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 I thought you guys were the cops. Dawna turned to him.  That other guy showed me a badge, but
you re not cops, are you?
 Who me? Pablo laughed.  I am not the police, Dawna. Don t think for one second that I have
scruples, or rules that need to be followed, because you ll be disappointed.
She bent forward, dark hair falling into her face as she covered her mouth with a hand and cried.
The gate to Edgar s cabin was open when he approached, so Pablo drove through. He didn t see the
men Jack claimed Edgar had manning the gates and surrounding areas. Mateo and the rest must have
already gotten set up. The place was quiet. He drove straight up to the cabin s front door then leaned
over and opened Dawna s door. She got out, carefully and slowly with the belly, and he followed,
using her as a shield.
He took her arm, put his gun to her temple, and led her up the few rickety steps. The door swung open
as he got closer. He pushed Dawna through first then stepped inside. Edgar he assumed the
mountain of a man glaring at him was Edgar stood when he approached. As did the three other men
with him, their guns pointed at Pablo.
Pablo braked and moved to the side, keeping Dawna with him.
 Who are you? Edgar asked.
 No one important.
 He s not the cops, Edgar. Dawna would not stop with the tears.  He s not police.
Edgar frowned.
 Where is he? Pablo asked softly. He wanted to yell, demand Edgar bring him Shane, but that would
show his hand, show how much he cared.  Bring him here.
Edgar motioned to one of the men flanking him and he scooted off.
 You messed up, my friend, Edgar said.  Taking my fiance, bringing her here. He shook his head,
blue eyes promising violence.  I don t know who you are, but you messed up big time.
 You think so?
Footsteps sounded, drew closer, and Pablo stooped breathing. Two men came into view, one holding
the other upright with a knife to his throat. Pablo stared.
Shane was skinny. Scary skinny, and his face was unrecognizable. Swollen. Cuts. Bruises. He
couldn t tell if Shane s eyes were open or not, they were that swollen. His clothes were in tatters,
caked with dirt and blood. Part of his t-shirt had been ripped in the midsection and Pablo made out
the bandage at Shane s side, brown with dirt and dried blood.
His hands, Pablo s hands trembled where he held Dawna. He wanted to rush to Shane, hold him tight,
but he couldn t.
 You have him, Edgar barked.  Let Dawna go.
Up until that point, Shane hadn t made any movements, but at Edgar s voice he tensed then shifted
with a painful groan. Pablo stared at him, ignoring Edgar.
The surprise in his lover s voice. The hope, and the relief. Pablo wanted to weep.  Hey there, pretty
Shane s cut lips trembled. Tears ran down his face, leaving tracks in the caked on dirt there.  You
came, Shane whispered.  You came.
Pablo blinked the sting out of his eyes. His chest hurt like a motherfucker, but he kept his face
impassive.  Did you doubt that I would? Did you think I wouldn t come whenever you called?
Shane cried openly, loud, body shaking sobs.  You came.
 Always. I will always come.
Edgar looked from Shane to Pablo.  What s going on?
 It appears that you made the one move guaranteed to bring a war to your doorstep. A stupid move.
He couldn t contain the anger, he shook with it.
Edgar frowned.  A war with you? I don t even know who you are.
 That s about to change, isn t it?
 They re lovers, Dawna piped up.  Can t you see that?
 Like homos? The guy holding Shane asked in disgust.
Pablo eyed him. He d die first.
 J.P. Shane lifted a hand, or tried to, because it seemed to take everything. He let it fall back to his
side, limp.  I m sorry. I m so sorry.
 Don t  Pablo shook his head.  Don t apologize, Shane. Don t. Did you think I d let them take you
from me? You made promises to me, he said softly,  I m holding you to them.
 Enough of this shit. Kill them. Edgar yelled the words and took a step forward.
A low ping sounded then Edgar froze and sank slowly to the floor. More pings and men started
dropping to the floor. Pablo dragged a screaming Dawna to the corner, bending low.
 You move, I kill you, he snapped at her. She curled in on herself, but he made sure she was out of
the line of fire before he went to Shane. The guy who d been holding him laid crookedly, a bullet in
his forehead. He wanted to be the one to deal with Edgar, but he had to make Shane priority.
Thank God for Mateo and the rest of them. Pablo heard footsteps pounding behind him, but he ignored
them, grabbing Shane.
 Shane. Shane.
Shane felt so fragile in his hands. His eyelids flickered. Pablo didn t see any fresh wounds on him,
but something was wrong. He could tell.
 Shane, tell me what s wrong. He cradled Shane s head in his hands. In the background he heard
Jack s voice, calling for an ambulance.
 Drugs, Shane s voice was so weak. Thready.
Oh God. Please.  No. The word was agony.
 They shot me up before they brought me to you. Shane lifted a hand and cupped Pablo s cheek. His
fingers were cold and they shook.
Like Pablo shook.
 I don t feel  Shane leaned to the side and threw up. His body fell backwards, out of Pablo s
Shane stared up at him.  I m sorry. Tears leaked from his eyes.
 Don t. Don t fucking be sorry. Stay with me. Pablo grabbed his face.  Stay with me.
Shane spasmed and his eyes rolled back in his head.
 Ambulance! Pablo yelled over his shoulder.  Where is the fucking ambulance?
 On its way. Jack s face was wet.
 Shane, the ambulance is coming. Pablo spoke to the man in his arms.  You ll be better soon. Water
dripped onto Shane s face from above. Pablo frowned, but he couldn t take his eyes off his lover. He
lay there so still.  You ll be better in no time. There went the water, dripping onto Shane s cheek.
Pablo wiped it away.  Just& stay with me. You promised me a wedding. You promised children and
a lifetime, Shane. I m holding you to it.
 Don t cry, Shane s soft voice echoed.  Don t cry.
He touched Pablo s face and he realized then that the water was actually his tears. Falling fast.
 Sir, let us help. Someone touched him, tried to take Shane and Pablo fought them until he noticed [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]