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off to work like you don t have a care in the world? Have you lost your mind?
Cade sat at the table with his own coffee, his hair still damp from his shower, and only wearing a
pair of worn jeans that were driving her crazy. The last thing she was ready to do was talk about what
they d done during the night, but he wasn t likely to let her forget. And he wasn t letting her put
distance between them, constantly pulling her into his arms for kisses that shook her to the core.
She grabbed the eggs and the bread and dug around the kitchen until she found a frying pan. She
cracked and beat the eggs and then soaked the bread it in before making French toast. She didn t
answer him until she brought the food to the table and sat across from him.
 I own a business. I have responsibilities. And I have client appointments today. I can t just throw
away thousands of dollars in income because you think I might be in danger.
He narrowed his eyes at her.  I don t think you re in danger. You are in danger. And I don t see
why you have to be so stubborn about this. Maybe your brothers can convince you to use your
common sense.
Bayleigh got up from the table and walked slowly toward Cade, the shirt she d stolen from him
barely buttoned and enticing him with every step. His pupils dilated with desire and she watched his
cock swell beneath his jeans. She moved as if she were going to straddle his lap, but at the last
second moved her knee so it was pressed directly against his balls. His indrawn breath was enough to
know that she was using the right amount of pressure.
 Don t you ever threaten me with my brothers, she whispered in his ear.  I get enough of that
from them, and I won t take it from you too, no matter how much control you think our sleeping
together gives you. I m old enough to make my own decisions and take the consequences of my
actions. I control my life. No one else.
She nipped at his ear and felt satisfaction at his indrawn breath. After the night they d spent
together she d discovered very quickly that Cade wouldn t break down her confidence as her
previous lovers had. If anything he d empowered her to start taking control of the men in her life. Boy
were they all going to be in for a surprise.
She kissed him once and then moved back to her side of the table, taking a bite of her breakfast,
and ignoring the predatory look in his eyes. She d pay for her little stunt later, and damned if she
wasn t looking forward to it.
 I need to get back home and change clothes. As much as I like wearing your shirt, I think my
clients would be a bit scandalized.
 They d be jealous. I d rather see you wearing that shirt than the fancy lingerie you sell. It s sexy
as hell. Especially since I know you re not wearing underwear.
 Oh, really? she asked.  And I was looking forward to showing you some of the new items I just
got in.
 You re playing with fire, Bayleigh. I promise you don t want to keep pushing me.
 Your threats don t scare me, Cade. Now walk me home so I can get ready for work.
 Only if you let me drive you and pick you up, he said.  I want you to be safe.
 Fine. I ve been looking for some part-time help. You d probably be good at selling ladies
underwear. You seem to know an awful lot about it.
Humor filled her as she saw the uncomfortable look in his eyes. Teasing Cade was more fun than
she d thought it would be. It was nice to be the one keeping him off balance for a change.
 You realize I m going to show no mercy the next time I get you naked, don t you?
 That s what I was hoping, she said, laughing as he led her back to her house.
Ten hours later, the last thing Bayleigh wanted to do was laugh. She d shown up to her shop to
find that Cade had instituted a bodyguard inside her store who made her clients more wary than
curious, and several of them had left before even getting the chance to browse. And if that wasn t bad
enough, two of her scheduled fittings hadn t shown, and neither of them had bothered to call to let her
know they weren t coming.
By the time Cade came in to pick her up that evening, her temper had reached the boiling point.
 You ready to go? he asked, ignoring her response to get a report from the guard dog he d sicced
on her.
Bayleigh locked the front door and grabbed her purse and sewing bag since she had several
projects she was going to have to spend more time working on at home and she went to wait by the
back door for Cade, her foot tapping impatiently.
Damned, high-handed man, she thought.
She d gone from living a perfectly normal life to jumping at shadows and watching everyone that
passed by her doors with suspicion just because she d had the bad luck of having Cade MacKenzie
move next door to her.
He came toward her, still talking quietly to the watchdog, his eyes watchful as he took in her
mood. His steps slowed the closer he got. It was obvious by the look on his face he remembered
perfectly well where her knee had ended up that morning, and he wasn t looking to repeat the
 What s wrong, Bayleigh?
 Other than the fact that you have me under lock and key, and I can barely go to the bathroom
without Neanderthal man standing outside the door and listening to me pee? I didn t agree to this,
Cade. He s scaring off my customers. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]