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anyway but she was so glad to be out of that dim little apartment she just didn t care.
 Yes. Fun. He had to admit he was enjoying himself immensely. The music was good much better
than he d anticipated and Rowan was positively glowing with happiness. Her eyes were shining, there
was a flush in her cheeks and she was dancing her little heart out.
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She wasn t a good dancer, he realized with mild astonishment. That lean, muscled, athlete s body so
suited to running, and she danced like a giraffe on speed. Oh she had rhythm and enthusiasm to spare but
not a heck of a lot of style and no moves at all. She was just all out there, rocking as hard as anyone,
looking like a fool. And judging by the grin and the glow, not giving a shit.
He leaned down to speak directly into her ear, putting one hand on her bobbing head after he had to
dodge once to avoid a broken nose.  You know you can t dance, right?
She grinned at him.  Who cares? she shouted back, and gave a quick little hip shimmy.
He looked down into her laughing face, the driving pulse of the music filling the air, and was suddenly so
absurdly turned on he couldn t wait. He grabbed her hand and began dragging her though the crowd
toward the castle.
 What are we doing? she shouted, hurrying to keep up with his longer strides.  Did you see someone,
is something wrong?
He stopped so suddenly she slammed into his back and she had to grab his waistband with her free hand
in order to stay on her feet. He turned to face her and she forgot to breathe at the look in his eyes. As
she watched, he took a steadying breath, tried to battle back the tide of lust swamping him.
His voice when he spoke was a low, rumbling growl she had to strain to hear over the crowd.  If I don t
get you someplace private, I m going to end up fucking you right in the middle of this concert.
Rowan fought to steady herself. Not an easy task with visions of him throwing her down on the crushed
grass and fucking her to unconsciousness, regardless of the several thousand people who would be
bearing witness. The idea that he wanted her that much, that he simply couldn t wait to have her it went
to her head like one-hundred-proof vodka and suddenly she needed him just as badly, just as quickly.
 We ll never make it back to the apartment, she managed, and saw the flare of heat in his eyes as he
realized she wasn t going to argue.
Jack gave her a feral grin that had shivers skittering up her spine and her pussy flooding with wet heat.
 Don t have to. C mon.
She clung to his hand like a lifeline as hebarreled through the throng of gyrating bodies. Breathing
shallowly, her own pulse pounding in her ears so loudly she barely heard the music anymore, she
concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other and keeping up with him. He dragged her though
the gates and back into the castle itself. This time she didn t even notice the ceilings or wall hangings or
rugs, she was concentrating too hard on not fainting from lust.
He tugged her down a side hall, away from the main tourist areas of the castle and began turning knobs,
looking for an unlocked door. She thought briefly that maybe she ought to be offended he was about to
bang her in a utility room or broom closet, but the truth was, as long as there was room enough to spread
her legs wide enough, she didn t care.
He found an unlocked door and hustled her in ahead of him with a firm hand on her back, shutting the
door behind him. She waited in the pitch black for a moment, felt him fumbling around behind her for a
light switch then the single bare bulb hanging from the ceiling clicked on and she looked around.
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It was a utility closet, all right, the dim yellow light illuminating metal shelves holding cans of old paint and
various cleaning supplies. There was a mop bucket tucked in the corner next to a  wet floor sign, a
stack ofdustrags and a single low-backed chair whose upholstery had seen better days.
She was still processing the room when hard hands suddenly grasped her shoulders and spun her so her
back hit the door. She barely had time to open her mouth to gasp she sure as heck wasn t going to try
and talk him out of it when his mouth swooped down on hers to devour.
She moaned into the kiss, frantically sucking at his tongue as he thrust it deep into her mouth. Hercunt
grew instantly wetter as she imagined his cock thrusting into her with the same feral hunger. He brought
his knee up, wedging her thighs apart and forcing her feet up off the floor. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]