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Global Warming was the lack of professional
consultation upon the part of leaders of the Earth
Summit. Dixie Lee Ray had this to say about the concern
of leading world scientists:
In contrast to the predictions of impending ecological
doom from Strong, Bruntland, and other UN leaders of
the Earth Summit, more than 250 of the world's leading
scientists, including 27 Nobel laureates, released a
statement on June 1, 1992, called the Heidelberg Appeal.
It was directed to the heads of state that were attending
the Rio Conference and appealed for the use of common
sense and reliable science in making recommendations
for action on environmental problems. As background,
the scientists pointed out that it is neither reasonable nor
prudent for major political decisions to be based on
presumptions about issues in science, which, in the
current state of knowledge, are still only hypotheses.
They pointed out that in the more than two years of
preparation for the Earth Summit, there was no
significant involvement of scientists who specialize in the
specific problem areas under consideration, nor were the
competent scientists even informed.7
Dixie Lee Ray went on to add this comment:
Unfortunately, this appeal was neither acknowledged
nor considered at the Earth Summit. All of the actions
taken there were without the benefit of competent
The Secret Side of History
scientific input. By every measure the conference
represented a signal victory for the foes of scientific
progress, knowledge, and economic development.8
The truth is that this UN grab for global dictatorship
is based upon a myth. In 100 years of measuring the net
change in temperature over the earth no more than one
half of one degree Centigrade has been recorded. Added
to the proof of those measurements is the data from Tiros
II, a temperature-measuring satellite that has orbited the
earth since 1978. This data shows no significant
temperature trend, either up or down. Outside of
instrument-measured variations, records go back as far
as 1,700 years to show that climate varies naturally
outside of any man made cause.
For those who desire more information about this and
many other vital environmental issues, we recommend
Dixy Lee Ray's book Environmental Overkill: Whatever
Happened To Common Sense? published by Regnery
Gateway, Washington, D. C.
Another example of a theory based upon propaganda
and half-truths is ozone depletion. Based upon this
theory, laws have already been passed by the U. S.
Congress that will, by 1995, ban the manufacture of
chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). This action came about as
a result of another UN treaty referred to as the "Montreal
Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer."
Under the provisions of this treaty, Americans can be
fined $25,000 per day and imprisoned for five years.
U. N. Modern Tower of Babel
Non-toxic CFC (freon) is used in every refrigeration
unit in America. It is also used in firefighting. Unless a
substitute is developed, its ban will mean that eventually
every refrigeration unit in America, and the world, will
have to be replaced. As portrayed by Dixy Lee Ray, the
cost in money and human suffering will be astronomical:
If one adds up all the estimated costs from the
different affected industries, it may be as high as $5
trillion worldwide by the year 2005. Because of the
severe effect on transportation and storage of food due
to the loss or greatly increased cost of refrigeration,
estimates indicate that between 20 to 40 million people
will die yearly from hunger, starvation, and food-borne
While ozone does vary, there is no scientific evidence
to prove that it is being permanently depleted because of
CFCs, nor is there any scientific evidence, based upon
the necessary long term measurements, to prove there is
a problem of ozone depletion at all. As to CFCs being
involved in ozone depletion Dixy Lee Ray had this to
How does CFC rise when its molecules are four to
eight times heavier than air? All experience with freon
and related CFCs shows that they are non-volatile and so
heavy that you can pour CFCs from a container and if
some of them spill, they will collect at the lowest point
on the ground where soil bacteria will decompose
The Secret Side of History
Honest studies show that the highest percentage of
chloride in the atmosphere is caused by nature and is
outside of the control of man. According to Dixy Lee
When Mount Tambora in Indonesia erupted in 1813,
it ejected 211 million tons of chloride. At the highest rate
of worldwide CFC production, it would have taken 282
years to produce as much chloride-yielding CFCs as this
one eruption.
Although measurments of chloride are not available
for many modern volcanic eruptions, we know that
Mount Erebus in Anarctica has been producing 1,000
tons of chloride daily since 1972. Mount Erebus is [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]