mary s and into his place.  You must ve been so fucking proud
of yourself, she muttered.
 It wasn t like that.
She turned around to face him, her arms crossed over her chest.  Well, make up your mind! Do
you want to fuck me, carry me out of your town, or force me to move in with you? Because right now
I m so dizzy from watching you flip-flop back and forth that I can t keep my head straight.
He winced at her barb, but she d been throwing him so many insults since he told her about his
crazy deception, they were pretty much rolling off his back at this point. Which obviously meant she
needed to think of better ones.
 Why don t we go inside and talk about this?
 Going to bring in your nice little sex blanket to calm me down?
 You don t have to sleep in the same room as me.
 Pshhh...who needs a room? Got a fireplace?
 This isn t a sex thing.
 No. This is you protecting me by somehow taking away my ability to, you know, make
decisions for myself. If I can t decide where is safest to sleep, why should I decide who to sleep
 It s not that I don t trust you.
She raised a brow at that statement.
 Someone tried to kill you!
She rolled her eyes.  That wasn t a big deal.
 The guy was parked in the woods for hours waiting for you.
 It could ve just been some random redneck having fun with a tourist. You know that. As
confident as Cali tried to sound, she couldn t help but think of the well-trained man who happened to
have it out for her.
 Until we can verify that, I m not going to let you out of my sight as long as I can help it.
Besides, this way I can make sure you don t cause me anymore trouble and people will firmly believe
I didn t dump you like the bastard you made me out to be.
 You kidnapped me like the bastard I made you out to be.
He pushed open the door.  Hey, you can leave any time you want. You just have to leave the
entire town when you go.
 Whatever, she muttered as she moved past him and into the house he d thrown her out of that
first day here. Well, she hadn t gotten far enough to be thrown out. Carried away from the house was
more like it.
The house was mostly dark except for a light on in the kitchen. Instead of waiting for him to
bring in her stuff, she walked straight to the back of the house.
 Are there any places in this town that don t have a water view? she asked bitterly.
 Plenty. I ve just shown you the pretty ones.
 Fine. She circled the house. This was an older style that had originally consisted of a lot of
closed-off rooms, but she was willing to bet Rourke had taken down a few walls. And, of course, it
was beautiful.
Rourke said he got his kicks restoring houses, but he had a knack for decorating too. Each room
was clean and modern looking, with one or two cottage touches. The main sitting area had two
couches and a chair, making a U-shape with the seating, and even though none of the pieces were in a
set, the entire room flowed together seamlessly.
 Do I need to take a couch or are there bedrooms upstairs?
 There are five bedrooms upstairs. You can take your pick.
Five bedrooms. Of course there were. Why would the house become any less charming now?
She thought about asking him which one was his, but that didn t seem like a safe topic of conversation
at the moment. Instead, she headed up the wooden staircase. There were no pictures of anything on the
walls, she noticed. Figured that a guy with no family wouldn t have any mementos.
Upstairs was a thin hallway with multiple doorways. She d have to just take her chances that
she wouldn t stumble into his room. She opened the first door on her right and let out a sigh of relief
when she didn t see any personal items to signal it was his bedroom. The bedroom was extremely
charming. The quilt on the bed was a baby blue with delicate purple flowers around the border. Blue
curtains tied in with the bed and complemented the light-colored hardwood floors and the cream-
colored walls.
There was a chance this was even more charming than her room at Mary s. Either way, she was
going to work her damndest to make sure that she wasn t staying here any longer than necessary.
 Does everything look all right? asked Rourke from behind her.
She stiffened as she turned to see him leaning against the doorjamb. Even if something did look
wrong, she wouldn t feel comfortable telling him. The blood crept to her face as she thought of just [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]