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Hypnotizer, who, in nine cases out of ten, does not know how, and therefore cannot will. The
students of Esoteric Science must be aware by the very laws of the occult correspondences that
the former action is performed on the first plane of matter (the lowest), while the latter, which
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necessitates a well-concentrated will, has to be enacted, if the operator is a profane novice, on the
fourth, and if he is anything of an occultist on the fifth plane.
Q. Why should a bit of crystal or a bright button, throw one person into the hypnotic state and
affect in no way another person? An answer to this would, we think, solve more than one
ANS. Science has offered several varied hypotheses upon the subject, but has not, so far,
accepted any one of these as definite. This is because all such speculations revolve in the vicious
circle of materio-physical phenomena with their blind forces and mechanical theories. The "auric
fluid" is not recognized by the men of Science, and therefore, they reject it. But have they not
believed for years in the efficacy of metallo-therapeuty, the influence of these metals being due
to the action of their electric fluids or currents on the nervous system? And this, simply because
an analogy was found to exist between the activity of this system and electricity. The theory
failed, because it clashed with the most careful observation and experiments. First of all, it was
contradicted by a fundamental fact exhibited in the said metallo-therapeuty, whose characteristic
peculiarity showed (a) that by no means every metal acted on every nervous disease, one patient
being sensitive to some one metal, while all others produced no effect upon him; and (b) that the
patients affected by certain metals were few and exceptional. This showed that "electric fluids"
operating on and curing diseases existed only in the imagination of the theorists. Had they had
any actual existence, then all metals would affect in a greater or lesser degree, all patients, and
every metal, taken separately, would affect every case of nervous disease, the conditions for
generating such fluids being, in the given cases, precisely the same. Thus Dr. Charcot having
vindicated Dr. Burke, the once discredited discoverer of metallo-therapeuty, Shiff and others
discredited all those who believed in electric fluids, and these seem now to be given up in favor
of "molecular motion," which now reigns supreme in physiology -- for the time being, of course.
But now arises a question: "Are the real nature, behavior and conditions of 'motion' known any
better than the nature, behavior and conditions of the 'fluids'?" It is to be doubted. Anyhow
Occultism is audacious enough to maintain that electric or magnetic fluids (the two being really
identical) are due in their essence and origin to that same molecular motion, now transformed
into atomic energy, (1) to which every other phenomenon in nature is also due. Indeed, when the
needle of a galvano- or electro-meter fails to show any oscillations denoting the presence of
electric or magnetic fluids, this does not prove in the least that there are none such to record; but
simply that having passed on to another and higher plane of action, the electrometer can no
longer be affected by the energy displayed on a plane with which it is entirely disconnected.
The above had to be explained, in order to show that the nature of the Force transmitted from one
man or object to another man or object, whether in hypnotism, electricity, metallo-therapeuty or
"fascination," is the same in essence, varying only in degree, and modified according to the sub-
plane of matter it is acting on; of which sub-planes, as every Occultist knows, there are seven on
our terrestrial plane as there are on every other.
Q. Is Science entirely wrong in its definition of the hypnotic phenomena?
ANS. It has no definition, so far. Now if there is one thing upon which Occultism agrees (to a
certain degree) with the latest discoveries of physical Science, it is that all the bodies endowed
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with the property of inducing and calling metallo-therapeutic and other analogous phenomena,
have, their great variety not withstanding, one feature in common. They are all the fountain
heads and the generators of rapid molecular oscillations, which, whether through transmitting
agents or direct contact, communicate themselves to the nervous system, changing thereby the
rhythm of nervous vibrations -- on the sole condition, however, of being what is called, in
unison. Now "unison" does not always imply the sameness of nature, or of essence, but simply
the sameness of degree, a similarity with regard to gravity and acuteness, and equal potentialities [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]