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against him, sliding over his skin as Sampson slowly moved.
Alain reached down, hand wrapping around Sampson s cock.  How & What would you
like? How can I please you?
 Whatever you want. Sampson kissed him softly, eyes shining down at him.
 Make love to me? He reached up, stroking the wild, bright hair.
 Oh. Yes. Um, yes, please. Sampson nodded and smiled, looking pleased and eager.
The oil was close and he slicked his fingers easily, wrapping them around Sampson s
cock and spreading the smooth oil, groaning at the heat.
Sampson groaned, eyes rolling, hips pushing into his hand.  Alain! Oh.
 So hot, Sampson. So hard. His thumb rubbed across the tip of Sampson s cock,
pressing against the slit.
A squeaking gasp was his reply and shaking fingers dipped into the oil and then pressed
against him. He spread, taking the touch easily, moaning with the sensation.
Two of Sampson s fingers pushed right into him, long and warm, finding his gland and
stroking across it.  So, ah, hot.
 Your hands &  His body reacted immediately, eager for more sensation, more feeling.
 They re big. Sampson chuckled, and gave him a quick, hard kiss.  You feel so good,
everywhere, Alain.
 Love your touch. He gasped, pumping Sampson s cock in time with the movements of
those long fingers inside him.
 Love touching you. Sampson kept playing his gland, fingers scissoring and stretching
and making him need again.
 Good! He arched, heels digging into the mattress.
 Oh, I can t, um. Need to be inside you now. Sampson s fingers slid away as if they
were loath to go, the long body settling between his legs.
He drew his knees up, spreading wide, exposing himself completely.
 Oh, Alain & so um, pretty and sensual.
Sampson s prick was so hot and slick as it pushed into him. Last night had been
overwhelming and wild, but this morning, the sensations were clear, fierce, intense and right
deep inside him.
Sampson stopped once he was all the way in, seated deep, deep inside.  Oh. So hot.
Tight. Good. Um. Alain.
He wrapped his legs around Sampson s waist, nodding, encouraging. Sampson started
moving, motions quick and needy as the long cock pulled almost all the way out before sliding
back in again and again.
 So deep &  One hand fell to his belly, pressing down, trying to feel Sampson moving
inside him.
 Feels & um, good.
Sampson kept moving, hands braced on either side of his head, the long, deep strokes
sliding past his gland and beyond. He nodded, leaning up to nuzzle Sampson s throat, shoulder,
hips meeting each thrust.
Sampson moaned at his touches, driving the thrusts harder, faster. Oh, it felt good. Fine.
Hot. Necessary.
 Touch yourself, whispered Sampson.
He whimpered, hand sliding down immediately to stroke and pump and rub, his body
clenching around Sampson s prick.
 Oh! Yes. Sampson s breath was coming faster and faster, matching the thrusts of those
thin hips.
He could hear his breath whistling out of him, thin and quick, wanting so bad.
 Soon, Alain.
 Yes. Yes, Sampson. He arched, eyes closing as he flew.
Sampson cried out, jerking hard into him, filling him with heat. His own orgasm
followed, a flush of warmth spreading throughout him.
Sampson lay on top of him again, still inside him, weight held off him with one hand.
The other was busy touching him again, sliding gently along his side. He rested his cheek in the
curve of Sampson s shoulder, purring softly.
 Oh, Alain. I, um & Um & Alain, I think I love you. The words were soft, but sure
despite the pauses, whispered into his ear.
 So soon? He closed his eyes, snuggling in.
 I ve just never, um, felt anything so right. What else would it, ah, be?
Alain smiled and shrugged  he wasn t sure. Could be love, could be lust. Could be raw
need.  I don t know what else it could be. We ll just go with love and see if that works for us.
 I m sorry, Sampson murmured, pulling out of him and shifting.  I didn t mean to make
you, ah, uncomfortable.
 Sampson? He reached out, loathe to lose the contact.  Please. I ve been alone so long
and you re the only one besides Harry who ever made me feel so much. I just & I want to be
Sampson s arms came back around him.  You don t have to um, say it back. I just & I
don t want you to um, be uncomfortable if I say it. Or, um, think it. I just & Um. This feels like
perfection to ah, me.
 Oh, good. He leaned up for a kiss.  Because nothing s felt so right in forever.
 Yeah? Um. Good. I m, ah, glad. Sampson kissed him softly, tongue teasing its way into
his mouth. He met the kiss, moaning happily, arms wrapping around Sampson s neck.
Sampson pressed against him, hands sliding over him again as the kiss went on and on,
leaving them both rather breathless. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]