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Arygon s mouth and hands disappeared and all she could see, all she could feel was Lux.
His cock slid against her sex and she trembled. The feel of his skin pressed against
hers renewed her need for him. The need for her mate.
His jaw was clenched tight. She could feel his restraint. His gaze dropped to her
neck, at the pulse she felt pounding there.  I could take you right now. You re so ready
for me. So wet. I could take you and drink your blood down. Then I would know all your
secrets. Know why the male Weres fear the women. Know if I should fear you. If I can
trust you.
He nipped at her lips, leaning down to nuzzle her neck, lapping at the pulse point.
 Let me, Sylvain. Let me taste you in everyway there is. Let me sink my cock inside you
like I m dying to. Invite me in.
Her blood cooled at his words, panic replacing desire. She wanted to. If only he
knew how much she wanted to. But her brother s ghost was too strong a presence.
Voicing her own insecurities.
He ll know. If he bites you he ll know. If they find out what you are this lifetime of
hiding will mean nothing. They will kill you. No one can know, little sister. No one can
ever know.
He must have seen the answer in her eyes, his own growing cold, shutting her out. In
one fluid motion he left her, towering above her with a humorless smile.  Forgive me for
offending you, Shadow. I forgot myself for a moment. It won t happen again.
She flinched at his words. He d called her Shadow again. Did he think she was like
her brother? That she hated him because he was Vampire? She caught a glimmer of what
might be regret in his expression before it went hard once more. As hard and
impenetrable as the rock around them.
 I ll take first watch. Get some sleep, both of you. Maybe tomorrow the old woman
will wake and tell me why you are in hiding, what danger stalks you. If there is a way to
resolve this, perhaps my sister-in-law will be satisfied and I can leave you in peace.
He turned without another word. She felt her heart breaking with each step he took
away from her. No matter what choice she made, it seemed, he would be lost to her.
 Why would you deny your mate? Arygon s somber voice broke the oppressive
silence that had descended on the small, warm room. Her pulse stuttered as she glanced
over at Arygon.
 It s an undeniable aroma. You ve begun emitting the pheromone that precedes the
mating cycle. Since we re not in mating season that can only mean one thing.
 Yo-you won t tell him? He tilted his head, studying her for long, silent moments as
she held her breath.
 You won t tell him he is your mate and you wouldn t let him bite you. A female
who has found her mate is usually compelled by an instinct she cannot control to tie her
mate to her and yet you resist. You are not the average Were, even for a Shadow Wolf,
are you?
 Neither are you.
Arygon grimaced as he stood, heedless of his nudity and still flagrant erection,
walking over to where his clothes had been folded neatly by Lux and his interesting
abilities.  I won t deny the obvious, rabbit.
He laughed as he pulled his shirt over his head.  Aren t we a pair? Both far from our
packs, from our families. Both of us holding tight to our secrets.
He knelt down beside her, looking into her eyes and giving her a quick kiss on the
forehead. Before he stood he repeated the formal words usually reserved for the males
during season.  Thank you for honoring me with your body, little sister. I hold you in the
highest respect.
Before he left he smiled over his shoulder with a wink, making her smile in return.
 And I hope you will honor me again.
One woman s mission to bring down a sexy elemental shifter turns into a battle of
wills& and hearts.
Into the Mist
2008 Maya Banks
Falcon Mercenary Group, Book 1.
Hostage recovery specialist Eli Chance has a secret. He was born a shifter. A freak of
While on a mission, Eli s men and their mercenary guide are exposed to a powerful
chemical agent, and suddenly his secret has become easier to hide. Now he s not the only
one with the gift. But for his men, this  gift is becoming more and more of a curse.
Tyana Berezovsky s brother Damiano was the guide for Eli s team and was the worst
affected by the chemical. As he grows increasingly unstable, Tyana fears she s going to
lose him to the beast he is becoming.
Tyana will do whatever it takes to help him, even if it means using her body to go
after the one man she thinks holds all the blame and possibly the cure. Eli Chance.
Warning: Violence, blood, guns, knives, ass kicking, people who do mean things, bad
people dying, explicit sex and smart mouths.
Enjoy the following excerpt for Into the Mist:
And so it began.
Eli bit out a curse as one of the silent alarms was triggered. Though he d been
expecting company, he hadn t expected it so soon.
She certainly could have picked a better time. One when both Ian and Braden
weren t off prowling the grounds looking for kitty food.
Then again, he might do well to be more worried about them than Tyana
Berezovsky. She might shoot first and ask questions later.
Gabe was God knows where, having decided yesterday to disappear into the village
down the mountain, probably in search of pussy. His parting words had been something
to the effect that since Eli was so keen for Tyana to find his ass then he could deal with
her when she got here.
Good help was hard to find and harder to keep.
None of the others seem to think Tyana posed any sort of threat. Eli knew better. To
them she was just a woman. Easily handled, easily subdued.
He smiled. He was looking forward to the challenge.
Pulling his hair behind his neck, he secured it with a leather tie then reached for his
shoes and tugged them on. He might as well either go save her from the cats or save the
cats from her. One way or another, someone better damn well be grateful.
A quick glance of the infrared monitor told him she was slowly making her way
toward the south entrance. The most obvious course would just be to meet her, but where
would the fun be in that?
No, he was going to enjoy this. Savor it. He smiled again. And maybe before the
night was over, he d take the impending confrontation to the bedroom.
He stepped into the night and breathed deep of the chilly air. Quietly he slipped
beyond the shadows cast by the glow of the interior lights. He went east, cutting a direct
path to intercept her& from behind.
He closed his eyes and let go, embraced the faint mist, let it curl around him, and
then he became the very air he breathed. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]