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ones are of two kinds. One type hinders only definite people, the other generally interrupts the
currents of psychic energy.
The first kind is comprehensible, because each disharmony violates the freedom of
striving of energy, but the second type represents a cosmic manifestation, as it were. There is
nothing good in the intersection of currents; one has to possess a considerable negative force in
order to intercept even the strongest reacting influences. Such people are called cosmic vampires.
Moreover, they do not betray themselves by their external appearance, and they even appear as
insignificant creatures.
You should not force your energy if you sense the presence of such a creature.
435. It is unfortunate that in many languages different expressions are employed for the same
concept, obscuring the meaning. For example, the word  lying may be screened by the use of
dissimulation , insincerity , treachery , prejudice , fictitiousness and many other expressions, in
the root of which lies the very same concept of falsehood. Different degrees may be
distinguished, but the basis will be unchanged. The same thing may be said about many concepts
which have been violently dismembered in popular representation. Such dismemberment is far
from useful, when it is necessary to know how to think about unity.
There are so many names for the very same thing!
436. The mutual exchange of energies is a natural manifestation, but the draining of another's
energy without the transmission of one's own is inadmissible. Such a manifestation is just as
frequent as are infectious diseases. But to a certain extent it is possible to counteract such violent
selfishness. If from childhood people will impress upon themselves the importance of exchange
and cooperation, then they will also deal rationally with energy.
Many aspects of vampirism are nothing but ignorant dissoluteness.
437. Much that is inexpressible by words may be supplemented by symbols. Thus, in every
symbol there will be the element of the inexpressible. It is possible to perceive the significance of
secrecy, but words will be inadequate.
One should refer very attentively to symbols. As secret hieroglyphs they preserve the
essence of the great Universe. Ordinarily, people do not know how to pay attention to symbols.
People do not like indications, for they consider that they suppress their free will. However, then
people are left to themselves, they feel unfortunate and forsaken.
Symbols are as banners to which warriors can rally to learn their orders. Loss of the
Banner has been considered the defeat of the army. Likewise, a disregard for symbols can deprive
us of a concept inexpressible in words. Furthermore, a symbol is a reminder of the entire
Teaching. The secrecy of the symbol is, as it were, a tension of energy.
438. Desperation is bad, but there is another measure of extreme intensity which is necessary for
attainment. Externally it can almost be identified with the limit of despair, but in essence they will
be opposites. Despair is destructive, but the extreme limit of tension is constructive.
439. Ugly thought cannot generate a beautiful action. When I speak about beauty, I have in mind
first of all beauty of thought. Thought has form, which means that beauty of thought must be
understood in all respects. For the sake of the Cosmos, man must not think hideously.
You know that in the Subtle world accumulations of ugliness take place. The battle in the
Subtle World manifests both achievement and loathsome actions. Frightful are the conditions in
the Subtle World when space is being poisoned with black projectiles. If earthly explosions shake
the firmament, then how much more destructive are the actions of subtle energies! People think
little about this relationship of the earthly to the Subtle World; to speak in earthly language the
consequences of the subtlest energies exceed the earthly reactions many thousand times. They are
indeed reflected in earthly sensations, but many explain them only as bad weather. At best they
are attributed to sunspots or to an eclipse, but further than this humanity does not venture to
440. Knowledge is above everything. Each one who contributes a particle of knowledge is a
benefactor of mankind. Each one who collects the sparks of knowledge will be a bearer of Light.
Let us learn to guard each step of scientific cognition. Disdain for science is a plunge into [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]