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His cock pounded me like a jackhammer. Each time I begged him to speed up and pound
harder, he did. Never had I been made love to like this. Nothing prepared me for the passion
or the joy of not only finally being made love to by someone I truly loved but by someone
who truly knew how to make love. It seems that Josh had either a great deal more experience
than I did, which wasn t hard to imagine considering how little I had, or he was a much
more talented fucker than I ever thought someone could be. I came eventually to realize it
was both but, right then, all I could do was respond to what was happening to me, I was so
overwhelmed by it all.
What amazed me the most was that never in my life had I ever come from just being
fucked. Even though I had read about it in books and in stories on the Internet, I never
realized that it was actually possible. I thought it was some myth of  gay-lore but, to my
shock and surprise, I was soon right at the edge of coming and, except for the way he was
driving his cock hard and fast and deep inside of me, neither Josh nor I had even touched my
cock. Indeed, my arms were wrapped around his neck and his were on the bed supporting
him above me the whole time.
 Josh! I screamed out.
It was the only thing I was capable of articulating at that moment.
 Yes! That s it, babe. Get off. Come for me, Josh growled, grinding as hard and deeply
inside me as he could.
And with that, I went over the edge and rushed headlong into my climax, covering us
both with my long white ropes of cum while, at the same time, I could hear Josh screaming
out my name and I could feel his cock pulsing within me, filling me with his hot load. I don t
know how many times he shot, but there wasn t room inside me for all that cum and his
huge cock so, by the time he stopped, cum was squishing out of my ass with each pulse of his
Like a wave cresting and dying, Josh and I collapsed together, him on top of me, as we
desperately tried to gather our breath. Never in my life had making love been like this.
Never had I been so thoroughly drained by it. It was like Josh had taken me apart and put me
back together but in a wholly different and particular way. A way that made me his and his
alone -- forever.
 My God! Is it like that every time? I asked.
I heard his deep chuckle next to my ear.
 I don t know, babe. It s never been like that before for me, he murmured, barely able
to speak yet.
 Never. Because it was never you.
Second Time Around 47
We lay there, gathering our strength, never uncoupling. Josh fucked me three more
times that afternoon and each time was more explosive than the last. And each time he
brought me off just by fucking me. I knew I would be very sore the next day but I didn t
care. I was like a crack addict. I couldn t get enough. Eventually, from just sheer exhaustion,
I physically couldn t become aroused again.
In between, we talked. Josh told me about the Marines and becoming a cop in Seattle,
quickly rising to the rank of detective.
 So why come back here to be just a uniform cop again? I asked, when he told me of
the struggle to make his gold shield and take off the uniform.
 Things changed in my life. My dad died and mom was all alone here. Plus, I became
very disenchanted with big city life. This is home to me, always has been, always will be.
 Yeah. I guess for me, too. I loved the freedom I had in San Francisco but I missed the
slower pace of life here. I just thought that coming back here meant giving up on ever
finding love.
 I didn t think that at all. I just somehow knew that someday you d come back. I even
thought of going down to San Francisco to find you. Imagine how surprised I was to find out
from Mom that you d already moved back.
 Imagine my shock when you walked into the store. I laughed.
 Yeah. I could tell, he said ruefully.  Oh, and I m not just a beat cop. I didn t tell you
what finally convinced me to come home.
 The Chief is going to retire next year. He told me if I would come back and work
under him for his last year, he d recommend me to the Town Council to take his place as
Chief of Police when he retires. So you re sleeping with the next  top cop of Star Harbor.
 Uhh& what about us? I asked, quietly.
 What about us? he asked, confused.
 How do you think the Town Council is going to feel about their Chief of Police being
involved with one of the town s antique dealers?
 They ll probably be as unconcerned about that as they were about hiring a new police
officer who was gay.
 You mean, they know? I asked in shock.
 It was one of the conditions that I made when I came here. I gave up hiding what I am
when I got out of the Corps. I was hired on the Seattle force with their full knowledge. In
fact, they were quietly recruiting gay officers because they had passed a gay rights ordinance
that ended discrimination in all city hiring. I wasn t about to go back in the closet for
 You realize that everyone in town is going to know.
48 Bobby Michaels
 I m figuring that most of them already do. I ve been getting some looks from some of
the women in town that basically translate to  what a shame! 
 Including some of your old girlfriends? I poked him in the side with my finger.
 Yeah! he yelped.  But you don t have to worry about them.
 Well, there s one woman I do worry about.
 Who s that?
 Your mother. What happens when she finds out?
 Mom already knows. I told her several years ago. Dad knew, too.
I had to admit, that really shocked me. I never did come out to my own parents. I just
figured they always knew, but we never discussed it.
 Does she& well& does she know about me? I asked, hesitantly.
 She knows that I m in love with you. She doesn t know anything about yesterday, [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]