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After their first night together, they d been inseparable. They d gone snorkeling, sightseeing,
bodysurfing and fishing over the past few days. And whenever they weren t doing something outside,
they were inside making love with a furious intensity that left Ella exhausted and more than satisfied.
Being with Clay had been more than she d expected out of this trip. Being with someone she knew,
someone who knew her, who understood her and had no expectations about who she was now, that
was a bonus. On the work site, Clay laughed and joked with her, treated her just like another guy,
which was what she expected. He treated her like a colleague, and she respected him because of that.
But this past week he d treated her like a woman. There was a comfort level with Clay that she
could never have experienced with a stranger. How foolish of her to expect that she could have come
out here and chosen some random guy and had the same kind of experience she d had this week with
It had been like a honeymoon without the love and marriage. They d laughed, talked, held hands,
kissed, made love and talked some more. They knew each other better than any two people could.
And what they didn t know they d started to learn about each other in the past week.
It had been perfect.
Almost too perfect. Because she d discovered she could care about a man again. That maybe love
wasn t a once-in-a-lifetime thing.
Every moment she spent with Clay made her realize that the time with him had become about more
than just sex.
Her no-strings week had become something more binding at least to her. She didn t know what it
had meant to Clay. Probably nothing at all. Just fun, no strings, exactly what he had promised her.
Exactly what she had wanted.
At first.
After the boat docked they spent the rest of the late afternoon at the beach and the pool, just
swimming and lying in the sun sipping drinks. It was relaxing and fun and, after her hard workout of
marlin fishing, just what Ella needed. She even fell asleep under a shaded cabana with Clay
massaging her aching shoulders. It wasn t until he pressed his lips against her neck that she woke.
 Sun s going down and you have goose bumps.
She d been sleeping hard, hadn t even realized how tired she was.
They went upstairs she had ended up staying the entire week in his suite and Ella showered. She
came out wrapped in a towel. Clay was on the balcony.
 What are we doing tonight? she asked.
He turned to her, his gaze raking her body. God, she loved when he so unabashedly appreciated her
like that and made no excuses for doing so.  What haven t we done already?
She laughed.  I don t know. We ve seen every inch of this island, been in the water and on top of it.
We ve fished, done a luau, gone to shows& . So, I guess we ve done it all except one thing.
 Yeah? What s that?
 We haven t gone dancing.
He laughed.  I told you. I don t dance. I want you to leave this island with good memories of me.
Now it was her turn to laugh.  You can t be that bad.
 Really. I can.
 Okay. What would you like to do tonight?
He stood and walked over to her, slid two fingers inside her towel between her breasts.  Maybe
stay in. Order room service.
Her breasts swelled, her entire body flushed at his words and the images they conjured. Just the
brush of his knuckles against the swell of her breasts was enough to fire up her arousal, make her
want him. The thought of never touching him after tonight, never feeling his mouth on her again, made
her fight tears.
Instead, she swallowed past the ache in her throat and managed a smile.  Staying in sounds like a
really great idea.
He removed his fingers.  Let me go shower. Why don t you order us something to eat and drink?
While he was in the shower, Ella slipped on a soft sundress. She pulled the room service menu out,
scanning the dinner items, her stomach rumbling as she did. It had been a while since they d had
lunch. She hadn t realized how long they d spent on the boat and then at the beach and pool today. The
sun had already set and she was starving.
By the time Clay came out from the bathroom, she was ready to eat the sheets.
 I hope room service doesn t take long, she said, pacing the length of the room.  I m already past
He pulled on a pair of shorts and dragged her onto the balcony.  You sure get cranky when you
aren t fed regularly.
 We should have crackers in the room or something.
 There s food in the mini bar.
She cast a disgusted gaze into the room.  Please. Five bucks for a candy bar? I ll wait.
He dragged her onto his lap.  Quit bitching. Am I going to have to spank you?
She laughed, then heated at the thought.  You wouldn t dare.
He cocked a brow.  There isn t a lot I wouldn t dare to do, Ella. He pulled her against him and
rubbed her back, his fingers making a slow trek down to her rear end.  Besides, you have a great
Her dress bunched up in the back and his fingers teased the globes of her buttocks. She shuddered
against him.  If I wasn t starving& 
 Food can wait.
He bent to kiss her, her hunger taking a completely different turn.
But a knock came at the door.
 Shit, Clay said, smoothing her dress over her butt.
She giggled, her gaze traveling down over the obvious tent in his shorts.  Maybe I should get the
 Yeah. He went into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.
Ella felt tons better after she d eaten. They ate out on the balcony, because Ella couldn t seem to get
enough of watching the ocean, listening to the sound of it and smelling the fresh, salty air. She was
going to miss all this when she got back home to landlocked Oklahoma tomorrow, back to dirt and her
crew and steel, where the only things she d be inhaling were construction dust and the smell of the
guys she worked with.
She inhaled and let out a sigh.
 What s wrong?
She grabbed her glass of wine and leaned back in the chair.  I was just thinking how different this is
from our world. Such a fantasy being here this past week.
Clay smiled, laid his napkin on the table and took a drink of wine.  So you had fun here.
 Definitely. I m going to miss this. The blue of the ocean, the utter forever of it. The smell of the
flowers that seem to permeate the air wherever I go. The total relaxation. Yeah, I m going to miss all
of this.
And Clay. She was going to miss making love to him, feeling his body move against hers, inside [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]