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 So give, what s happening between you and Ruthie? Simeon repeated, obviously reading his mind.
Rylan shrugged, knowing he wouldn t be able to bullshit his twin this time, not with Simeon staring so
hard at him and obviously willing to scan his thoughts if need be. He decided to at least try and give in
 She agreed to look into it and call me in a few hours, he said, hoping he didn t sound like some
lovesick teenager or not more than usual anyway.  We re going to follow Gav s trail and see where it
leads us. Ruthie thinks he ll have logged his coordinates, so you can stop stressing, bro. Hopefully we ll
be tailing him and reaming him for forgetting about checking in with you in a day or two, tops.
 You really are smitten with her, aren t you? Simeon said, a grin across his face.
Rylan debated a moment whether to ignore his twin or maybe just get a solid punch on his face. Instead,
he decided to be truthful. It felt odd to be keeping his growing desire for Ruthie a secret from his twin.
Rylan shrugged and tried to word how he felt carefully.
 Likely I ll be entering heat soon, what with you already knee-deep in it yourself. I figured I might as
well get myself prepared early, and flirting with Ruthie makes me feel better. You know I ve had
a& thing& for her for a while. And she was there at the ball looking like sex on a stick in one of those
shoulder-tie slinky dresses and all&  Rylan let his words peter out as he floundered. Simeon s eyes had
widened so the whites showed clearly at his mentioning Ruthie being at the Vampiric Desperate and
Dateless ball. He d forgotten he hadn t mentioned that tidbit to his twin.
Rylan flushed slightly and cleared his throat, but Simeon beat him to it.
 Ruthie was there looking hot and you didn t mention it to me? What? Did she knock you back again?
So what s new with that?
 Uh&  Seriously wishing he had kept his mouth shut, Rylan struggled to come up with something
plausible. Finally he relented and just told Si the truth.  She didn t exactly knock me back. We kissed,
devastatingly so, but she conked out before we& uh& did much.
 Ruthie passed out? You didn t dope her up or something, right? She d have hunted you down and
killed you if you did that.
Rylan felt his temper rise in indignation.
 I did no such thing! She had consumed a number of blue vodka shots and I think they simply caught up
with her. You know she s not a big drinker. We spent a completely platonic night together in the hotel
room. Rylan snapped his mouth shut before he could dig the hole he felt he was in any deeper.
To his consternation, Si neither howled with laughter, as Rylan felt he would have had the tables been
turned, nor did his twin offer a plethora of advice Rylan felt no need nor any patience for.
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Instead, his twin stared hard at him, as if he were a stranger whom he had never met. Rylan felt the
familiar, faint probing of his twin scouring his mind and seemingly his soul.
Rylan kept himself wary but open, tried to act nonchalant and as if he had nothing to hide. He didn t
realize exactly what itwas he wanted to hide, but somehow Si seemed so much older and wiser now than
he had before completing himself with Clare.
Rylan felt an utterly alien shaft of jealousy sear through him at the thought of how complete, satisfied and
fulfilled his twin felt with his woman. Feeling guilty and obnoxious, Rylan closed off the strange and petty
emotions before they had even fully taken a hold of him.
Rylan felt Simeon withdraw his intimate mental touch and instead of shouts of triumph or gloating or even
boasting, his twin merely laughed softly and sat back deeper into the couch.
A slightly uneasy silence stretched out before them. Rylan didn t want to ask what his twin had seen, and
hoped to heaven he hadn t seen the strange jealousy he had never before experienced. He hadn t
realized he held his breath until it came whooshing out at his twin s easy, comfortable words.
 Well, bro, you know how to reach me, he said as if he hadn t a care in the world. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]