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 Your cock is as hard as a rock, you can t hide it. Come over here and I ll put you
out of your misery.
His face hardened.  I admit I ve dreamed of having you.
 Well, here s your chance.
Her pussy pulsed under his steady gaze. Surprisingly she was having fun with
his discomfort.
 You re taking a chance talking to me like that. What if I was a& 
 Sex-crazed maniac who kidnaps naked women? I think we ve established what
you are. I just want to know if you re stupid too. I can get you a job in the film industry.
You d be a household name in months.
He strode over to her till his bulging cock was dead in front of her face. Her
nipples hardened as she recalled what that organ had done to her body the other night.
She looked up at him as coyly as she could and licked her bottom lip.  It will be
better if my hands are free.
 Don t you realize the danger you are in?
She ogled his crotch.  I think I can handle it. No offence, but I have had bigger.
You are impressive, though, I ll give you that.
 Have you no idea why I ve brought you here?
 To have your wicked way with me?
He opened his mouth but no words came out.
Mikala Ash Rain Catcher: Rauni s Mistress - 44 -
 A bit of danger makes sex better, didn t you know? You ve got my pussy so wet
and my nipples are so hard. Talking dirty like this was turning her on, no doubt about
it. Funny, when she was saying her lines at work, she never felt aroused, never.
His expression was of total bewilderment. He stepped back.  You have no idea
where you are or who I am?
It was her turn to be uncertain for a moment.  Should I?
 Didn t you get my letters, my emails?
Uh-oh. This changed things. Maybe he was a demented fan after all. But the
Tobin she knew, or thought she knew, wouldn t be a sexually frustrated nut case.
 I don t know what you think is going on, Tobin said,  but I ll tell you the
 Please do, she said, her rising doubt and fear putting an edge in her voice.
His expression turned serious.  There s no easy way of doing this.
 I ll just come right out and say it.
 Well? Tell me, for Christ s sake!
 Your father s dead.
A cold blade sliced through her chest.  Oh, my God!
 I sent you messages but you didn t reply.
 Dad? Her eyes misted over and a strange numbness settled in her chest.  Dad
is dead? He was all right when she d called him that morning. He d only had a
checkup yesterday. That could mean only one thing. She glared at Tobin.  How the hell
do you know that?
 I was with him.
She came to the obvious conclusion.  You bastard! You killed him?
 Don t be ridiculous, he snapped.  Sorry. Your father was my best friend. I
couldn t hurt him in any way.
 I need to call home.
 I can t let you do that, not just yet.
Mikala Ash Rain Catcher: Rauni s Mistress - 45 -
 Because you kidnapped me, you re afraid that I ll call the cops.
 No, you ll call home. But Tomlinson will have tapped your phone by now.
 Listen, Captain Nemo, I don t give a fuck who this Tomlinson guy is. I want to
call home.
His expression suggested he was weighing up if he could trust her or not.  My
dad is at home watching the vids, she said more confidently than she felt.
Momentary confusion swept across his face.
 Listen, she said slowly, calming herself as much as she could.  There s
obviously been a mistake. You ve mixed me up with someone else. I can clear it up by
calling home and letting you speak to my dad.
He gave a frustrated sigh and pulled out a small com-unit.  The number?
She gave him her home phone number.
He made the connection, waiting for it to be answered, his eyes not leaving hers.
She heard a man s voice; it was Dad s. She gave a sigh of relief. He put the unit next to
her cheek.
 Dad? She turned on the captain, her face contorted in a scowl of hatred.  It s
nothing, Dad. No, I m sorry to disturb you. No, I ll be home soon. I promise.
She handed the phone back to him.  All right, you bastard. That was a hell of a
bad joke!
Confusion washed over his face.  You are Roxy Talia, star of Lust in Space, aren t
 Who the hell are you?
 Your father s Captain.
 What the fuck are you talking about?
 Your father, Archie Church.
 You don t know your own father? His voice was incredulous.
 My father is home watching the holo-vid.
 Oh, fuck.
Mikala Ash Rain Catcher: Rauni s Mistress - 46 -
 Oh, fuck, is right. So untie me and take me home!
He took a deep breath, his expression sad.  Your father was Archie Church. He
owned the Rauni. He was my friend.
 Listen, I don t know who your friend is, but he s not my father.
 Your mother s name was Evangeline?
Uh-oh. How did he know that?  So?
 She was Archie s wife. You are his daughter.
 I don t know what you re taking, but you re seriously unhinged. My mother
was married to my dad. The fact that her parents hadn t officially been married was
beside the point.
 She died last year.
 I m sorry. I didn t know. Archie didn t know.
 So, now that we got that cleared up you can let me go.
 Twenty-eight years ago your mother was married to Archie.
 Archie doted on you. He had pictures. Your mother left him when you were
little. Didn t she tell you?
This is stupid. This is what I get trying to find myself. I find a madman instead. Where
the hell is Gerry?
 That explains it, Tobin continued, more to himself than her.
 Explains what?
 You were never told.
 Your mother never told you. She wrote to him and told him you didn t want
anything to do with him. For twenty years he believed you despised him.
 This guy you re talking about is not my father.
 Archie didn t know you were a porn star. I had to confiscate all your vids the
guys brought on board in case he accidentally saw what his daughter did for a living.
Mikala Ash Rain Catcher: Rauni s Mistress - 47 -
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