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 Go tell him babe. He deserves to know.
He does deserve to know. But does that make it easier on me? No. I m literally already
sweating thinking about how I might approach the subject. I mean, how do you go up to a one night
stand and say& hey I m pregnant with your baby, without sounding stupid?
But she s right, like always. He s a great father to Tatiana. He deserves to know.
 Fine. Alright. I ll go tell him. You got the club for the rest of the night; you do know that now
 Yep. Go pregos, before I change my mind.
And so it begins.
I adjust the mirror in my car and playfully flip off Rap and Shadow riding behind me on their
bikes. I got stuck with Smokey inside my car. His silence is maddening, and I decide to voice it too.
 Why the fuck are you so quiet?
Calm and coolly he lifts his shades up a little so he can see my eyes. Seriously? It s dark
outside, and yet these fuckers wear their shades almost at all times.
 I m the smart one, darlin. The smart ones sit back and analyze, quietly. He grins, dropping his
shades back in place, and he reaches out and turns on my car radio.
Wait. Is that all the conversation I get? Nope, no way!
 Why are you always assigned to me? I ask, drawing his attention back to me. It s a good
question actually. Sniper is always with Winter, and I always have Smokey. The rest of the brothers
get to mix it up, but those two are always stuck with us.
 A long term brother is assigned as you call it to everyone that has a hit.
 So Berry& , I trail off.
 James has her.
 ZZ, obviously. And I can tell he s probably rollin his eyes at me under those shades.
Now that I think about it that was a dumbass question.
 Pyro, and believe me, he wasn t fuckin thrilled. Piper is a little chatty fuckin thing.
I laugh and so does Smokey. Pyro isn t one for chitchat, which breaks my heart. I stop laughing
and so does Smokey when we both realize he s not the same. He was so damn alive when Lana was
still here.
 It s shit, I whisper.
 I agree darlin.
All of a sudden, the guys behind us start honking their bike horns loudly and revving their
engines. Smokey throws his sunglasses onto my dashboard and peers back to see what all their
commotion is about.
 Storm, put your foot to the gas harder!
I comply, and he s still not satisfied.  More speed, now Storm!
 What s happening? I cry.
Uncontrollable tears start flowing down my cheeks as Shadow rides up on one side of my car
and Rap the other, and bright white lights flash in my rear mirror.
 Storm you have to stay fuckin calm! Do you hear me? Smokey yells.  Fuck! I shoulda fuckin
drove! Stay fuckin calm Storm; I gotta call Pyro. He s acting Prez right now. Just breathe deep breaths
baby, deep breaths.
Baby! I m pregnant! This shit can t be happening!
Something in my tone causes him to look over at me.
 I m pregnant.
 FUCK! He roars dialing Pyro.
A loud bang and my back windshield shatters. Oh no! They re fucking shooting at me. Oh my
 Seriously! What the hell is with me and glass, I cry, stepping on the gas harder.  First the
fucking restaurant, the tequila bottle, and now this! Give me the fuckin phone. You shoot back; I ll
drive and talk!
He doesn t hesitate; he s already got his gun out and handing me the phone.
 Storm, duck your head a little! He yells, turning around and taking aim, firing off shots as I
hold the phone up to my ear, and try to drive straight. The sounds of the vehicle behind us swerving
around make my arm hairs stand straight up.
 Smokey what the fuck man? Hello!
With all the commotion, I wasn t paying attention to Pyro answering the phone.
 Oh my god, Pyro, we re being shot at!
 Hanger Road&  I say as one of my tires take a bullet, causing me to swerve. Smokey starts
yelling and firing off more bullets as Rap and Shadow do the same. Another tire goes out. All I have
left are my two front tires, and my car is all over the road.  On the way to the compound. We only
have two tires left, Pyro!
The sound of a crash echoes and I can no longer see Rap.
 Nooooooooooooooooooo! I scream.
 Storm! Hello! What s fuckin happening?
I can t talk. I can t hear Pyro screaming in my ear because all I can hear is the sound of
Smokey s voice screaming  hold on as my car flips alongside the road and glass shatters. The phone [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]