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banana were promptly dumped and smashed in with the filth on the floor. Wit
hout the food and water, his stomach ached and his throat burned every time
he coughed, and without the drugs, he was beginning to feel the ache in hi
s body more vividly, down to every festering scrape or scratch. But, it was
a good thing, he decided. A good sign. Just like the fact that he was able
to walk the length of his confinement now without feeling like five steps
was reason enough to take a nap.
David figured he’d wait one more day. Being hungry, he could deal with. It
was more important to be ready, because after what he’d pulled with his mot
her, he knew that there was only one way out now. It was in the nine second
s it took her to drop food down to him, and he wasn’t fool enough to think
it would be easy. He’d have to jump, take her by surprise before she slamme
d the door shut. He’d most certainly be at a disadvantage, and as of yet, t
here seemed to be no pattern of when she’d be coming. Since he had no idea
what day it was, let alone how long he’d been down there, he couldn’t even
make a guess. So he’d have to be alert, make sure to rest after she came. W
hich, is what he intended to do now with his empty stomach as he held one h
and over the flame of his lighter, and then the other, taking what warmth h
e could from it before leaning back against the back wall and closing his t
ired eyes. Which, were about to snap right back open.
“Are you there, David?”
David was quick to his feet as he opened his mouth to respond to his brother
, but suddenly stopped and thought it over for a moment. His mother had just
been there, and if she was still around, he’d have to watch what he said. H
e thought it was more likely that Oliver had just followed her there, but he
needed to use caution.
“Oliver... where’s Mom?”
It was a safe question. Oliver wouldn’t have lied to him, even if Mary Martin
were standing right next to him insisting on it.
“I don’t know, David. I think she went back home.”
“Good. Do you see the door--the lid dad welded to the cellar last year? It’s
“I see it, David.”
“Then let me out!” David’s request, which admittedly, had sounded more like
a demand, was met with silence. And while David wanted to curse over it, h
e took in a deep breath and let it out slowly, determined to avoid losing h
is temper with his brother again. “Oliver... please. Please.” More silence,
and David began to pace before stopping directly below the vent and lookin
g up. “Okay... then tell me why you don’t want to let me out, because I swe
ar, I’m beginning to regret everything I’ve ever done for your sorry...”
“I want to, David, but I can’t.”
“Why not?”
Oliver mumbled something that David didn’t catch.
“You remember that conversation we had last time, about speaking up? Olive
“Frank’s gonna come back soon, David. I know he will,” Oliver replied. “H
e’s my friend. He promised he was my friend.”
“Frank? That’s all you care about?” David demanded. “You’re going to prete
nd I don’t exist for Frank?”
“No, David!” Oliver said quickly. “I know the truth... I know the truth! You
’re my brother!”
“Then please, please help me. Oliver... help me.”
“She said it’s not time yet, David. She said...”
“I don’t care what she said!” David shouted. “Oliver, listen to me, you’ve g
ot to stop listening to Mom! When are you going to get that our parents...”
“Don’t do that, David. You shouldn’t say bad things about them.”
“Look where I am! Oliver, they’re killing me! She’s trying to fucking kill
me! Don’t you remember anything? I’m your brother... it was always you an
d me--you and me! You know I’d do anything for you... don’t let this happe
n. You can’t let this happen!”
“You have to wait, David!” Oliver suddenly raised his voice, and his tone s
uggested that he was stomping his foot, too. “She told me what you’re gonna
do, and you can’t tell, David, or we won’t be together anymore. I don’t wa
nt you to get in trouble anymore, David. You are my brother... and I don’t
want you to get in trouble, David.”
David closed his eyes, and cursed his mother. Repeatedly.
Oliver, you don’t know what you’re talking about... let me out. Let me out,
and I promise nothing will happen to you and me. I know what to do. But yo
u have to let me...”
“Just wait, David. Please... do what she says. Do what she says, David, and
then we’ll be together.”
“Oliver, you’re wrong. She’s planning to leave Dad, that’s why she doesn’t wa
nt you talking to him about me... Oliver, she’s crazy, if you listen to her..
“I have to go now, David. I’m not supposed to be outside right now.”
“I love you, David. Please don’t be mad at me... I just don’t want you to be i
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