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sales pitch. Questions such as: What are the traffic techniques you are currently
using? How much traffic are you generating? How much are you spending to
acquire this traffic? How many sales or leads are you getting? What s the profit of
the sale? Do you know how to get more traffic?
Avoid providing answers. Just ask questions. You are in information gathering
mode to better understand the profitability of the online business.
Action Step: Brainstorm on the lines below about ways you can
incorporate consultative selling into what you are currently doing in
Internet marketing for local businesses.
Once you have gone through these questions and have some answers, you can
provide some quick calculations to give the client an idea of what the right
marketing can do for them.
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Find the average profit they gave you times the number of sales per month and
divide by the money they spend on traffic. If it is less than one, they are losing
money on every sale online. If it is more than one, you can make them even
more profitable.
Another approach is showing the client how you can decrease their cost per sale,
which automatically increases their profits. Look for cheaper ways of gaining
traffic, free article directories, press releases, etc.
There may be a lot of unknowns for some local business owners. Some may not
even be able to provide the numbers for you, but you can help them to start
tracking the online information. They will be impressed to see the improvements
as you help them to get organized, and will be happy to pay you a portion of their
profits each month as they see them increase.
Techniques to Increase Client Profits
1. There are four basic ways to improve profits:
2. Increase customers
a. Increase traffic to increase customers
b. Help client add to their product offering to make it more compelling
c. Use PPC, SEO, local business results, article marketing, etc.
3. Increase number of transactions per customer
a. Build mailing list
b. Increase customer communications through autoresponders,
newsletters, broadcast messages
c. Offer them upsell opportunities pitch something seasonal
d. Send out reminders for services and specials
4. Increase the average dollar amount per transaction
a. Offer bundle packages and upgrades, strong reasons to purchase
5. Decrease costs, finding free traffic, lowering cost per click
a. Increasing conversions, decreases costs.
b. Offer a bonus, change a headline, offer a free consultation.
c. Even converting from 1% to 2% is a 100% improvement and cuts
costs for buying traffic in half pure profit!
Action Step: Brainstorm about ways you can increase profits for your client
utilizing the list of methods above.
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Be Confident
A common question new marketers have is:  What if someone asks for
references or proof of my worth as a marketer? The great thing about going from
a position of selling to a position of helping to increase profits, the businesses
don t usually care! But if someone wants proof, simply point out the training you
have had and how you are passionate about Internet marketing and making a
business out of it. Tell them you want to do a great job for them and get their
glowing testimonial once they have experienced increased profits.
Still, sometimes it is better to move onto the next client if you are experiencing a
particularly skeptical or tough client. Chances are, they will just become more
difficult as the project progresses, and you can do better finding a more positive
Be confident in what you have learned and start small to build your confidence as
you go. Just focus on one or two or three services that you feel most comfortable [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]