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not warn it-, but since he was marrying last year, limited to preparing something for me of dinner and
to taking it opposite to the TV set, seeing ancient movies.
Lou did not say anything. Although he had heard the people speaking about the relation of Coltrain
with Jane throughout the year, he had never thought that they were intimate up to this point. That
thought depressed her.
Coltrain, nevertheless, was not thinking about the past Christmastime, but about those of the same
- Good, and of that time: where are we going to celebrate twenty-five, in your house, or in lamía? - he
asked him, as if it was giving for fact that had to be like that.
That one cheered Lou up a little.
- we might celebrate it in mine - he proposed.
- in agreement - said he-. And I you promise to help to prepare the dinner.
Lou smiled.
- It will be agreeable to have someone in spite of whom sharing it - it murmured. His Christmastime
had never been too happy.
- I will make sure that should touch us the custody in Christmas night. This way we will have free
twenty-five - he promised him.
Coltrain felt a very agreeable sensation that had never experimented, a sensation of mutual
understanding with Lou who had not felt not even with Jane. It supported the cheek in the head of the
young woman, and a sigh of contentment allowed to escape. It was like to come to house. All his life
had been looking for something that he had not managed to find, and for the first time it had the
sensation of being closer to it that never.
Lou's arms became closer concerning his waist, it approached a little more him and his legs rubbed
theirs. Cotrain raised the foot to the top crossbar so that Lou could become more comfortable, but the
movement and the rubbing of his bodies excited and inspired it with brusqueness.
- He excuses - she murmured.
It did gesture of separating, but Coltrain retained it, supporting it for the hips.
- It is not your fault - he said to him-. It is something that I cannot avoid - he confessed him. It was
fascinating that reaction so immediate that his body had when it was next to her-. Also, it was
happening for a long drought.
Lou, unbeliever, lifted the face towards him.
- A long drought? - it repeated with a malicious smile-. With Nickie fluttering around you almost
naked to obtain your attention?
Coltrain did not laugh as he was waiting, but it looked at her very seriously and planned with the
index the bridge of his turned-up naricilla.
- It is these types of which they have adventures - he said to him-. And I am the flesh-colored tact as
for my private life: do you know? - he added-. A time ago I met a widow in certain city. We made ours
friends, and during a time we gave one to other a little that we needed the two, but that we did not want
that it was penetrating the borders of the intimacy. Two years ago he married again, and since then I
have concentrated on my work and my mess.
There has been nobody any more.
Lou looked at it curious.
- And you were feeling comfortable doing it ... good, without being in love?
- He was feeling affection for her - told to him Coltrain-, and she was feeling it for me. We were not
necessary to be in love.
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, nevertheless, that explanation her did not convince Lou, and discomfort was removed. He
understood to the moment.
- For you the love if it is something essential: is not it true, Lou?-inquirió quedamente-.
Neither for you nor the most sweeping of the desires it would be enough without love - he added
caressing the outline of his lips-. But you and I are an explosive combination ..., and you yes are won
the love of me.
She supported the front in the hollow of his shoulder.
- yes - it admitted-, I love you, but not up to the point of being ready to be your lover.
- I know it.
- Then ours does not have any future.
Coltrain allowed to escape a laugh that nothing had of happy.
- Do you believe that? I finish of asking you to commit yourself with me.
- Coltrain, do not make fun of me - it requested him-, or there is just what...
He silenced her putting a finger on his lips.
- Allow me to finish - he said to him solemnly-. We might commit oneself and to marry in The New
Lou looked at it of milestone in milestone, with the eyes as paltos.
- You are asking me that ... let's marry? - it stammered amazed.
Coltrain took it of the chin and investigated his worried chestnut-colored eyes.
- The idea of making love troubles you not even the half that the idea of the marriage: is not it like
that? - adivinó-. Because the marriage implies a commitment, and you do not want to feel caught.
Lou contracted the face.
- The marriage of my parents was horrible - it mumbled-, and I would not like to finish as my mother. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]