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begins to lose his powers he has to make a choice of whether or
not he will allow them to fade away, or if he will chose to become
Cerita s heart pounded in her chest and she knew she
couldn t allow that to happen.  What do I need to do to prove to
him that I love him and he and I belong together? Cerita
listened as her brother gave her all of the tips he could think of
and suggested she speak with Stephanie to find out what she d
done to finally break down his defenses. After her talk with her
brother Cerita felt confident that she would be able to do what
was needed to prove to Dorian that she loved him and she was
his chosen mate and he d just have to accept it.
Dorian felt the restlessness growing stronger within him and
he knew it was because his soul knew that Cerita was his mate,
but his heart and mind refused to take the chance on her not
feeling the same way. The restlessness left him whenever she
was with him, especially at night. Unfortunately this week was a
busy week for her and Stephanie and he d only got a few chances
to see and spend time with her between the parties they were
handling, which seemed to be increasing the closer it got to the
He refocused on the conference call he and Anthony and a
few of their executives were on, while glancing at his cousin he
saw his knowing smile and knew he was aware of where his mind
was. There was a light tap on the door before it opened and
Cerita walked in with two bags.
 I m sorry to interrupt, but I had a feeling you guys wouldn t
get a chance for lunch so I decided to bring it by, she said after
giving him a quick kiss.
Dorian s eye lit up with pleasure at the sight of her. He
kept his eyes on her watching as she placed the platter before
him and one before Anthony.
 I m sorry I didn t know there would be other people here
and I only brought enough for the two of you and Mrs. Petri, she
said apologizing.
 Don t worry they ve already eaten and thank you for
bringing us lunch, Dorian said as he pulled her to him for a quick
 Can I give her a kiss in thanks also? Anthony asked
Dorian glared at his cousin,  Not if you want to keep on
living, he warned.
She gave him a final kiss before she headed for the door
promising to call him later that evening.
Dorian took his eyes off of the view from outside his office
when his secretary walked in.  When you talk to Cerita please
tell her I want the recipe for that smoked salmon. It was
delicious and she is such a dear for bringing me lunch that was
very thoughtful of her. If you ask me she is a keeper and I ll
warn you not to let her get away.
He knew she was right, but the fear was still too much and
hard for him to let go, but he had to admit to himself that it was
getting harder and harder for him not to lose his control when
they were making love. Last night he d come so close to feeding
from her and it would be a big mistake, as it would only take one
more feeding for the bonding process to begin and once that
point passed there would be no turning back. His thoughts were
interrupted by the ringing of his phone and he knew that it was
 Hey sweetheart what s going on?
 I was calling to let you know that I have a very important
client I ll have to take care of tonight and I m not sure how late
I ll be. She heard his deep sigh and almost changed her mind but
she bit her lip to stop herself.
 Oh well I ll just head on home from here, if you get a
chance call me when you re done. With a deep sigh he replaced
the receiver and began packing up his briefcase to go to his
lonely house.
Cerita quickly surveyed the chamber to make sure
everything was set and ready for Dorian s arrival. She d hated
lying to him, but he d given her no choice, it was time they
bonded and began the life fated for them as husband and wife.
She was his destined mate and he was hers and it was her job to
show him they belonged together. When the monitor showed
him entering the house using her magic, Cerita filled the
whirlpool bath with heated water for her man, because tonight
she was going to pamper him like never before, showing him how
much he means to her and how much she loves him.
As soon as he entered he knew she was there and his heart
pounded in his chest and his cock throbbed in anticipation.
 Where are you? Dorian inquired using their mental path.
 I m where you first made love to me and I m waiting for
you to join me, she responded. In a flash he was at the
chamber door, it opened before he could even reach for the
control panel and as soon as he entered it slammed shut and
locked behind him. Instinctively he used his magic to safe guard
and lock down the mansion. His breath caught in his chest at the
sight of her standing near his bed wearing one of his dress shirts
which was left unbuttoned giving him a glimpse of her wonderful
How in the hell am I going to resist&
 You aren t baby, not tonight, Cerita promised.
 I thought you had a very important client to take care of
tonight, he said ignoring her promise.
 I do and that very important client is you and I plan on
taking care of you all night long and longer, as long as it takes for
you to see that I love you and that you and I are fated to be
mates, to love and take care of each other for eternity and to
create beautiful children to love and cherish just as our parents
have done.
 Did you say you love me? He whispered in awe.
 Yes, that is exactly what I said, what I ve been saying as
much and as often as I could, but you never accepted it, did
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