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EBOOK Hume: A Very Short Introduction
Oxford University Press
Hume is one of the greatest of all British philosophers, and even in his own lifetime was celebrated as one
of the pivotal figures of the Enlightenment. A central theme of his philosophy is the conviction that
questions traditionally thought of as completely independent of the scientific realmDSquestions about the
mind, about morality, and about God, for exampleDSare actually best explained using the experimental
methods characteristic of the natural sciences. Hume's 'naturalist'approach to a wide variety of
philosophical topics resulted in highly original theories about perception, self-identity, causation, morality,
politics, and religion, all of which are discussed in this stimulating introduction by A J Ayer, himself one of
the twentieth century's most importantphilosophers. Ayer also gives an account of Hume's fascinating life
and character, and includes generous quotations from Hume's lucid and often witty writings.
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