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If a Group is moved to another player s Power
canceled are discarded.
Structure, its linked cards go with it. If a Group is
discarded, or returned to the owner s hand, the link
becomes temporarily illegal  it will be activated again " A Straight Group attacks to control another Straight
if the Group returns to play. Group (+4 bonus). Before the dice are rolled, the
In general, cards  remember any changes in their Orbital Mind Control Lasers reverse the alignment of
the target, making it Weird ( 4 penalty). The attack
status, until something explicitly changes them back. A
continues, even if it has no hope of success. Heh, heh,
Devastated Group does not get Relief just by going back
into its owner s hand. If the Vampires successfully attack heh.
to control a Personality, it remains a vampire forever. " A Violent Group makes an attack, using the
Terrorist Nuke Plot (+10 bonus for a Violent Group).
Exception: If a Group is destroyed, the slate is wiped
Before the dice are rolled, a rival plays Kinder and
clean. It will have only its printed values if it somehow
returns to play. Gentler to make the attacker Peaceful. It is now
ineligible to use the Terrorist Nuke. The Terrorist Nuke
These things will rarely happen often enough to cause
returns to its owner s hand and is exposed.
arguments, but keep notes if necessary!
" A Violent Group attacks to destroy Vatican City,
Cancellations, Illegal Actions, & Other
using a Terrorist Nuke. A Liberal Group aids the attack,
using a Benefit Concert (+10 bonus for a Liberal
Some cards can cancel a Plot, special ability, or action
Group). The Orbital Mind Control Lasers strike again,
while it is underway. The window of opportunity is after
making the attacker Peaceful. The attack is now illegal
the attempt is announced, but before the dice are rolled
 Vatican City makes its owner s entire Power
or the effect is resolved. If a Plot, special ability, or
Structure immune to Peaceful Groups. The attacker s
action is canceled, it has no effect (except to discard the
Action token is spent, and the Terrorist Nuke it used is
cards and actions spent on it), and is treated as if it never
discarded. The aiding Group gets its Action token back,
happened. (This means that if a  once per turn or  once
and the Benefit Concert it used is exposed but not lost.
per game card is canceled, you can try again if you can
pay the cost again!)
Many Plots and special abilities can work only with a
Eliminating a Player
Group of a certain alignment, attribute, power level, etc.
A player is eliminated if, at any time after his third
Other cards can change a Group s alignment, etc. This
complete turn, his Illuminati has no puppets. His hand,
his decks, and any Resources he controlled all vanish No player may have more than one Goal card in his
from play. If a player leaves the game, the effect is as hand, unless some Plot or special ability specifically
though he had been eliminated. allows it. If you draw an excess Goal card, you must
immediately discard one or return one to your deck.
Exceptions: If the Servants of Cthulhu have destroyed
When you win, you must show all your Plots, to prove
7 Groups, and then destroy their own last puppet as their
that you had no excess Goal cards! If a player s Plots are
8th victim, they are not eliminated... instead, they win at
exposed at any time and he has too many Goal cards,
the end of the turn!
he s out of the game.
If you eliminate a player who was using the same
Illuminati that you are, you get his Resources.
Counting Groups Double
Some Special Goals and Goal cards allow certain
Winning the Game
Groups to count double toward the Basic Goal. No
If you eliminate all your rivals, you win!
Group can ever count more than double (even if it fits
Otherwise, the game ends when, at the end of a turn
two different Goals), and no player may count more than
(his own or someone else s), a player meets one of his
three Groups double.
Goals. The other players get a chance to use Plots and
Changing Groups to Meet Goals
special abilities to take him down; if they all admit that
If you change a Group s abilities, the changes may
they can t stop him, he wins.
count for Goals. It depends on whether the change is
No one can win during the first round. The first time
permanent (no built-in time limit) or temporary (lasts for
anyone can claim a victory is at the end of the first
a predetermined time and then expires, such as a change
player s second turn.
 until the end of the turn ).
If two or more players both meet their Goals at the
Permanent changes always count for Goals. For
same time, they share the victory, dividing the world
instance, if you play a card that turns a Group
between them.
permanently Peaceful, it now counts as Peaceful for all
Exception: Players who are playing the same
Illuminati (except Shangri-La using its Special Goal) [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]