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 It s not just for that, he said.  I just love looking at you kneeling in front of me. Any man would.
 Well, you re the only one I want.
 Thank fuck for that.
She gave him another squeeze with her hand to silence him.
 Am I breaking your concentration? I ll shut up. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back.  Feel
A tiny smile curved her mouth. Rob seemed to have a hard time being quiet in the bedroom. It was
rather cute. She released his penis and explored him with her fingertips instead, circling one around
the purple-reddish crown of his cock, to the tiny dimple in the center that always leaked droplets of
pre-cum whenever she touched it. She traced the vein that ran along his shaft all the way down to his
ball sac, and she caressed that with her fingers. His skin here was so soft, velvety smooth, really. And
hot. Scorching hot to the touch.
It was fascinating. She remembered the taste of his come, but his skin smelled different. Muskier,
not acrid. She d bet it d taste wildly different, too.  What do you taste like?
 Fuck if I know. I ve never licked my own dick. His hand reached out and caressed her cheek
again, then he dragged his thumb across her lower lip.  How about you taste it and tell me?
She could do that. In fact, she planned on doing that, and more. She leaned forward and brushed her
lips against the head of his cock. Pre-cum slicked her lips and she ran her tongue over them, tasting
him. It was the same salty, slightly harsh taste as before, but this time she didn t mind it quite so much.
She licked him again, experimenting, and loved the ragged groan that erupted from him.
 Pop me into your mouth, sweetheart, he instructed.  Rub my dick with that tasty little tongue of
That sounded like a good idea, Marjorie decided. So she curled her fingers around the base of him
and guided his length toward her mouth. She let the crown push against her lips before she parted
them, adding a bit of friction. He seemed to like it, because he kept making low noises in his throat,
and that encouraged her to keep going. As she took him into her mouth, she remembered to keep her
tongue pressed against his length, and rubbed it back and forth as she did so.
 Christ, you re good at that, he told her, voice rough.
She was good at this? She wanted to do more.
Her hands caressed his sac, and she marveled at his soft skin.  Do you like it when I touch these?
 Oh, yeah, he said with a sigh.  I jerked off once to the thought of you licking me there.
He had? She had to admit, the thought was titillating. Making her tongue a tiny point, she licked the
soft skin there. He tasted more musky here, and the skin seemed softer, if that was possible. Rob
groaned again, and his hands went to her shoulders, then smoothed back to her arms again, as if he
didn t want to bother her.
That was . . . kind of adorable. So she licked and sucked and nibbled on the smooth skin there, and
even tried to get one into her mouth. That effort was rather clumsy, but he seemed to like it quite a bit.
 My gorgeous amazon, he murmured.  God, I love you.
She nuzzled him in response, then licked the base of his cock. Then, she licked her way back to the
front and began to tongue the crown again, collecting the pre-cum there with her tongue.
His hands curled in her wet hair.  Mind if I guide your head a little?
She gave a tiny nod, and he began to rock his hips. His penis moved back and forth over her tongue,
and she tried to take him deeper into her mouth, to see how far she could suck on him. Immediately,
though, her gag reflex kicked in and she pulled back, coughing.
 Even that s sexy, he told her, crouching down to kiss her mouth.  Third base is over, though. I
want to play with you, now. With that, he pushed her backward onto the air mattress and tucked their
bodies together. They lay side by side for a moment, and his hand slid between her legs.  Did taking
me in your mouth make you wet?
She pressed her thighs together, considering, and then nodded. Just touching him made her wet, and
his kisses drove her wild.
 I m going to have to check, of course, he said, pushing his hand between her thighs to cup her
mound. A moment later, he groaned.  Fuck, you are dripping for me, aren t you?
 I am, she breathed, feeling shy. He was so blatant in the bedroom; it was still something she was
getting used to. She liked it, but she still felt a little tense when he said naughty things to her. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]