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or the Back-bones of Fishes pierce your Heart. But what doth Admonition help which the World little
esteemes of and derides? Hear, I pray you an History; or learn a Parable. [AUTHORS PILGRIMAGE]
When I, according to my vow, undertook a Pilgrimage to St. James, to visit that holy Place as a Stranger, I
prayed to GOD, and bound myself with a Vow, that if he granted me an happy Return to my Monastery, I
would render him due Praise. He granted my Request, and I daily return Thanks to him. But I thought many
more would have rejoiced with me, and have given thanks to the same GOD, for the famous Reliques,
which at that time I brought with me to our Monastery, (for Consolation of the Poor, and many Others) that
it might procure to it self a Name, in this perishing Valley of Tears, that could not be wiped out by any
Oblivion. Yet hence few were rendered either better, or more grateful to GOD, for so great a benefit; but
persevered in Derision and Contempt of that, which GOD will vindicate in the last Day.
But of these enough at this time, let us proceed in our Instruction of Antimony, whence yet another
Medicine may be prepared, which I myself have experience to be very salutary; and effectual in every kind
of Feavers, and in the Pestilence.
Grind Antimony subtily, put it inot a Glass Retort, and distil it with a strong fire, without any Addition, 3 or
4 times, and always with a large Receiving Vessel; at length of it is made a Red Powder, which extract with
Vinegar, and circulate the Extraction with a gentle fire for ten whole Days; abstract the Vinegar by
Distilling, and that which remains, by a singular* Artifice in distilling will be changed into an Oil. Let this
Oil be further Circulated until all Humidity be drawn off therefrom, and it again be reduced to Powder, as it
was; when the Vinegar is abstracted and separated by Distillation, then gather the Oil in a new Receiver.
*This Extraction may be rendered volatile with Spirit of Wine, after the same manner, as I
taught you in former Operations.
Four Grains of this Oil taken with water of Carduus Benedictus, if the Sick be well covered and Sweated,
heal Quotidian, Tertian and Quartan Fevers. The same Dose is very available for expelling the Pest, either
given with Spirit of Wine, or with distilled Vinegar, according as the Paroxysm of the Pest first invades,
Triumphal Chariot Page 56
either with Heat, or with Cold. [HISTORY OF 3 OF THE AUTHORS BRETHREN CURED OF THE
PLAGUE] Which is witnessed by three Brethren in our Monastery, who recovered of the Plague by this
Arcanum, when they expected no other but Death, and had made their Wills. This so reconciled their Minds
to this my Art, as they helped me, with greater Zeal then before, both by their Prayers and Labour, and spent
the leisure time they had exempt from Religious Duties, in serving me daily; and in a short time attained to
so great Experience, that by their own Industry, and the Industry of their Brethren, they gained more true
Knowledge in searching out the Arcanums of Nature, then they could before obtain in a longer series of
time. Therefore, for these Men, I give them thanks, even unto my very old Age, and in very deed I return
them thanks, because they deserved so well of me, and of others, by their so faithful Labour; but they
finished their Course of this Life before me, and entred the way of all Flesh, wherefore I recommend their
Reward to the Supreme Physitian, who dwells in the highest Heavens, and there will refresh them with
sufficient Joy, and make up in Heaven that Just Recompence, which here on Earth was denyed them by
ignorant, and ungrateful Men.
Another Oil of Antimony for wounds, is prepared with Addition in the following manner.
[OIL OF SULPHUR PER CAMPAN. HOW MADE] Take of Antimony, Sulphur, Saltnitre, of each equal
parts; Fulminate those under a Bell, as Oil of Sulphur per Campan. is made; which way of preparing hath
long since been known to the Ancients. But Consider, you will have a better way, if instead of a Bell, you
take an Alembeck*, and apply to it a Recipient; so you will obtain more Oil, which will indeed be of the
same Colour, as that which is made of Common Sulphur, but in powers and virtues not a little more
excellent, then it.
*I now, O Lover of Chymistry, Speak to you by Pictures, not in words onely that by a
Compendium of Speech, you may also have this Compendium of Labour, and Charge. Behold
this Instrument, and provide for yourself such an One, that you may follow Basilius, in making
Oil of Sulphur per Campan. For this way one ounce will yield you as much Oil, as a Pound will
make in the Common Method. From Sixteen ounces of Sulphur you may extract half an Ounce of
Oyl, which others, in their way, do scarcely expect from Sixteen Pounds.
We use 3 or 4 Drops of this inwardly taken with Spirit of Wine against the Phthisick of the Lungs; but
outwardly, if it first be anointed, and a Stiptick Playster applyed, against all Wounds stinking, and tending
to putrefaction, and so you will find it to be the most certain Remedy of all Wounds.
Again another Oil of Antimony against all corroding Wounds very profitable, is this way made.
Take of Antimony, one pound, Common Salt dried, one-half pound, Tiles broken; five pounds. Grind all
together, and put them into a Retort, whence distil a Yellow Oil. When all the Spirits are come forth, put the
Matter in another glass. and from it extract the Phlegm, and a powder will remain; which in an humid place
spread upon a stone, and you will have an Humid Balsom, which is a singular Remedy in all Verminant
Wounds, and in the Cancer, which hath being cheifly in the Face of a Man, and in the Breasts of a Woman.
Much more might be written of this Balsom, did I not fear, that every unskillful Man, and the Rabble of
Sophisters would fall foul on me, and say I speak too largely, and commit more to writing, then Experience
hath taught me; and so that I boast only of Speculations, and mere Imaginations.
Moreover, another Oil is made in this manner. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]