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principles and I would like to share a few of his thoughts from his book, Egyptian Miracle, with you.
Most students of alchemy as well as alchemists would agree that essential to the success of practicing
the Art is realization obtained through demonstration and application; thus the Hermetic adage: Solva
et Coagula. According to Lubicz:  But gnosis (which we designate as inborn knowledge concerning the
 secret of becoming ) cannot be formulated; it must be realized. Obviously, an Opus [Oeuvre] is
involved here, and not philosophical dialectics, an Opus, moreover, whose phases of realization reveal
the subtle composition of man as well as the phases of human and suprahuman becoming.
All alchemists experience the challenge of actually doing the work of alchemy, of being a participant in
the creative process with all the awareness and responsibility involved. Ancient Egyptians, based on
Llubicz s research, believed that:  There is something fearful in the fact of creative labor. The Kabbalah
speaks of the infidel angel who falls into earth, the Ptah of Memphis. Yet mortal man places all his joy,
all his glory, in the fact of laboring creatively. It will be the Great Work, the Magnum Opus [Grand
Oeuvre], if the aim is to recognize the cause of the fall; it will be fixation in earth, damnation, if the aim
is confined to the maintenance of the Opus on earth.
Alchemical timing is as precise and subtle as that of a ballet artist and as significant for success as the
farmer s planting of certain crops. The sacred science of ancient Egyptians was based on an
understanding and use of analogies as well as timing:  In addition to knowledge of the analogues,
sacred magic demands mastery of the proper gesture in the consonant ambiance and at the
corresponding cosmic moment.
May the words of our three feature authors and those of the ancient Egyptians help you find your
journey to understanding and embracing alchemy.
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